A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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 #34611  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla cringed.

She...actually wasn't sure if Harajuku was muggle or magical or not and didn't want to risk outing magic to the world. But then, how else was she supposed to do this?

"It's...the er, you know, a boutique?"

She really hoped this was helping to make things less awkward with her forgetting Ikemba.
 #34615  by Shinji Ishikawa
He raised both eyebrows, not having expected to run into magical people in a non-magical area.”maa na...” he started, the Japanese version ‘oh man’ coming out of his throat.

“Then your really lost,” he said pulling them both to the side to where no one could hear. “Down those two streets, turn a left you’ll be in the magical area. From there... go one block east and it it should be on your left.”
 #34708  by Ikemba York
The magical area! He knew!

"Oy, you hear that mate?" Ikemba nudged his friend, excited that they had directions and that someone who wasn't a muggle just happened to pick them out of a crowd.

"Mus' be a good place too, if he knows where it is, yeah?"
 #34754  by Nahlahla Odili
"Here's to hoping!" She spoke back, actually hoping he would be blissfully ignorant of her previous faux pas.

She looked to Shinji, offering a small nod. "Thank you, hopefully we'll get there in one piece." She jested, and then nodded to Ikemba to get moving.

She didn't know whether she should try to make conversation on the way there; she awkwardly cleared her throat, side-eyeing him.
 #34771  by Shinji Ishikawa
He almost chuckled when he saw the relief on the male's face, the woman seeming a bit out of it. Maybe she'd taken that pixie stuff again? In an odd country that was far from smart.
"Boss's ex-girlfriend likes the place." He responded - because he was a male...all the way. There would be no way he'd get caught dead in there.

"I'd stick to the crowded roads, for your own safety." He said - the woman jumping on security concerns. "The area between the shop isn't really used to outsiders. It's an old traditional town. quite beautiful actually...lost in time. It's filled with grandma's and grandpa's though. Making it the safer way there." He loved visiting for that reason.

The town wasn't their men it was old ladies and men. Grandfathers and grandmothers who still believed in keeping the old traditions of Japan. None of them being dangerous in the least. His warning was simply to try to avoid them an awkward situation. It was ironically the safer way though, the other way being known for missing persons.
 #35311  by Ikemba York
"Right," Ikemba said firmly, with a nod. He was suddenly a little nervous about the prospect of some areas being 'safer,' maybe because the color of his skin and maybe because of, well, the fact that this was Japan and he did not speak the language and knew very little about it.

"Crowded roads," he repeated, "for our safety. You still in, mate?"

He looked to Nahlahla, wondering what she was thinking.
 #35313  by Nahlahla Odili
"Huh? O-oh! Yes, I'm still...well, technically I'm out but..." She cleared her throat, the humour was clearly not going to get her out of this.

She looked to Shinji, offering a nurturing smile before nodding her head. "Thank you for all your help, Sir. We really appreciate it." She spoke softly.

She looked back to the open roads, sniffed, and then signalled to walk.

"Better find that boutique before I'm too old to wear any of the cute trinkets."
 #35584  by Shinji Ishikawa
The girl seemed a bit too relaxed, being in an odd country and making jokes. A joke that be nor anyone else of his culture would understand. It was something the Japanese just accepted though, forgiving the gaijin that interests their country for the blunders. They also didn’t ask questions, knowing that the explanations would be long.
“Not a problem, if you don’t see the village just turn back and go the other way.” He added.

Because anywhere else would lead them straight into Nakamura shi territory, and once there politeness would be a thing of the past. Unless... it was hiro they ran into. With them starting to walk he took his leave and re-entered the bar.
 #35951  by Ikemba York
"Thanks again, mate," Ikemba waved at the man, then turned back to his companion with a grin.

"A'ight," he rubbed his hands together, falling into step with his friend. "We go to harrods jooku, we get you some fun trinkets an' all that, we grab some dinner at one of those fancy markets... maybe think about where we want to go next? Up north or whatever, you know? Did he say left or right here?"

Ikemba stopped, narrowing his eyes a street sign.
 #35956  by Nahlahla Odili
"Errrrrr..." Nahla looking up thinking. Though, she hadn't really been listening; she had been more focused on how she was outed to have forgotten him, and the fact she was baffled and confused in a general state.

"Right, right?" She spoke.

They had definitely been told to go left.
 #36016  by Ikemba York
"Right," Ikemba confirmed. He might not have remembered the right direction, but he did trust his friend and knew that women had keen senses of direction, so he happily went along. Plus, who was he to doubt her?

"So what you been up to then, mate?" He asked as they walked, a broad grin on his face.

"Seen anything good? You've been all over the world lately, yeah?"
 #36021  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla hoped she was correct about the direction, but what was the worst that could happen? She tucked the map away, deciding to go off her instinct, and looked over to Ikemba as he spoke.

"Oh, of course. Many locations. I went to India, I visited back home in Kenya, travelled to Vietnam; I plan to go to South Korea, perhaps China. So many sights, sometimes it's overwhelming to remember them all. Mainly just to sell my trinkets, but it appears not everyone takes so kindly to them, unfortunately."

She sighed slightly, and then cleared her throat.

"What about you? Have you been anywhere exciting lately?"
 #36054  by Ikemba York
"Oh, Bangladesh for a bit," Ikemba remarked, taking in the sights.

"Been here and there. Thought I might find something in Japan, you know, but we'll see how that's going. Hey! I found you though, mate! Like we got the team back together again and everything! And hey--"

He stopped, as if something had suddenly occurred to him, and lifted a black cord that hung around his neck with a strange pendant on the end of it that had been tucked into his shirt.

"Still got this!"
 #36064  by Shiro Takayama
“Oi, hitting a wall isn’t going to help you.” A short albino said, having dealt with a situation in the bar for the friend in question. Dressed in all black, his pale silver blue eyes with a tint of blue and snow like white hair really stood from the rest. Yet his facial features screamed his culture, his eyes more like icy slits to those who did not know him due to his smaller eyes.
“If anything Yoru is simply going to wonder why someone under my command has a broken hand.” He muttered before hearing the voices of people coming up the street. Speaking of Yoru...

“Oi!” He heard the fist hit once more, causing him to look away from the two. “I said stop it!” His tone more commanding, and no longer holding just sheer annoyance.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” The guy nodded, with one last ‘hn’ he stood in their path.
“Wrong area to be in, turn around and go else where.” He had no idea Shinji had just tried to guide these people away from them.