A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32908  by Maisah Pineblood
Location: Bucket Bros. Travelling Carnival, Egypt • Date: Mid-November

The carnival was set up just outside the bazaar of the magical district in Cairo. Many people were excited, and the streets were bustling. Festivities were underway, and the majority of people tended to do their shopping in the late afternoon when the air was cooler. Maisah was one of these people, but unlike many, she was not so impressed by the carnival being just outside the bazaar entrance. It made her errands difficult, and stressed her out further as she tried to weave in and out of the crowd, bags of fabrics and weaves in hand. She'd gone a little overboard again.

On her way out, nearing one of the tents of the carnival, her horrors became awakened. Ahead, she saw a friend of her parents - those same parents she had been avoiding for five years. In a ditch effort not to be seen, she scurried into the tent, plowing right into display of a large dragon. Was she even supposed to be in this tent!? She was flung back in recoil, a squeal leaving her, bags being thrown across the floor.

The dragon inside the cage seemed to pace, growling as though about the breath fire, and Maisah gasped, attempting to crawl away on the gravel, dress catching on the uneven floor and causing her to panic and struggle.
 #32913  by James Serpantine
James had not long finished his first assignment back at work after his North American holiday. He had heard rumours of new tunnels having been found, hidden underneath the great pyramids of Egypt. Having finished exploring the Pyramids he had been told of the carnival that was touring the country.

He got to Cairo and decided to head straight to the magic district and started to explore the different tents. Watching all the displays for a brief time each James smirked a brief sense of satisfaction washing over the Scot. He eventually reached a tent containing a caged Dragon. Staring at the beast from what James thought was a safe distance in case someone lit the beasts short fuse.

Having allowed himself to stare off into a daze while he thought about the similarities between the Dragon and himself, James was brought back to reality with a thud as he heard the beast growling at something. Seeing a girl on the floor the Scot kept into the small space between her and the Dragon's cage before angrily grunting "Protego Maxima!" before snapping at the girl "Get out of here!" The Dragon had let out a small burst of flames before they bounced back against the invisible shield he had cast.
 #32982  by Maisah Pineblood
Maisah gasped, scurrying to her feet, her sandals scraping on the cobbles and causing one of the ankle straps to snap. At the moment, she didn't seem to care too much, as she was far too concerned about the flames that stopped short of her. As instructed, she scuttled to the left to hide behind a pillar, hopefully out of the dragon's peripheral view. Of course, she could have sprinted out, but she wasn't about to just leave this man trying to help her...or all of the materials she had just paid a damn near fortune for!

She peaked out from behind the post, trying to see if the beast had calmed down at all, her heart racing in her chest as she clung to the wooden support with her nails. She wasn't too sure what to do; she did reach for her wand, but how good she would be with it, she didn't know. Defensive magic wasn't particularly her forte by any means, but that didn't mean she wanted to be entirely useless.

"Hey!" She whispered through her teeth. "Don't let it burn my textiles!"
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Even though his spell had blocked the flames James was now sweating profusely. The heat from the flames and the energy it took to stay focussed enough to keep the shield up took its toll on him. As soon as the beast stopped shooting its flames the Scot lowered his wand and quickly scooped up the materials the woman had told him to watch out for.

James ran out of the tent with the angry owner now shouting at him in Egyptian but he didn't make it far before his body urged him to stop. As he felt the sun brutally beating down at him the bearded man leant against a pillar supporting the giant tent and tried to catch his breath as his chest expanded and compressed rapidly he let out a scream before saying "Wow! Ah ain't had fun like that in forever!" loud enough so the people standing in the next tent over could hear his deep voice.
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Maisah huffed, her expression perturbed as she scuttled out of the tent, trying to steady her breathing. She wiped her brow of sweat from the heat, already internally wishing she'd packed more of her cosmetic apothecary to fix her smudged make up. Carefully, she patted down her hair, hoping it hadn't become frizzy and reckless. As the man behind them yelled, Maisah turned, speaking surprisingly soft - though stern - in returned Egyptian, clearly trying to placate the situation.

Looking back to James, she crossed her arms, pursing her lips.

"You think this is amusing? Is that something you often do - get into danger and then call it 'fun'?" She rolled her eyes, looking away. "I suppose I should thank you, as haphazard as your rescue was."
 #33403  by James Serpantine
Seeing the girl huff and look at him made James chuckle. "I'm sorry, it's just been such a long time since I had tae face a Dragon! Work has been quite boring recently, nice to know the adrenaline can still kick in, ye ken like?" The excitement pulsing through his veins made the Scot revert back to speaking like he did on the rare occasion that he visited hom to see his mother.

As his eyes ran over the woman James composed himself before offering his hand to Maisah as he still had her textiles under the other arm and said "Well if yer gonna thank me, ye might as well know my name is James"
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Maisah blinked at the man, a little taken off guard by the accent, particularly when she had lived here in Africa for over five years, and Scottish wasn't particularly a common dialect. It took her a moment to even properly register what he was saying, and it was only when he stuck his hand out that she realised he was making pleasantries.

"Ah, oh, er - Maisah." She stumbled a little, somewhat hesitant to take his hand. But eventually, she relented, and shook his hand, clearly very careful in her approach. "Are you trying to say you've fought dragons before? Why would you ever want to do that?"
 #33459  by James Serpantine
Noticing that the girl was looking at him made James smile. He watched her as he thought she was trying to analyse him and chuckled. Her eyes were beautiful, like her. They made the Scot feel more at ease. Feeling the slight hand slip into his made him smile. Grasping at it lightly he simply said "a pleasure"

Hearing her ask if he had fought with Dragons made the Scot laugh "oh god no! Ye can never really fight one without hurting it, and I refuse to hurt another creature thing to simply live. That was just saving a damsel in distress" James winked at the woman before asking "have you never run into a tight jam like that?"
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Maisah felt her face heat up from James' subtle flirtations and wink; she hadn't really allowed herself to be taken off guard like that, and certainly hadn't indulged in any sort of dating since leaving England. She cleared her throat, glancing away for a moment.

"Well, yes, I suppose that's a very noble cause. I don't particularly like creatures with the potential to kill me; teeth, claws, fire breath - doesn't really make for a delightful experience. But that being said, I don't really wish to see them locked up in cages, either; it's depressing." She tossed her hair. "But I'm not one for escaping the jaws of death on a regular basis; I much prefer runic studies and making clothes and other mundane and non-scary pass times."
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Hearing the woman in front of him admitting that she wasn't one to look for danger made James smile. He had never been one to look for trouble but he enjoyed dealing with circumstances around him if it meant the adrenaline pumping through his veins and he got to step outside his mental prison. "People always over react to trouble! They can't ever truly enjoy what's in front of them!" He said as the smile on his face became a more confident smirk

"Creatures in cages seems to be a huge part of our life style now adays! Unless you want to bust one of them out?" The Scot suggested with little hope. No one ever really seemed to get behind his ideas on

Feeling his heartbeat slowdown James sighed heavily as his mind and heart slowed down rapidly to combat the disappointment he took out a metal flask with a thistle lazered onto it. He had filled it with some Scotch malt whisky that his mother had send him and took a large sip before offering it to Maisah and smiling "you want some?" As the Scot shrugged off the after taste of the alcohol that was contained in the flask
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Maisah hesitated as he offered the flask to her; she was incredibly taken off guard by a stranger offering her something to drink. A morbid part of her wanted to think he'd spiked it with nasty plans in mind but...he'd just taken a drink from it. Although, that could have been easily faked! The ideas swarmed her head, and a wave of anxiousness crossed her thoughts. She finally shook her head.

"I don't drink." She said, perhaps a little too bluntly. It wasn't a complete lie; she did only drink on the very rare occasion!

She cleared her throat, and looked back to the tent. "Uhm...maybe we could...set them free when I've already gone. I wouldn't want a first row seat to any massacre that happened since. I do't even like reserves, even if they are supposed to help the breeds; they're still in some kind of captivity. It's not natural. And yes, okay, people can get cocky and start hunting them, but everything has a life cycle. Nothing should be so enclosed." She scowled.