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 #35273  by Nananji Zaman
Nananji's smile broadened, and she did as he asked.

These were the things she knew he loved, even if the words were not always spoken so clearly. The mundane, the day-to-day life he missed out on as a creature of the night and as a hotelier living the lavish lifestyle he did. When she returned from her private room in the suite she had changed into her evening clothes, looser fitting robes over leggings and her feet now bare as she moved back across the carpet to the sofa they had shared and would share again. She carried a novel in one hand, the cover boasting a boat with a boy and a tiger, and soon enough her own tiger Bastet was hurrying to curl up on his mistress' lap as she took her seat again.

Tucking her legs underneath her, the hospitality director snuggled in to the vampire's side, as if there was nothing unusual about this whatsoever. She kissed him again in spite of herself and, with some hesitation, pulled her hair to one side.

"It is about an Indian boy in a shipwreck," she explained, making no movement to begin reading.
 #35275  by al-Rumha
"Is it?" the vampire asked without expecting an answer. He held her close as his eyes fixated on the skin she had just exposed. His hand rose, and his finger traced a line down from her earlobe to her collarbone.

"Tigers have fearsome teeth," he remarked casually, his eyes flicking back to hers from the book.
 #35279  by Nananji Zaman
A chill ran down Nananji's spine at his touch, and she turned to face him better. She wanted to read the book, but they both knew it was secondary. She owed him an obligation, but also some part of her wanted it. She knew how it felt.

Sometimes she offered him her wrist, just a small patch of skin that was still otherwise hidden from the world. But with all the things they did and did not do with one another, this was the most intimate moment they could share. Sometimes she was nervous, or felt as if this was something she had to do. Some nights were like tonight, however.

Nananji kissed Ishak gently on the lips before turning her head to the side so that he might drink.
 #35348  by al-Rumha
The vampire took his time accepting her unspoken invitation. He lingered, nipping at her earlobe, taking in the scent of her perfume. He wanted to taste her, but he held back, his hand gripped at her waist.

"This is what you want?" he whispered into her ear.
 #35351  by Nananji Zaman
It was not the first time, and it would not be the last.

Even still, he was always kind, always asked his permission. Sometimes she offered him her wrist, or sometimes she declined. But tonight... tonight was the start of a new calendar year, and unlike his her life was short and fleeting.

"Yes, Ishak," Nananji answered, her heartbeat quickening. "It is."
 #35353  by al-Rumha
There was no comparison for the taste of her among food or drink. It had been thousands of years since he had eaten of any fruit or drank of any wine. But her taste, like her seeming, was familiar. He knew it from three hundred years before, two hundred years before that, and five hundred years before that. This woman, never exactly the same, haunted him across so many lifetimes. She drew him in like a moth to the flame, and inevitably he would be burned.

But for now, he enjoyed the warmth of her.
 #35354  by Nananji Zaman
It was some time before Nananji was as coherent as she had been earlier in the evening, after he had finished his meal and helped her clean up. After he had read a chapter of their book with his arm draped around her, her head on his chest. She was in a daze, listening and comfortable, though her thoughts were scattered. In them she wondered about the girl they had sent to America, about the woman that had been at dinner, about the young man who had returned from the dead.

About her husband, some, and the journey he had been sent on.

She still did not know when he would return.

"We can stop there for the night," Nananji remarked finally, looking up to meet the creature's eyes.
 #35369  by al-Rumha
Reading was something of a chore for the vampire, at least when it came to English. The language had changed so much since he had first heard it spoken a thousand years prior. He received plenty of practice speaking it, but he had little enough time available in any given night to practice reading it.

This particular book looked intimidating, but he at least managed to stumble his way through the first chapter, unsure if his companion was even following along.

"Would you like to rest?" he asked.
 #35370  by Nananji Zaman
"Mmm," Nananji responded, snuggling further into her companion. She did and she did not, and she wanted to rest but did not want him to leave. Tomorrow began the true work, the true beginning of the fiscal year. He had other obligations, other women to see to. The charade would be over, at least for now.

"If I do," she finally answered, a smile growing. "You told me you would stay."
 #35372  by al-Rumha
"If that is what you wish," he said, slipping his arms beneath her. He stood, picking her up with him and carrying her away from the sofa.

"But you belong in a bed," he said as he opened the door to her bedroom.
 #35374  by Nananji Zaman
That was one statement Nananji was not going to disagree with.

She was not so tired that she could not have walked, but she would be lying if she were to say she did not enjoy being doted on. Her marriage had been a friendship second and an obligation first and foremost, and in many ways her relationship with Ishak was the closest thing to true romantic love that she might ever encounter. It made her feel bad, in some ways. In others she did not ask her husband what he was up to on his expeditions, though she was certain he kept most women at a distance.

Bastet was curled up on the bed already, and Anise followed the pair into the bedroom. Nananji assumed Meric was hiding somewhere as he liked to do, but she liked that the cats liked the vampire. They made for a strange but happy family in the moments they stole away.

"Thank you," Nananji half-whispered, smiling up at the creature.
 #35375  by al-Rumha
Ishak stole another kiss as he bent over her, running his fingers through her hair one more time. He had no where else he wanted to be, even if he had not already promised her that he would stay. The sheets were as smooth against his fingers as any fabric could be as he pulled them up to cover her.

The vampire removed his shirt as he walked around to the other side of the bed, and his pants followed shortly once he had the chance to sit for a moment. He preserved some level of modesty, knowing that his companion would already be embarrassed by his level of nakedness if she had been awake enough to feel that sort of emotion, but the clothes he had been wearing were meant for polite company, not for laying in a bed.

He joined her beneath the covers, wrapping his arm around her and holding her hand in his, their bodies pressed together, separated by the fabric of her sleepwear.

"Goodnight, Nanji," he whispered.
 #35376  by Nananji Zaman
It was everything she wanted, as blasphemous as it may have been, and she knew he would be gone by morning. Since he had no need to sleep there was no point in his staying, but still he did it for her. His body was colder than her husband's might have been, but his touch was no less gentle. They may have had agreements, arrangements, but to Nananji these moments were everything.

"Goodnight, Ishak," she whispered back, a schoolgirl's smile on her lips.

Tomorrow they would pretend these nights were only fiction, but tonight she could be happy.

She hoped her God could forgive her for that.