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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Location: Saudi Arabia • Date: 2004
Time of Day: unknown • Weather: unknown

She was sitting. Her head was resting on a hard surface. She had been unconscious. Could she really consider this state of grogginess as being conscious? Broken ribs, broken wrist, broken foot. Broken ribs, broken wrist, broken foot. Broken ribs, broken wrist, broken foot. She focused on assessing her physical injuries. She focused on what she knew rather than the unknown surrounding her. She lifted her head and attempted to sit a bit straighter, it seemed her spin couldn't quite unbend.

The room was small. Its 4 cement walls seemed to be closing in on her every time she looked up at them. Refusing to look at the one-way mirror situated on the... South wall? Alex kept her eyes on the small bolted table that was in front of her bolted down chair. Why had they moved her here? Why had they taken her from her dark, sand-infused crawling space and brought her here? She looked at the suspended lightbulb above her and tried to ignore the white hallows forming in her vision, how long at it been since she had seen light? She rubbed the deep burns around her wrists, why had they unbound her? How long had it been since she had sat? Her crawling space had barely allowed her enough space to crawl. Why was her right eye so blurry? Was it swelling? How long before it was swollen shut?

Leaning forward, using the slim strength left in her arms she did her best to sit as straight as possible. Her sand-colored cargo pants were worn and torn. Holes crusted with blood were many. There was no way to guess her camisole had been white. She patted the deep gash on her hip bone, the small protuberance on it offered the only reassurance.

When the door clicked open, she looked straight at it.
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It had taken Elsie two weeks and seven hours to find Alexandra McKinney and have her extracted out of enemy territory and into ally territory. It wasn't the cleanest extraction, but no one had been killed and Alexandra had come quietly, though that most certainly had to do with the fact that she was most probably still under the impression she was with the enemies. Of course, Elsie was about to rectify that but first she needed to make sure she had what she needed before entering the room.

Wand tucked in her sleeve and a tray of food in her arms, she nodded at the two wizards standing either side of the door and when it clicked open, Elsie immediately moved through it, heading towards the metal table Alex sat at. Placing the tray of food down in front of the witch, Elsie smiled at the brunette, "Alexandra, I am Elsie Crane. I know you've been through quite the few weeks but you need to know, you are safe here. You are with allies."
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She closed her swollen eye and focused her unburdened vision on the blonde who had just entered the room. New enemy she thought as she longed to take her wand and hex the woman before her. Where was her wand? She suspected it had likely been broken when she had been captured.

She licked her peeling lips. She set her arm next to the plater and slowly pushed it off the table. "I know who you are," she rattled as her vocal cords grated together. Elsie Crane was nothing short of a terrorist. Someone who used money, resources, and power to do whatever the hell she wanted without any consideration for national security. "Tell him you succeeded, tell him you got me out, but make sure to tell him he will never see me again!" She winced as she clencher her fist in rage. How could he do this to her? Lawrence McKinney had always used money and status to get what he wanted, but she never thought he would go as far as put his country in jeopardy.
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Taking a seat opposite Alex, she edged the tray of food closer to the agent and watched her carefully, "Tell who, dear?" Elsie asked, though she knew exactly who Alex was speaking of. Lawrence McKinney was a rich and powerful man, but even rich and powerful men had their limits, and while she had heard of the man trying using his money and connections to find his daughter, he had eventually hit a brick wall. Elsie herself had struggled in finding Alex's whereabouts and negotiating the extraction between three separate governments also hadn't be easy, but she had done it and in less than forty-eight hours Alex would be back on home soil. Back home with her parents, her friends, her Isla.

"Alex," She said, "I won't lie to you. Extracting you from enemy territory has put the Bureau in a rather precarious position. They've had to make deals they never would have made if it wasn't for some...convincing arguments from certain people." Namely Elsie Crane, but she didn't have to tell Alex that, she already knew.

Licking her lips she pressed on, "The Bureau is however looking forward to your debrief when you return home."
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Alex knew better than to fall for the woman's coy question. She likely knew more about Alex, her family, and her friends. The Bureau did not make deals with terrorists. If she had been extracted by a private company it was likely without the help of the government. If it was with their help, it was because they thought Alex to be so corrupt that she couldn't be left free. Either option meant it was the end of her career.

A humourless laugh died in her throat causing a sharp pain in her ribs. Debrief was a nice euphemism for interrogating until she confessed to treason.

Noticing that a wound in her palm had reopened she brought her hands to her lap.
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Unaffected by Alex's silence, Elsie simply crossed her legs and let a hand rest on the steel table. Letting her nail clink against the metal, she looked around the room, taking in the rough brick, rusted metal and one way mirror opposite them. Well, if they wanted the agent to feel as if she was still in danger, they had certainly succeeded. Elsie would have to speak to Ibrahim about getting Alexandra more...comfortable quarters. And getting her fixed up before they traveled back home most definitely.

"You should eat Alexandra, then I will see to having a Healer come and assess you." The woman was obviously injured, and while they had made sure she wasn't about to die, she still needed looking to.
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Healer, healer, healer ...

The word reverberated into her mind until it was distorted and meaningless. "Hea-" she mumbled as her tongue seemed to be too thick to enunciate the rest of the word. Were they poisoning her? Or was the bloodloss and exhaustion getting to her.


She saw them, dressed in lime green, surrounding her bed in St-Mungos. She was 5 and her tonsils had just been taken out. Healer... They had helped her then.

She looked at the bleeding hand on her lap, but her head felt so heavy on her neck that she felt her chin fall against her chest. "Healer," she tried again though that time the word did come out and she managed to snap her head up.

Healer or not, she did not trust this woman. Not would she trust her healer. A sudden burst of clarity made her realize that she was in danger. Wandless, but not harmless she jumped over the table and grabbed Elsie by the front of her robes. "No healer!" She rejected as she pulled the woman off her chair and towards the wall.