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 #34527  by Dino O'Sullivan
 12 Jan 2020, 17:17
Location: Qelelevu island • Date: January 2nd, 2004
Time of Day: Around 8:20 • Weather: Yet another stunning day

The sun was shining brightly, as it did absolutely every gorgeous day here in Fiji. There was a light breeze shaking the palm tree fronds, and the water lapped the sand on its way up the beach as the tide steadily rose. A few gulls lamented in the distance. Nothing disturbed this paradisiac vision.

Nothing, except for the body of a man, clad in long, blue, white and navy striped swimming trunks and black tongs, who was just lying there, the water crawling closer and closer to his head. It didn't take long for the water to reach him and enter his opened mouth, and he sputtered once it retreated.

'Fuckin' water!' He yelled with a raw voice, eyes still closed and not moving. 'I'm goin' to kick yer arse!'
 #34627  by Freja Ostberg
 13 Jan 2020, 14:47
Over the past few months, Freja had made her way across Europe, through South East Asia and had rung in the new year in Australia. She had loved every minute of her travelling experience so far and was excited for the next stages to come.

The now ex-Hufflepuff had decided to spend a few days on Qelelevu island, a peaceful retreat away from the bustling city of Sydney that she had experienced only the day before. But now, she was ready to relax for a few days, unwind from society and immerse herself in the paradise that Fiji had to offer.

As Freja sat on the beach, her fingers playing with the sand, she heard a man shout from down near the water. She didn't flinch at first but afterwards, when she realised he recognised the voice, she sat up and looked for the voice's owner.

"Dino." she whispered quietly to herself. How could she ever forget that voice? His thick Northern Irish accent gave it away almost immediately.

Quickly, the Scot got up from her towel and started running towards the water.

"Dino." she exclaimed as she got closer to the man. "Dino!"
 #34641  by Dino O'Sullivan
 13 Jan 2020, 19:26
And the fuckin' waves kept coming. The water kept creeping into his nose, mouth, ears... Dino let out a noise that was half scream, half moan, but he did not move. The water started to wet the rest of his body and he complained once more.

'I hate ya, pretty water! Don't come into my bake and my neb no more! I don't want to be wet!' The voice of a woman reached his ears, once the water had retreated, but he could not place it. 'Aye, it's me, the one and only. Tell the water to let me sleep, why won't ya.'
 #34700  by Freja Ostberg
 14 Jan 2020, 14:27
Freja paused in her pursuit to Dino as he replied to her comment. She shook her head, before running again and collapsing in the sand beside him.

"It's me ya feckin' idiot," she replied, pushing the man as she knelt beside him. Her knees were getting wet from kneeling beside her friend and although she hadn't planned on getting in the sea today, she was happy enough with her situation now.

"I cudnae forget that stupid accent even if I tried."
 #34701  by Dino O'Sullivan
 14 Jan 2020, 15:01
'Watch yer fuckin' language, will ya,' Dino replied, his words slurred. He winced as he was pushed on his back. 'Tell the sun to go away! I know who ya are. Yer the girl who-' Dino's words became incomprehensible as he slowly raised his arms to shield his eyes.

'I have two requests for ya,' Dino mumbled, as though he were telling her a state secret. 'Number one, make the sand stop spinnin'. And number two,' he added, holding his fingers up as he enumerated. 'Bring me a drink.'
 #35255  by Freja Ostberg
 23 Jan 2020, 11:12
Freja rolled her eyes as the Irishman rambled on. She fell backwards into the sand, her head lying next to her friend that she hadn't seen in some time now.

The two had been friends during school. While there was a year between them, Freja often found herself in the presence of Dino O'Sullivan and very much enjoyed his company. It was great then when Freja returned after her year of travelling after school and started working for WES that Dino started working there too. The two got closer and Freja always looked forward to bumping into the Irishman on their travels around the world.

"I cannae do anythin' about the sand ya mong." she replied, allowing sand to run through her fingers.

"And I am no' your maid. Get your own drink and get me one while yer at it."
 #35256  by Dino O'Sullivan
 23 Jan 2020, 11:32
Dino groaned loudly, and for a long moment. 'Ach, then what's the use of ya?' His forearm was over his eyes, and he was grimacing. How could the sun shine so bright? Didn't it know that it was hurting him? Eugh.

'Yer not my maid, yer my friend, and a good friend makes sure their hot friend doesn't die from dehydration,' he mumbled. 'I'm much too pretty to die, and think of how sad my parents would be if I died?'
 #35257  by Freja Ostberg
 23 Jan 2020, 11:39
The Scot kicked her friend in the leg at his question. "Who's the good friend and the hot friend in this situation ey?" she asked with a smirk.

"C'mon Dino. It's no' like you to be defeated so easily. You're made of harder stuff than this." Freja sat up in the sand and looked down at the Irish man still lying in the same position she found him.

"And as much as I know yer parents will be upset, I imagine all yer lovers from aroun' the world would be much sadder." she laughed.
 #35261  by Dino O'Sullivan
 23 Jan 2020, 12:54
'Oi,' Dino mumbled after being kicked in the shin. 'I'm obviously the hot one, that was never in question. I mean, have ya seen me?' The front of him was covered in wet sand, so she could be excused for thinking he was made out of the stuff, rather than, y'know, skin, and stuff.

'That's right, all my international lovers!' That was all it took for Dino to bolt upright. 'They'd be devastated. Can't let that happen. Ya'd have to call an international day of mournin'. They'd cry their lamps out.' He rubbed the sand from his face. 'The craic would never be ninety again. So tragic.'