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 #34431  by Hunter Nox
Hunter pursed his lips, contemplating his answer.

"No, not quite Mafia business. We've had a lot of internal...cuts made before, some political strikes, and the like. But nothing quite so formally charged. The Kingdom could sometimes be a loose cannon, unfortunately. It made it somewhat unpredictable in many ways - very dangerous - but not so methodically planned out such as mafia plans are."

He leaned forward a bit.

"Tell me more about this vampire."
 #34433  by Shiro Takayama
He raised an eyebrow,
"Are you suggesting you want to further our partnership Mrs. Iver?" He asked, hoping sure wasn't suggesting by digging that meant she was going to try to undermind him in any way. Getting people for her club was one thing, but if she wanted to expand their business he needed more details on the matter.

The eyebrow didn't go down as his dark eyes focused on Hiro for a second, the chance of insults being high in this situation. He didn't want to start anything hostile.
"If we don't plan, we get bit." He mused.

"Jiang, was the son of a war-loving person himself from what I understand. Coming from a pureblood family, he inherited his father's men. Much like I did. He worked in the underground business, bumped heads with other cultures...but with wealth and power comes envy. He was turned...if the old reports are right for the sole purpose of them using him. He obviously won," He pushed the chair back and dropped a file on the table.
"As times changed...and people modernized he created the 'white monkeys'. That much I know is true. He, however, stays within the shadows. Never seen by the public eye. Instead, he turns people and uses that vampire bond to build his armies. His army are the people we are seeing."
 #34434  by Hiro Kawazaki
Taking the file he pulled out the map of England, where the hotels had been. Beside that was the map of China where they knew of some nests. He'd ignored Shiro's warning, having said his words for a good reason.
"The markings on the English map are the hotels we blasted, they have a habit of using hotels...un-used houses and the like during their travels. The Chinese map marks locations, we've yet to find the main location...though given our closed doors that's not surprising....we'd need the Chinese support after all to get all the information...something you might be able to help do given your willingness to work with others."
 #34747  by Astrid Iver
Astrid had not been trying to undermine him, and her expression remained still at his question, ensuring she was not to offend.

"I believe the possibility of future partnerships are always in consideration when I make new agreements and arrangements. It's always ideal to have options in a field as deadly as ours. Research is simply a part of my process." She explained. As the vampire was described, she glanced over to Hunter, wondering how far he was willing to go for this.
 #34748  by Hunter Nox
"So in some ways, he doesn't like to get his own hands dirty?" Hunter presumed, leaning forward to look at the map carefully.

"I have some resources to find information when needed. Where will you require me to search or assist? I'm not one to shy away from doing tasks myself, after all, I have vampiric abilities that may be useful also. Just tell me what you need specifically, and I can get to work as soon as possible." He spoke, tone lowering as he felt that familiar surge of excitement and intrigue.
 #34765  by Shiro Takayama
"If this comes out the way I plan it to I'm sure we can make something a more permanent partnership." He assured her, more than open to work with other organizations - if they had use to him.

"Good. Because the finding him is only part of it." He leaned back in his chair taking a sip of his whiskey while his husband was showing the locations on the map they'd covered or found nests.
"While your help will be needed to find him it will also be needed to take him down. My men might be trained to kill vampires...but I'm not about to send them on a suicide. You'll be working alongside-" He started only for the doors to open. "Him to finish the job once found."

At this point, his husband had utterly shut up taking his stance behind him. He was almost surprised at how fast his husband had become a human stone.
 #34769  by Yoru Nakamura
"Hopefully that won't be a problem, seeing as I am willed to my master's orders." He spoke, giving Hiro a look of annoyance as he stood not behind his son but beside. He couldn't be too mad though, he'd given Shiro the ability to keep that title of his...a title that now outranked him. He'd chosen this.

Didn't mean he had to like it, though...he was interested. Nox was famous in their world, famous for being nuts like him.
"Sorry I'm late, my lord." He turned to Nox and the woman.

"Yoru Nakamura, the Yakuza's resident vampire...and former leader. You must be Nox...and Mrs. Iver. I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you but this is only an order I've been given."
 #34851  by Hunter Nox
Hunter watched as Astrid gave a slight respectful nod. She knew when her input wasn't entirely needed, and she wasn't about to force her way into conversation. Her presence enough was an impact in some ways.

"Yes, Hunter Nox is what I go by now." He confirmed. "So I would be working directly with you to take this vampire down? How very ironic for us to both be of the same clan and yet so many worlds apart...I suppose, anyway. In a lot of ways we are of the same world."

He gave a small shrug.

"Just give me a time and location and I'll be there."
 #34855  by Yoru Nakamura
“I dare say we are far from being in the same world, we might share vampire roots... being of the same ‘bloodline’ but don’t mistake it mr Nox, I am not part of any world but this one... and your a guest.” He corrected, ignoring the warning look he was getting from his son.
‘Manners yoru...you do represent me.’

“once you locate him, I shall be offering my own power to assist in finishing the job as my boss is requesting. that means...” he let shiro talk.

‘Your master owls me,’ the albino with his leg back to it crossed position cut in. Shiro having let the two vampires have at it.
‘Surely that won’t be a problem mrs Iver?’ Yoru watched Shiros gaze shift to the woman. Yoru hoped not, if this woman wanted to use them as ‘employee’ transports, a job that would normally be harder to fill.
 #35127  by Astrid Iver
Astrid lifted her chin, having watched the two vampires seemingly size each other up. They were of the same bloodline, but perhaps neither one of them wanted to really be a part of it; she knew from Hunter's past tellings that the grace of immortality had not been agreed prior to his turning. Perrine had simply snatched the opportunity when she saw fit. There was a possibility a similar situation had bestowed itself upon Yoru.

"We shall play nice." She spoke, giving a very prominent look to Hunter, eyes sharp as he sighed and looked away in a huff. He clearly didn't like being told what to do, but he had little choice if he wanted to remain as free as he currently was in this moment.

She looked back to Shiro.

"We will confer dates and times for the set up, and then go from there. Should you have any further requests for the job, do let me know. I will inform you of my specific...tastes for what I desire for my rings."
 #35129  by Shiro Takayama
He stayed silent as she followed suite in keeping the peace, glad she did as he didn’t want his office turned into a challenge ground. Yoru has respected his wishes, keeping quite while the two finished up.

“ I do appreciate you taking on this task, and I trust this will not be our only business.” He stated, standing.
“Should you have any concerns, do owl me with the details. Im sure we can get any taste you require.” Mainly thanks to the vampire beside him.

“If we’re quite done here...”he peered at Hiro, “I’ll have my kobun lead you out.”
 #35130  by Hiro Kawazaki
He’d expected the ego match of the two vampires, seeing as Yoru was one of them... the man had been famous for starting half the problems they had, the only thing helping them half the time was the fact the man had the strength to take care of what he started.

“Yes, of coarse.” Because sending yoru to do it was like asking for a fight, hiro was shocked he had even showed up to the meeting.
“If we’re all ready.” He added waiting for the other two to give their amends. He didn’t want to come off as pushy, and he could tell shiro didn’t either as he was giving them the chance to have their last words.
 #35208  by Hunter Nox
Hunter stood, and then snatched up his glass and downed the rest of its contents, swallowing it with a slight wince of his eye before bringing the glass back down to the table. He smirked up at Shiro.

"Great taste in drink." He complimented, an enthused expression on his face.
 #35209  by Astrid Iver
Astrid had a rather bored look on her face as Hunter spoke. He was clearly poking a little, but meant no real harm. What was it wish vampires and trying to subtly spread their scent over everything?

"We will be in contact, Mr Takayama. Thank you for your time." She spoke, and then looked to Hiro to lead the way out.
 #35222  by Hiro Kawazaki
He wasn't sure where the man was looking, given his husband's height...the smirk was going right over his head. 'vampires...guess there all nuts' he reasoned. Shiro himself simply nodded, not asking the question that was floating in hiro's head. With one last bow the albino turned to him.
"This way please." He motioned leading them out of the room...and out of the manor.