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 #34836  by Senichi Nagai
Location: January 2004 • Date: Sapporo, Hokkaido

It was a cold winter's day, which could easily be blamed for the shiver that went down Senichi's spine. But the weather was not to blame for the involuntary motion. The man he was about to meet, and the organization behind said man, was at the root of it.

Senichi did not begrudge the Yakuza their existence. They served their purpose, he supposed. He had merely hoped that his path and theirs would never need to cross. It was a foolish hope, and he was entirely at fault for the hope's demise.

The building he was asked to meet in was not what he expected. It was no abandoned warehouse or derelict club, but a bustling office building. He checked the letter again for further details, and made his way to the elevator, near the buttons thrice before it shifted to right, finally opening on an empty reception area.

Unsure of how to proceed, Senichi took a seat, tucking his briefcase under the chair.
 #34839  by Hiro Kawazaki
Security was a must, and with the office - a building they rarely used any more security was able to be amped up, the bottom level still being used for training the new members of the organization and just that where it used to be the main Homebase. Sitting in a chair with a desk in front of it, his leg crossed he waited for Mr Nagai to arrive having been ordered to collect that month. The man had fallen on hard times - and like the boogeyman with an anglic face the Yakuza had helped.

It as the elevator that caused him to finally get up from his stance leaving the old main office.
"Mr Nagai I take it." The man said, dressed in a silk button-up and classy dress pants the long haired ko-bun peered down at the prey. "This way please." He directed.
 #34844  by Senichi Nagai
Senichi stood instantly once the other man had entered the room. He gave the strange man a deep bow.

"Yes, Kawazaki-san," he replied before gathering his briefcase and walking in the direction indicated. He hoped that he was correct in assuming the man's identity, and that he could behave in manner the other would not find fault with.
 #34846  by Hiro Kawazaki
"So," He sat at the desk, dark eyes focusing on the other once he'd joined him. The man was older than him - something he'd become used to when working with Yoru, kids really with the power of men thanks to one man. How the tables of society turned in the dark circles of the criminal underbelly.
"Mahoutokoro tuition ne?" He leaned back into his chair. "It's a commendable reason for dealing with us, to give your children a chance." He said with a respectful tone.

Being a criminal didn't mean one forgot manners.
"I trust you have the payment?" He asked, getting to the point.
 #34847  by Senichi Nagai
It was a nice sentiment, and one he had not expected from a gangster. It was almost enough to make him forget with whom he was dealing.

"Yes, sir," he said, placing the briefcase on the desk. He released the clasps with two taps of his wand and opened it to reveal half a dozen wands of various lengths and materials.

"The first set. It will take me time to resupply before I can begin on the next."
 #34848  by Hiro Kawazaki
He grunted as he leaned forward, his rough yet gentle hands picking up one of the wands in the briefcase set before him. So...it was true, his lord was using this debt for weapons. His eyes held foreboding for a mere second - Shiro was planning on war and he wasn't going to pack lightly. These wands were of very high quality, and very powerful.
"Bamboo and cherry blossom wands," He muttered to himself. "Shiro what exactly are you planning?"

"Tell me, Mr Nagai." He looked up from the wand in his hand. "You do understand what these will be used for, yet you still settled with wands rather than money? You interest me. What was your reason?" One would be used a weapon, the other...would allow this man ease of mind knowing he didn't help take another person's life. Yet he'd gone with this.
 #34853  by Senichi Nagai
Try as he might to mentally dissociate his craft from abuses he knew they would be used to commit, Senichi could not deny the truth. These wands would be used for violence. That was his legacy now.

"It is the resource I have readily available," he answered honestly. "A word of warning. Wands are not mere tools. They are living things, and each has their quirks. A poor pairing could prove disastrous for your men. Take care how you distribute these."
 #34854  by Hiro Kawazaki
“I’m quite aware of what they are, I’ve been depending on them to keep me alive for awhile let’s not forget.” He tone still holding a kindness to it.

People didn’t warn him, he warned them as he was sure the look in his eyes would portray. The man had been respectful so hiro has chosen to hear him out.
“One would assume you’d be doing that seeing as you are the master wand maker, am I wrong?” His gloves of kindness slipping a bit.

“After all you’ve been matching people with wands for years, mishap or not,” Shiro having filled him in about that as well,
“ I’m sure you have the skills to keep harm coming from those going to you for a wand.” At least he should have by now given what got him into this mess.

“Last thing you need is Mr. Takayama being blasted into his office wall after all.” Because, he really didn’t want to see that play out.
 #34866  by Senichi Nagai
"My apologies, Kawazaki-san," Senichi said as he bowed his head deeply. "It was not my intent to speak out of turn. I would of course be happy to assist in the pairing. It is only given my recent circumstances that I feel I must be particularly cautious. Of course you and Takayama-san are wise enough to know not to attempt to dominate a wand that does not match your personalities."

He felt as though he were on the knife's edge. One wrong word and this man could bury him, and no one would speak out against it.
 #34868  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Are you saying we don't know when a wand likes or does not like us? Mr Nagai, Mr Takayama has countless wands in each room of his home. He's matched each one himself, though I do have to say there aren't to the craftsmanship." And that changed matters a lot when it came to the world of wands.

Turning the wands over to him after setting the one in his hand down he leaned forward.
"Now I know why he wanted me to come and not Ishikawa...Show me how you work." He instructed, not nodding he the apology. The man looked a bit shaky, afraid to make certain moods.

But that didn't mean he was going to become a teddy bear.
 #34870  by Shiro Takayama
"Yes, please do." A 4'9 Japanese man stood in the door having changed his plans for the day. Normally he'd let the ko-bun handle meetings, and he still was. He was just being a fly on the wall, his charmed dark eyes focusing on the wands he was seeing in the briefcase. Arms crossed his claws glimmered in the sun coming through the window, his pale skin highlighted by the dark walls around them.

Stopping any interruptions before they happened he gave them both a nod,
"Don't mind me, I'm simply here for the show." His bodyguards behind him waiting like human stones.
 #34880  by Senichi Nagai
This would be the end of him. Hopefully he could do a better job of watching after his children from the afterlife.

He did not say anything more. His mouth, no matter how much he attempted to apologize, had only dug the hole that much deeper. And now with the boy—no, the man, he must not think of him that way—there watching, he could afford no more missteps. He closed his eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and expelled the thoughts and doubts from his mind. These were men—powerful men—but still men. He was a man as well. When he opened his eyes once more, it was with an assessor's gaze. He contemplated the man who sat before him, considered the conversation so far. Next, he studied the wands, listened to them, in a sense. He touched each in turn, felt its energy, until he settled on one and offered it to Hiro.

"This wand would serve you well."
 #34883  by Hiro Kawazaki
He peered up for only a moment, knowing exactly what his boss was doing. He had actually figured there might be a show of appearance the moment he'd seen the shipment had wands instead of money. His attention was focused on the man putting all his attention on the wands, as if he was praying to a god - something neither of them watching understood the concept of.

That's when he saw the switch from man owing money and wand master, his attention being locked before now being cemented in the show of focus he was seeing. Taking the wand with both hands - as was the style of the samurai he nodded.
"Lets see if that's true, Mr Takayama mind moving to the side of the room?" He asked, the shorter man nodding and doing what was asked - because who wanted to be caught willingly in the crossfire?

"Expelliarmus," He said with focus, one of the men who had been bodyguards blocking just in time. He did always like to kill two birds with one stone - the man passing the test.
"That family was foolish, your skills were higher than their noses could smell out." He complimented, the power still surging through his skin. It was almost as powerful as feeling skin on skin, he'd felt nothing like it.
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 #34884  by Shiro Takayama
He watched from the doorway, his eyes not leaving the mans frame. He'd heard the rumours, and those closest to him would know that wasn't enough. He needed to see proof - and what better way than to do so while using his husband to do it? The man switched what looked like personalities when he honed in on the wand in question, Hiro asking him to move.

"Kawaza-" He tried to order another target...he really did. He had all his men tested before he hired them, thus he didn't feel the need to something like that.

'Why is it always my bodyguards you like to test on my husband...' he thought, though the dark pools of his eyes stayed neutral as he watched his bodyguard block it with no problem. He was thankful this was a trial spell otherwise there might have been more force used. He was a lot harder to match than Hiro - his wands being the hardest to find. His large amount had caused him a lot of work in the process due to this fact. Still, he stood silently, letting his husband and Ko-bun keep control of the room.
 #34893  by Senichi Nagai
"Thank you, sir," he said, letting out a small sigh of relief. He had not managed to get himself killed just yet.

"I take great pride in my work." He did not pride himself on what his work would be used for, but at least the wands would serve the men well in their task. "As I said earlier, it will take me some time before I have the next set ready, but once I have the supplies I will work as quickly as I can without sacrificing quality."