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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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 #34894  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Do me a favour, the jumpiness isn't needed. You keep up the quality we won't have a problem." It was only should the man start failing that he'd have to do anything. He knew he'd pay for his choice of target later - but for now his focus was the deal in front of them.

"Mr Takayama, any opinions?" He asked, eyeing the man who had kept quiet in the corner.
 #34896  by Shiro Takayama
He wasn't so impressed, though he also wasn't disappointed.
"I think it's rather easy to match a wand with a man of pride, courage and loyalty." He said simply. "I'll have to see for myself how well the wands actually work, aside from their flawless design." He reasoned.

"Bag them up in the case I gave you, and we'll let Mr Nagai Take his leave..." He paused, "If that is all Mr. Nagai."
 #35717  by Shiro Takayama
He watched the man leave, the thankfulness filling the room as he did. His charmed dark eyes filtered back to his silver and he looked at Hiro with a very slight amused grin on his face.
"He's very skittish, are we sure these are really flawless?" He asked, looking into the box before Hiro shut it. "He may have something to hide...judging by the sweat growing on his forhead." He mused, shutting it himself before Hiro could.

"Les go, I need to get information from Ishikawa in then minutes. You know how I hate being late." He changed the topic leaving the room.
 #35718  by Hiro Kawazaki
He was pretty sure that was due to Shiro's aura, but he wasn't about to test his luck and point that out. Instead, he defended the man in another way - pointing out who they were and what they all did. It kept him from pointing out Shiro personally...while making his point.
"Well, we are an underground crime organization that is known for rumours of missing people." He simply said, grabbing the box and following.

"I'm sure the wands are fine..." Though he was also planning on testing them out to assure that. Better safe than sorry...given who these were meant to battle with.

Jiang was no joke and nor was his little followers.