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 #35264  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: A bar • Date: January 5, 2004
Time of Day: Late at night • Weather: Warm

Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Dino enjoyed getting sloshed. With the summer holidays almost over, he felt ill-prepared to go back to work next week. Maybe imbibing more would help? He'd drank at pretty much all the bars in Fiji, and felt it was time for a little change in scenery, so he'd come to Auckland.

New Zealand was a lovely place, and it seemed he was not alone in deciding to trash their liver. He'd shared some banter with a bunch of lads, and now he'd been invited to their table. It had all been going well, and Dino had the confidence only tequila could bring, so when the barman started to show signs of wanting to close, the lad decided to take a chance. It was now or never.

The guy on his right looked terrible, like someone had decided to animate a beard and call it human. On his left, though, the guy was cute. His type, even.

'Maybe we can continue this conversation elsewhere. Can I have your number, there, mucker?'
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 #35274  by Markus Green
He'd been enjoying his last beer, silently...without people bothering him. As the bar cleared out though and only a few people were left the long haired English man peered over to a young man looking quiet...taken aback? With the other one. He sighed, going back to nursing his beer. This was bar drama...bar drama he didn't need to get involved in.

Sure, he had a night record of bar fights under his belt. Street fights...you name it. Didn't mean he actually liked earning any of them - too bad his temper usually worked in the opposite of his favour. It was as the guy started to get puffy, Markus decided to stop it - before it led elsewhere.
"Think your done mate." His hand firmly. "Go home."

Or anywhere but here.
 #35278  by Dino O'Sullivan
The guy wasn't responding to Dino's advances the way he would have liked. Whenever he got drunk, his gaydar seemed to fly right out the window, and it wasn't the first time. Hell, only a few months ago, there'd been this thing with Dice Rogan, which hadn't ended at all the way Dino had expected. He should know this by now. Either learn to keep your bake shut, or only get pissed in bars where this was the norm.

'Or well ya don't have to,' Dino shrugged it off, as the lad seemed utterly shocked. It was the guy on the other side of him that was getting upset and all worked up about it, though. He was red, and seemed about to say something, and then Dino was about to tell him to relax, when a random guy intervened.

'We're fine here, big lad, I can handle my own,' he informed the guy. He was a big lad himself, he could deal with the messes he made.
 #35280  by Markus Green
"Sure you could," He said, the guy looking up at him. "However the last thing I want to see is a drunk idiot...starting a fight." He mused, in other words it wasn't for this guys benefit. As disgruntled as the drunk man was... shocked or not he took his leave with he met eye's with Markus. Guess being extra tall had its perks.

He watched man leave, looking back only once before he himself went back to finish his drink. The other guy only getting one look from him - a look of 'problem solved' before he had went back to said drink.

'Drinks on the tables.' The barkeep rang out, Markus's drink hitting the table.
 #35283  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino rolled his eyes. Well this was certainly a first. Not the whole rejection thing, unfortunately, but someone else intervening? What did he look like, someone who let himself be intimidated? He didn't need someone to fight his battles for him, he'd never needed that. And besides, what battle, exactly?

'No one was startin' a fight,' he replied. This tall lad had intervened before anyone had gotten confrontational at all. What did he expect, for Dino to thank him? It was a bit of a bother. Not wanting this to be his mood for the rest of the evening, he shook his head wildly, clearing his thoughts. 'For all ya know, that man actually was goin' to give me his number,' he grinned.
 #35292  by Markus Green
The look he was getting made him almost laugh, he could tell what the man was thinking in his head...at least he thought he could. He was sure enough to point out his thoughts as he stood up.
"Look mate, I didn't step in because you couldn't handle it. I stepped in because...did you see the look on his face? That is usually a face one shows before the fists start flying and I personally didn't feel like witnessing it." He explained.

"Yeah, well...next time someone has that face you'll find out for yourself. Trust me." Because he'd known that face all too well...
 #35308  by Dino O'Sullivan
This lad thought he was something else, now, didn't he?

'I don't know if it's thanks yer lookin' for, but yer wastin' yer time. I wasn't after gettin' into a fight.' Dino wasn't sure why he felt a need to justify himself, but he didn't want to sour his mood anymore. Best get back to happy, and there was one great way to do it.

'I'll forgive ya if ya buy me a shot of tequila,' he offered.
 #35431  by Markus Green
He scoffed,
“Man called closing, doubt he’d even pour it...” didn’t mean he would appease the broken manly hood he’d just injured. Just not here.
“If you promise to keep your flirtation to yourself... I have some scotch in the hotel room.” He offered.
 #35446  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Well someone thinks highly of himself,' Dino rolled his eyes. Why did guys think they were irresistible the moment they found out another guy was gay? Alright, fine, he was easy, and pretty much anyone was his type, but that attitude, and that haircut, did nothing for him. Granted, without that preamble, the whole inviting a lad to your hotel room had a whole different sound to it.

'I'll try my hardest to resist yer wiles, big lad. Lead the way, then.'
 #35580  by Markus Green
He did is best to ignore the sarcasm as he guided the man out of the bar, the barkeep looking quiet pleased to have them leave without incident. The walk itself had just been fifteen minutes, at most. With the cold air Markus would have timed it to about ten...and it was times like this that made him glad he was as tall as he was.

The place was bare, Markus really not needing much. Take out the potions book on the table which he quickly tossed in the trash as he turned on the light. He had a sneaking suspicion mark had gotten control for a bit last night...
“On the table, hope french scotch is to your liking.” He said as he took off his jacket and lit a smoke.
 #35590  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, no need to be askin' twice,' Dino replied, smacking his lips as he went to prepare himself a generous glass. He hadn't really looked around the hotel room, as it was none of his business, but it did seem bare. Not serial killer level bare, but not exactly cozy. He didn't fear for his safety here. He had a wand, after all, didn't he?

Dino drained the glass quickly, and poured himself another glass. 'As a lad from Norn Iron, I feel like this liquor should be Irish, but ya know, gift horses, and such,' he replied. He paced around for a bit, until he decided to plop down on one of the armchairs in the room.

'So, big lad, tell me, ya do this often, invite other lads to yer room, lurin' them with the promise of alcohol and the refusal of a good time?' Dino asked lightly, grinning.
 #35600  by Markus Green
He took a puff, sitting down on the bed duffel bag half open at his feet. His usual bag for packing and traveling, fancy suit cases weren’t his thing.
‘Hn’ he simply said when the topic of Irish origin came up. The lot were gruff and to the point, where as the England born were usually filled with dry humor and politeness to a near fault. At least that’s how most would explain them. Markus however was more in the middle, leaving Mark the polite soul of the two.
“Please do forgive my bluntness, you see I’m not the personality that kept politeness intact...but you were the one who requested a drink no?” He mused taking another puff of his bad habit.

“I simply gave you what you requested.” He paused looking into the room staring blankly into the corner. It was just as the but began to fall he snapped out of it. Well, someone did. First thing Mark did was put the Tabacco out, before standing up and taking his book out of the trash.
“Who... are you exactly?” He asked the man, Markus cussing him out... oh... he was seeing it now.
“Markus finally met a friend? Interesting.”
 #35605  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino wrinkled his nose as the cigarette smoke reached his nostrils. Smoking was a gross habit only forgiven in men who were extremely hot.

'I'm just messin' with ya,' he waved the odd comment about polite personalities away. His fingers were tingling with the absence of something to do, and looking at the guy smoke, he really wished he had something else to smoke for himself. Just wind down nicely...

Of course he couldn't do that now that the guy seemed to have fallen off his rocker. 'Ach, big lad, yer not that drunk, don't take me for an eejit.'

This was going from bad to worse. The guy's expression had changed, and Dino wasn't sure if he was faking it. He snapped his fingers at him. If this was the guy's idea of a joke, it wasn't funny. Dino didn't usually stop to consider if he was in danger, and he didn't think he really was, what with the whole being a wizard thing, but maybe this one had it in for guys like Dino, and thought he was going to be able to intimidate him? 'Is yer head cut? Stop faffin' around. No one's laughin'.'

He put his glass back down. Had the guy put anything in it? 'I was just leavin', actually.'
 #35611  by Markus Green
“He won’t like that, and besides... I was just talking my...” then it clicked. This guy had no idea of his exsistance. No wonder the guy was freaked out and about to leave.... and no wonder he’d snapped his fingers when the change happened. He sighed.
“He didn’t tell you I assume. There are two of us up here,” he pointed to his skull. “Sorry for the scare.” He said while hiding his book.
“He should be returning shortly.” And due to markus ripping through with much force for the last minute it was about a second after mark had said that, lovely curse words came out of markus’s mouth.

“You can leave if you want, no ones forcing you. Mark likes to be inviting.” The blunt personality back.
 #35643  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Wait a minute, what? Ya... ya what? What are ya on about, big lad?' This was all a bit much, no, scratch that, way too much for Dino, who had reached the point of drunkenness way before he'd even started to flirt with that other guy back at the bar.

He'd gathered his effects, but was still watching in confusion at the guy who was now swearing. This was weird. It had started out weird, and it was continuing to be weird. Something made him pause in his steps, though. He'd like to think that it was the unfinished glass of scotch, but this was just weird, and he was curious. He didn't feel threatened anymore, just increasinly puzzled.

'Ya alright there? What the hell just happened?'