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 #35644  by Markus Green
He sighed, lighting another one and opening a window to keep the room clear- to at least meet the man half way. Sitting in one of the side chairs he shrugged. To him and Markus it was just a way of life. An annoying way of life but the life they were used to. To everyone else... it was strange and could even be unnerving.
“Two personalities.” He deadpanned. “I won’t go into details but when a person is brought up in a certain way... sometimes the kind splits.” He paused, “at least that’s what the textbooks say. To us... were just two people sharing the same body.” He added. Mark went with the textbook version. He didn’t.

“He’s the brains I’m the muscle. If you want the basic explanation.” He looked over where the book was popping out of a lower table.
“Speaking of brains... he came out to get his book out of the trash.”
 #35646  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino raised an eyebrow. Curiouser and curiouser. At least now he didn't think he was going to be attacked, and he didn't think he'd been targeted specifically. That was enough to stop him being on edge, and he took his glass again. Sure, this was the strangest thing that had happened to him tonight, but on the other hand, he did belong to a world where magic was an actual real thing he could perform. Weird was a daily occurence.

'Fine,' Dino shrugged, then downed his drink. He regretted it instantly. He was so fuckin' drunk. 'Right, yer an odd one. Still doesn't answer my question, though. Ya often bring back lads like me to freak them out and not give them a good time?' If he didn't think his evening out had been ruined anymore, it had for sure taken a strange turn. 'Reckon yer a terrible wingman, in any case. D'ya have anything else to smoke?'
 #35652  by Markus Green
Freak them.... he chuckled standing up and pouring his own glass. Freaking someone out was never a goal he aimed for- but he seemed to achieve it a lot when Mark popped out.
“No, I don’t. But I figured after hurting your ego I may as well give you a shot and the pub was closing.” He reasoned.

“You drink anymore though, you might be kicking me out of my bed.” He half joked in his usual dark humor style as he tossed the man a secondary bag of his other smoking hobby. Sighing as he sat down in the chair he took a drag of his first habit.
“And you always have trouble seeing who’s into you that way? Or just hopeful... as most humans tend to be.” Not that he wasn’t human- he just didn’t seem to act like one, his emotional core being more ‘workaholic’ than ‘socialist’.
 #35672  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, don't ya worry about my ego,' Dino grimaced. He was a big lad, and he didn't need to be reminded that his pride had been wounded. He caught the baggie onehandedly and grinned. Right, there was still some hope for this evening yet, he figured as he examined and sniffed its contents.

'If I roll us one of this,' Dino said, waving the bag around. 'Any chance of ya puttin' out your feg? Smells ratten and I'd like to keep my lungs clean.' Alright, maybe what he was going to be rolling wouldn't really help in that endeavour, but he deserved it. It had been a weird evening, and he might as well try to unwind.

'Ach, calm down, there, Casanova, I wouldn't be takin' ya to bed anyway. Ya don't look like someone who can please a man.' He chuckled, and reached for the bottle, pouring himself another glass.

'I don't usually, no, but I've been proper scundered, the last few months. I seem to keep gettin' signals mixed up. Just ratten luck, I suppose, or else the radar's banjaxed. Figure I should keep the flirtin' to the proper bars, but apparently drunk me is a nightmare and can't resist the lads...'

Dino rolled up the joint as he spoke, hands working expertly. He lifted it up to his lips, and licked it closed. 'Got any light?'
 #35673  by Markus Green
He raised an eyebrow, Mark in the back of his head telling him to appease his ‘friend’ because with a personality like his those were hard to come by.
“I get it Mark, shut up.” He said aloud, taking out the cig in a huff. Now he was dealing with someone inside and outside his brain reminding him about his bad habits.
“I hate to break it to you, but that’s not much better on the lungs.” He now focused on the person in the room rather than the person in his head.

“Oh, I’m sure I could please you, but trust me when I say ‘kick me out of my bed’ I mean you’d put me in the couch not us share.” He corrected lightly, raising an eyebrow. “Lose your wand in the bar?” He mused. Fire was a basic spell, at least the kind that didn’t shoot out at hyper speed. Only two wizards had mastered that... but most could do the smaller spell, shooting a small fire from their wand.

He passed his wand over,
“Here, best I can do.”

“So, rough patch then.” He merely commented, “everyone has those.” Though he didn’t mind his. Kept money in his wallet. Women were expensive.
 #35699  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino raised his eyebrow as the other guy appeared to have a conversation with himself. This was definetely weird, and it took some getting used to. Dino wasn't quite there yet. He was still at the awkwardly staring part.

'Why d'ya have to be like that?' Dino shook his head, mocking. 'It's better if I say it is.' He gave it a few seconds to see if the other guy's monologue was going to continue. 'Mucker, don't let yer mouth write checks yer not willin' to cash. Stick to the ladies, I'm sure they enjoy bein' disappointed by you.'

Dino grinned, finding himself very funny after an additional sip of scotch. At the mention of a wand, he jumped. 'No, I have my own,' he said, taking it out. 'Just didn't peg ya for a wizard. Statute of Secrecy, and all?' He lit the joint with his wand, and took a deep drag.

'Reckon if I'm persistent enough, I'll end up findin' a guy,' he said, passing the joint. 'Bound to be at least one in Auckland, aye?'
 #35702  by Markus Green
He chuckled, his green eyes watching the man work on making what he was forming in his hands while his mouth talked. Leaning back in the chair he took a sip of his scotch and kept it at that- letting the man have his opinion on the matter. Something as small as poison wasn’t something he’d fight tooth and nail on.
“I assure you, I leave none disappointed.” He merely said, sitting his glass down. “Most call me back when they get bored with the rest of society.” He added. That usually didn’t take long. Either he was good, or he just managed to find the desperate ones... he’d rather believe he was just that good.

“Most can usually feel when another one is of their own kind.” He shrugged, after all he wasn’t whipping out his wand at the bar was he? He wasn’t that stupid. His employer would kill him before the ministry could even get to him- as he was one of their best muscle.

“I’d say so. Logically there has to be a few here.” He agreed, taking the item being passed to him. “But might I suggest... you go to a bar with a targeted group?” He suggests.
 #35780  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino waved the other man's protests away. Honestly, he didn't brag about his prowess, and he didn't want to hear about this guy's, especially as it pertained to the ladies. He'd experienced with his best friend, Velvet, when they were younger, but even back then it had never been anything he particularly cared to revisit. He exhaled the smoke with a relaxed grin.

'Mucker, if I was any good at guessin' who exactly is of my own kind, we wouldn't be havin' this drink right now. And don't ya think I'd have gone to such a place if I knew where they were? Ya can't even understand how much easier it is... Have ya ever been to a gay bar?'
 #35944  by Markus Green
He snorted,
"No, not been to a gay bar. Not my scene..." In fact he didn't even know anyone who would know. His deals persisted in men who transported goods, paid him money and then left. He wasn't the 'friend' type, friends got you no where...no illegal deals got you a lot more than a 'friend' would ever get you. Something he wasn't about to admit to or mention while talking to this man.

"My scene is more of...well where we were tonight." He said simply. A dark bar with crusty looking decor that no one would ever want to call home. It was...like home to him.
"Forgive me but I assumed that you would know where to find your kind of bar." 'That's assuming Markus...' "Mark I swear to god when I go to sleep I'm coming into your room and kicking your arse." He warned, the other voice quieting up.

"Mark seems to think I'm being rude, am I being rude?" He asked.
 #35959  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino wrinkled his nose. 'Seriously? That place? Yer an odd one, and I don't mean the whole -he gestured to his head with a circular motion- voices inside yer head. There was black mold in the bog, and the beer tasted like piss. That's the kind of place ya enjoy?'

Weird all around. He got the joint back, and took a slow drag. 'That is a good strain ya got there, big lad.' He exhaled equally slowly. 'I don't know if yer bein' rude, but yer bein' weird. Yer kind of bar is disgusting,' he joked. 'I know where to find my kind of bar, in, say, London, and now Melbourne too, and in a lot of places I've visited, but not when I'm only stayin' there one night. It's not like they list them in travel guides or anythin', now, do they? Lot more trouble than ya'd think.'
 #36071  by Markus Green
He laughed, obviously this guy hadn't been at the bottom before...where the water stasted like piss. The streets never had a good filtering system installed after all...
"You'd have to know the kinds of people to appreciate the atmosphere." He simply said.

He raised an eyebrow,
"Why come to a place without a travel guide?" He asked, leaning back in his chair. He hadn't but then he'd been here for a trade deal, one in when which it was demanded he come in person.
"Here for business?" He asked, taking a sip of his scotch as he opened a window to air out the smell a bit. He liked the effect...but he wasn't a fan of the smell and using magic in a way that would be obvious (as in a full blown air spell) wasn't what he wanted to do.

His employer would kill him.
 #36098  by Dino O'Sullivan
'I'm from Derry, big lad,' Dino replied. Did this guy really think he came from fancy stock? He had to giggle at that one, and so he did, a long, dumb, stretched out sound to match Markus' laughter. 'I know what bad pubs are. Just have no interest in bein' in one.'

Markus opened the window, and Dino assumed that the joint was now his, until the other guy asked for it back. He didn't seem to be much concerned with it at all. He took a slow drag, and grinned.

'Just came out for the weekend, really. I work for the Wizarding Expedition Society. Oceanographer. Stationed in Fiji these days. It's lovely, but I just wanted to come out to see more people, ya know, be in a city rather than on a beach? Didn't think I'd need to plan ahead.' He never did. 'And bout ye, big lad?'
 #36166  by Markus Green
"You were in one tonight." Markus countered, not missing a beat. 'Markus...' He groaned. "Mark, go to bed...or read or...anything but fill the halls of our in mind house please." The other shutting up instantly. Really, Mark had been more active...something that was starting to worry him...was it because of...this guy? His eyes peered for a moment as if trying to figure it out.

"Business." He simply said, keeping it simple. "Not all business partners are ok with owl communication is seems." And that's all the details he would be giving.
"Interesting. I've heard of that line of work. A lot of outside labour..." He guessed he could see this guy working outside.

Maybe Mark was just not wanting Markus to scare him away...but by making Markus irritated and thus making his annoyances known that wasn't helping.
"Do forgive me, but I assume you've had enough of my oddball antics for the night. Maybe we could catch up when my other half isn't screaming his concerns in my head?"
 #36173  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino rolled his eyes as he was told he was in a terrible bar tonight. 'Ach, I know that, don't I? I don't have to be the champion of good decisions every night, do I? Yer friend is annoyin',' he told Markus.

He took another toke, and started to giggle again. 'Of course it's outside labour. It's in the ocean, aye? I think the ocean's the most outside thing there is.' Caught in his amusement, Dino didn't seem to care much about Markus' employment.

He didn't even care much more than a shrug as he was being kicked out of the lad's room. 'Ach, aye, alright, I'll leave, but on one condition.' He waved the joint above his head. 'I get to keep this.' He brought his hand down to take another drag. 'How exactly was it that ya planned on catchin' up?'
 #36395  by Markus Green
"Tell me about it," He paused, "Wait don't...he'll start voicing his opinion." He added after an afterthought incase this young man would start telling him about it.

"It sure is one of the most area's still holding its secrets." He agreed, though to spend hours out on it wasn't something he'd be doing...to each their own though. One perk he knew the young man might have was travel - something always interesting to him.
"At least you get to travel with the job." He voiced.

He chuckled,
"Go ahead, got more." And by more me meant at least a months supply, having planned being away from his contact for at least a month. Normally he didn't get it in that much bulk but the last thing he wanted to do was be without. Seemed that logic came in handy tonight.
"Maybe show me the ocean," He paused, "Wait, no. Names Markus Green, Send me an owl and we'll plan something." Anything other than a romantic setting.

With that he shut the door and startedgetting ready for bed.