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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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 #36242  by Yoru Nakamura
Having been home for an hour, and escaping into the library he had been mulling over the nights events. Beside him sat a glass of scotch long forgotten, a glass of scotch that currently wasn't going to be drank. He had something to get off of his chest. Standing up he calmly walked into the office and took out his personal files, ignoring the death certificate that had been drawn up three years ago before storming into his son's personal livingroom where him and Hiro were talking family matters. Groceries and the sort.
"I'm taking my power back, making this paper legal in even our sense of the word." He announced.

He hadn't wanted the power back, but he missed it...he truly missed it....and while Shiro had done a great job it was obvious things were lacking. Working with the English, moving to England for a year...killing many of their own. Yoru could be a creep but he had his limits and taking someone out for asking a question was pushing it - but something he was willing to overlook until Shiro had disagreed to kidnap one woman for such a simple reason as affection.
 #36243  by Shiro Takayama
"We get her anymore candy...I'll be taking her to the dentist." He argued, Hiro noting that both the kids were putting more candy on the list and to appease them...the fathers known for not having time with their daughters had given in.
"I mean-" He started to list his reasons just as the paper was slammed down on the paper. Raising an eyebrow he looked up.

He could bearly believe what he was hearing.
"And what reason have you come up with for wanting your title back?" He leaned back in his chair, crossed arms. "The fact I wouldn't subject my mother to our torture?" He mused.
 #36244  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Yeah well-" He ran his hand through his hair, looking up at the man slamming the paper down. What was Yoru on about when he had the power of an oyabun without the title? leaning forward he sighed, watching the fire for but a moment before the vampire became his main focus.
"Yoru, you have the power of- " Shiro's mother?

Looking at his husband he raised an eyebrow, tonight had been strange...Shiro coming in barking orders to a few men in a mood not normally seen before talking to him about the local food list came into the conversation. Something Shiro never really cared about before. Now Yoru was sending out another new topic.
"Your mother? I thought she was dead." He asked.
 #36245  by Yoru Nakamura
Sitting down on the couch across from them he pushed the paper more forward,
"Actually my reasons are simple. The Japanese ministry isn't a joke, and something I've dealt with before. I know all the right steps to take, The power I want back for the time being." He admitted, "The killing of so many men hasn't helped our numbers thought...trust me mommy dearest has nothing to do with this."

"Look, I've killed many a man within the ranks...I commend you for some of the killings. They were making stupid mistakes, but I think some of those situations could have just been a pinky finger. Even with that being said, the main reason is the Ministry." He admitted, looking over towards Hiro who had said something to perk his interest.
"I see, you've told him she was dead...is she dead? Is that why my plan was denounced?"
 #36246  by Shiro Takayama
He shrugged,
"She's assumed dead." He kept it simple. "Unless she was smart enough to get away from the man she called a husband- What's your point?" He was almost offended someone like Yoru was chastising him for killing those who talked back when Yoru was nearly just as bad.

"Are you assuming I can't take on the Ministry should they become an issue? I've dealt with triad, the russians... even the mafia and made it out fine." Sadly none of them were partnerships...more so territory issues but they'd been dealt with. "I'm sure I can handle the law enforcement." He finished.
"I think this really has to do with this piece of paper and you wanting the power to use it's legal means."
 #36247  by Hiro Kawazaki
Being pro life...and not exactly enjoying the fact he'd watched their numbers go down thanks to Shiro's temper he kept it safe and stayed quiet. Quiet was safe. Instead, he listened carefully as if to wait for a point in which he could make his opinion known without tempting his husband's temper.
"So there's a chance this woman's alive." He asked in the form of a comment.

Picking up the papers, as his commentary wasn't needed for the job commentary he read the first line 'proof of adoption'.
"Wow, Yoru...sentimental much?" He scoffed, "That's not like you."
 #36248  by Yoru Nakamura
He chuckled,
"My point is you need men to have an organization that is successful." He countered and left it at that. Ruling with fear was fine...Ruling with fear and taking down your own numbers? Not so much, in any case that secretly wasn't his reason for wanting to take his power back. A few lost men at the end of the day was only a small issue.
"Those issues weren't personal." He deadpanned. " I have a feeling this issue will turn into a personal fighting match." He explained.

"Do you know who is second in power of the ministry Kawazaki? Has he told you?" He asked, not going further on the topic of the woman. If Shiro wanted to assume she was dead so be it. He'd overlook the fact it didn't sound that way in the car for now.
"The one controlling the departments other than the minister himself?"

"This paper is my rightful ownership. It's only fair I be able to use it."
 #36249  by Shiro Takayama
"There's a chance, but I'm not about to go and search for her." He countered that was in the past. His mother was in his past and that's where she'd stay. Their daughters didn't need a grandmother when they had about 40 men who were close to the inner circle who acted as uncles and aunts.

Blinking he processed the words he'd heard, it was when they processed he narrowed his cold silverish eyes.
"Yoru, this paper is keeping me from taking off your head. Be thankful I respect it to that extent." He deadpanned. "If sadao makes issues for me I'll deal with him how I would deal with anyone in his position." His words cold and to the point.

"He's making a big deal about my father having high ranking. ignore him, I'm sure he's losing his vampire mind." Ice. That's the tone in which those words left his pale lips.
 #36250  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Wait," He put the paper down, "Is that why we're getting papers from the ministry wanting money reports and activity check-ups? " Check-ups that he was telling the truth on to keep them off thin ice. He'd wondered why the ministry was suddenly interested...he'd been getting mail from them just in the last few weeks, whereas before they had not been in contact with the ministry at all.
"This could pose a problem you know that. Should Yoru take over for the moment maybe this guy wouldn't have a reason to target us while were dealing with an ancient vampire from China?" He couldn't believe he was actually siding with Yoru on this one.

"He might also be right."
 #36251  by Yoru Nakamura
It wasn't just his head that seemed to turn and focus on the long haired ko-bun, it seemed that Shiro had been unaware of it as well. Blinking he leaned forward.
"Say that again." He pointed to his ears. "I want to make sure I heard that right." He added.
 #36253  by Hiro Kawazaki
Oops, well now that the information was out...he may as well go into details...
"Tax information, obviously I didn't hand them our actual figures and the moneys been taken out of the bank to cover our tracks. Spell reports...thankfully we use muggle means to do most of our high level jobs and due to that fact they have nothing on our real misdeeds. I had it under control...obviously if you met the man and was able to come home." He explained looking between the both of them.
"You use car to travel with charms that conceal your travel routes and most others use brooms so...tracking obviously isn't going to work for them. " He added.

"The only thing I couldn't fudge was this one being part of the un-dead society but thankfully he thought ahead." his focus Shiro. with that line. "The Iver's travel here was a public location, it was easy to claim we hadn't seen them that they must have been here for sightseeing." He explained.

"Whats this guys name?"
 #36254  by Yoru Nakamura
"Takayama Sadao." the vampire replied, feeling that Hiro's honesty had at least gained him the right to the answer to his question. He was still miffed though, the ministry was coming in at all corners if they were asking for all that information.
"This is like the summer of 1987, my father had been dealing with them doing this same exact thing. Why do you think I stress the used of muggle ways even though most of us are indeed pureblooded wizards?" He mused. "question is...what are we going to do about it and when are you going to accept I need to be in control until it's taken care of?"
 #36255  by Shiro Takayama
"Oh, I don't know Yoru. One might assume your father was just as twisted as you when it came to disposing of problems?" Sarcasm strong in his tone. Honestly, both Yoru and his father were something special...and not in a good way. It wouldn't have been a far stretch to assume his adoptive grandfather was that way just because he liked it that way. It was actually nice to see there was some logic behind it.

"You don't need power of title to take control of the ministry situation. You need me to give you the job....and unless you stop assuming I'm going to go into the situation on a personal matter that might not happen." He short back.

"Hiro, next time don't let it be a surprise. this is your only warning." the papers being put in Yoru's lap as he stood to make a drink. "And the club? I assume we've kept up on decorating it for the grand opening? If not please make sure the work resumes." His father wasn't going to stop him from showing his power. Having once been aginst the club due to the injuries of his men the idea of it was now starting to find it's appeal.
 #36281  by Hiro Kawazaki
He had heard the warning loud and clear: Mess up again and Shinji might just have a shot at your rank, something he was sure would be done if he made his boss mad enough.
"Yes sir, understood." He bowed deeply in a show of respect.

Yoru's father had been an odd person, indeed. Making rules of eddicute that had no explanation, fighting styles not seen before in the magical form of the yakuza. Yoru's father was the first to instill gun training, the first to make kendo and other martial arts main fighting techniques when dealing with enemies. That was understood when it came to the vampires, but...no one had explained to anyone why they used it on simple hits. Now it made sense.
"Well, at the end of the day, your fathers ways helped me clean up the reports. We can be thankful for that." Hiro keeping it simple for his own safety.

His thankful feelings were soon gutted however.
"We might need to rethink our timing in the club my lord." A sharp eye turning his direction, "We'll have Ministry making sure it's legal and while that is only a small problem...the chances of a vampire attack while this process is going on could make the problem all the more bigger. I'm not saying we shouldn't open it, the numbers alone will shoot our marketing value up ten fold. I'm simply suggesting we hold off, open when it's not going to be target number one to not one but two organizations." He explained.