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 #37174  by Yi Ling Mao
Stepping outside his hands behind his back his robes flowed behind him, the young lord of his friend out of danger he sighed. He didn't know how to feel about it, he had just killed Jiangs men, his men to save someone who had defected. Obviously the yakuza would take the blame, him not wanting to anger his master. However for now his friend would be safe.
"Zhao cong..." He started, "You do realize you are playing a very dangerous game." His words calm as the night air flew around them like gentle sakura petals.

"I can't help you much more than I have." He added, he had taken a risk just by doing this. After several minutes he spoke again.
"You do realize your young master must take the blame for those men on that mountain." He gently implied.
 #37175  by Zhao Cong
He'd gotten kicked out of the hotel an hour ago, Li Ying having done it himself after he'd finally gotten the yakuza group to realize his friend - at least for the night wasn't a threat. Inside his insides flipped up and down, he almost felt sick as he waited to the conversation he knew was coming. It was only when a traditional Chinese robe was put in his direction he focused back on the real world the cool air soothing to his cold skin.
"Thank you." He said, having lost his jacket in the cave. He said nothing more after that.

A game indeed...to him it wasn't a game of politics like the tone of Li Ying suggested, it was a game or morals if you asked him...but to try to explain that one to his friend would be useless and he knew it.
"Why did you help?" He asked once the real issue had come up. He didn't address the blame game Li Ying was bringing up, the Yakuza would have no issue in taking the blame for a Triad killing spree in his mind. At least...with what he had seen in their personalities they would be more than happy to.
 #37176  by Yi Ling Mao
Crossing his arms he sighed, He didn't know why...at least he didn't want to admit why. He didn't agree with Jiang's actions in the least and partly understood why Zhao had left, but that didn't mean to leave your brothers and sisters. That was the part he didn't understand. They had taken an oath...to break it after 600 years was unthinkable. And maybe...the reason was his heart had wanted him to, something the prideful man wasn't about to admit.
"Because, your doing this for a reason...one I can't understand but I must respect." He hid once again behind his veil of half lies.

Looking over he watched as Zhao put on the robe the man looking more natural in eyes once it was on.
"Why did you leave your brothers and sisters? Why work with them?" He asked finally, maybe Zhao might explain it in a way he might understand.
 #37177  by Zhao Cong
Playing with his sleeves he looked almost childish as Yi Ling gave his response.
"Always so formal...and boring...can't you just say the real reason? You like me huh?" He teased the look he got making him clear his throat.
"Whatever, I see you've not changed...if anything your ranks only made you more prudent."

Just as fast as he'd been childish he straightened up.
"Because, Li Ying sometimes it takes monsters to take out another one." He shrugged. "They are far from 'pure' in terms of humanity...but even you have to admit Jiang's the worst monster of all between all of our groups in the shadow plain of society." He reasoned.

"And it's not like Mr Chow was going to accept me. You know once were tagged by Jiang were tainted to the rest." He looked over.
"Are you ok with following a man such as your master?"
 #37178  by Yi Ling Mao
'You never change...' He said, once again being called boring by his crush. The first time Zhao had said that to him he'd been offended...and then it turned to alarm that he'd been found out. By the age of 300, it was confirmed that Zhao simply liked to be a child and joked about the subject.
"You mistake prudent with dignity." He said lightly. "One must act with the respect they want in return." He finished.

Sighing he ran his hand through his hair fixing the messiness from his last battle with his own kind.
"You forget that he's the one that gave us this life." Ying said, having long lost his anger for how he'd been turned. "No matter how evil he may be we do owe him for that."

Now that question made him think a bit.
"It is what it is," He shrugged again. "Our sire is our master and father, we cannot control what he does...but as I said before pay our debt for the lifetimes of living we have been given." In other words, no he did not...but he wasn't about to add traitorous talk to his crime of killing their own.
 #37179  by Zhao Cong
He huffed,
"you know for having undying youth...your like a grumpy grandfather." He noted after his friend had finished speaking. The cool night rushed past him as he turned to the man in white.
"And what about those people we slaughter and turn for his own dirty work? What do we owe them?" He said.

"I defected, Ying...because I was afraid of one day turning into him." He finished.
 #37180  by Yi Ling Mao
He swiftly turned to Zhao, eyes wide with insult...for some reason the old grandfather jokes always seemed to get him off guard. It was the somboring words that stopped any lecture he was about to give.
"I don't know Zhao." And he truly didn't, he hadn't thought about it that way before - he hadn't allowed himself too.

Sighing he patted Zhao's shoulder.
"You would never become like him...your far too childlike." He said adding some light words to it. "And your humanity seems to be stuck to your being...I dare say your a vampire with a soul, something rare in this world." He added.

"That doesn't change the fact you've just made yourself target number one, please be careful in this game you've started." He warned looking towards the house he remembered the ill temper of the yakuza members. Shinji calling him a refugee as he demanded where the young Japanese man be laid down. It had angered him, but he kept silent knowing it wasn't his place.
"They treat you like dirt, does that not bother you?"
 #37219  by Zhao Cong
"Well when you can respond I might take you seriously." He leaned back on the wall, his arms behind his head resting on the old wood. Even in 2002, there were places in China who hadn't made it into the 21's century...and that's where Jiang nien liked to keep part of his power.
"I wouldn't go that far...if I still had a soul I wouldn't be able to kill those who few who make me mad so easily." No, he wasn't innocent...he just wasn't into slaughtering villages of people.
"It wouldn't be hard to change further into Jiang when I can and will already do that." He reasoned.

Sighing he nodded,
"Yeah... I have a habit of that..."He laughed lightly. "The difference is...your not gonna be able to bail me out of this one." He smirked before his face turned serious.
"As much as I'd love to tear that blonds throats out...I need them alive. They are the key to taking out Jiang...so for now I'll grit and bare."
 #37222  by Yi Ling Mao
Smirking he turned back the moon, listening to the rest of Zhao's confirmations. Zhao was partly right, his lack of human caring had been noted a few times when angered...that did not mean what he had just said could be seen as inaccurate. The fact Zhao only harmed those who has wronged him with that ruthless nature of his did mean in their world that he did indeed have a soul.

He knew making those points would fall on deaf ears though and soon the conversation had turned to his habit of keeping Zhao in line.
"Yes, I'm afraid you've crossed a line I cannot follow this time." He confirmed. Keeping Zhao safe on a mountain was one thing, totally defecting was another question.

Raising an eyebrow he turned back to Zhao,
"Oh? And...what makes you think that? Your young master just got caught in a very simple trap did he not?" He mused.
 #37226  by Zhao Cong
Laughing he had his hand on the hand made flute the other on his hip, tears from his laughter fell from the corner of his eyes.
"I told ya one day I'd out do your bet efforts..." He hummed, calming the laugh down. "Look Yi Ling, I didn't do this to punish anyone..." He said knowing the sound in his friends tone, like a child that had gotten caught red handed. "I did this for me. I finally put myself first." He explained.

He waved his hand,
"It wasn't so simple, we didn't know there would be a group of vampires waiting just to toss us into a cave." He paused. "And what of them? Is Jiang aware of my change of sides?" Though...through their whole talk his friend had made it seem like it he wanted vocal confirmation.
 #37227  by Yi Ling Mao
He hummed into the silent night air,
"I was not implying I questioned it." He merely said looking down at the belt, his pale hand taking the flute and examining it closely.
"You were always making toys in time of need."

Handing it back he shook his head,
"I've dispatched them, but Zhao he will find out sooner or later. He's assuming your dead, killed by the yakuza." Not that their boss had taken time to try to find him though, He had noted the importance they seemed to have with their master when he hadn't searched for him - loyalty meant nothing on Jiangs end? Well, that wasn't his business.
 #37231  by Zhao Cong
'Right...' He said, always feeling that his friend was judging him...the habit was even worse now that he defected. "Ah! Yi Ling!" He explained the flute being taken, changing his thought process. A sly smile crossed his face. "Actually it was Mr Takayama this time...apparently mans not a fan of story time...reminded me of you." His pale fingers took it back.

"Yeah yeah...I'll deal with that when it comes down to it." He said, handing Yi Ling back the robe he'd given him. "I don't want to get you in trouble...at least not again." He smiled sadly. "You need to leave first...we'll survive from this point."
 #37235  by Yi Ling Mao
His face made no change, watching his friend take back the flute.
"I see." He only said, eyebrows knitting as he saw his robe he'd given Zhao being put back in his face. Pushing the robe back towards Zhao he shook his head.
"Think of it as a bit of home." He rejected the robe lightly.

Trouble? So far he was giving him no trouble seeing as the slaughter would be blamed on the Yakuza. Li Ying had left no one to talk. He also had no issue helping on small matters he never did, it almost tore at his heart strings to see that sad smile on his friends face.
"Are you sure, I can grant free passage back to Japan if needed." He offered. One last bit of help before he had to rejoin his master that following evening.
 #37238  by Zhao Cong
"Bu shi..." He said, the 'but' in his words being spoken in half speechlessness. The thing caught in his throat made itself more obvious as he took back the white robe. He wasn't a fan of white, but it was clear this was all Li Ying had to give him in a form of a gift.
"Alright." He said almost silently taking it back.

Shaking his head he smiled,
"Nope. Not letting you take the risk." He announced. "I am strong enough to do something you know..." He teased before getting serious.
"Go. please."