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 #36555  by Luella Green
"Oh yeah, that's fair enough," Lulu said. Having random 'flings' had never been her style, she was more of a relationship girl and needed to have emotional connections with people, but she didn't judge people who did enjoy short term stuff with no strings attached.

"No, I haven't actually, it's weird since I do agree that it'd be easier if the worlds were combined, I'd find it so hard to date a Muggle since I'd have to keep such a big part of myself a secret, and I don't know if I could do that," Lulu thought about it.
 #36583  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, but if ya've been datin' wizards, doesn't it feel weird, not havin' them understand half of yer world, half of who ya are?' Dino countered with a grimace. Dating seemed like a complicated, confusing world, and not an entanglement he wanted to be a part of.

He'd never felt a pull to date anyone, really. Of course, he'd been madly infatuated with Cris, sure, but what would he have done if he had been able to have his friend? He didn't have the slightest idea. And since then, infatuation had never been anything more than a desire to finish the evening at another lad's place. Uncomplicated. Of course there was Dorian, whom he was starting to get to know better, and to whom he had not really told much about himself at all, but that didn't mean anything, did it? Dorian was just furiously hot, and just a passing fling, if he could have had him.
 #37006  by Luella Green
"Yeah, kind of, but I guess with Wizards it depends a lot more on the Wizard," Lulu said, thinking about the people she had dated in the past. Not that there had been many - mostly because she travelled all the time, which she liked, and also things had just not seemed to work out for her just yet.

"Most Wizards have a vague understanding of Muggle life, all the ones I've been with anyway, I've never actually dated a pureblood Wizard who has no idea what a phone is," Lulu shrugged with a small smile. She still found it hard to believe how little some people knew about the Muggle world.
 #37076  by Dino O'Sullivan
'I'd never date a Pureblood,' Dino replied confidently. 'The ones who think blood purity is important are always lookin' to, like, marry their cousins and further their family line. Can't really do much in the way of children, can I? Not to mention, it's revoltin', it is. '

Dino was about to add something else about not knowing what a phone was when suddenly something pulled on the fishing line.

'It's bitin'!' He exclaimed as he shot up, nearly dropping his beer all over himself. 'Lulu, I've got somethin'!'
 #37332  by Luella Green
"Yeah definitely," Lulu said, thinking back to when she found out about blood purity. She had no idea that people would be biased against people like her, and she found out in a very hard and testing way. However, it had shaped her into the person she was now.

She jumped and almost dropped her drink when Dino announced something was biting, as she had almost forgotten that they were actually out there fishing.

"Okay, let's see then!" Lulu exclaimed.
 #37399  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino excitedly held the rod. The line was taut. He could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he'd gone fishing, but if there was something he had learned, it was that a taut line could snap if you weren't careful.

'I've no idea how to do this!' Dino confessed enthusiastically. 'I've only gone fishin' with my da a couple of times, and then the last time with some lad, and I wasn't really in it for the fishin', if ya get my meanin'.' Dino never quite missed an opportunity to brag about these things, and he never really noticed it. 'Wouldn't it be easier to just... D'ya know a spell for that?'
 #37417  by Luella Green
"Okay yeah maybe now is not the time to talk about your raunchy past fishing experiences," Lulu said, getting excited now, but she was still laughing.

"Just pull? Or use Accio, that'll do it!"

She said this much more convincingly than she felt, and then started to fumble around in her pockets for her own wand so she could try and help, with no immediate luck - she was now noticing that the drinks they had been having on the boat had definitely gone to her head.
 #37423  by Dino O'Sullivan
'No?' Dino replied, surprised. But it was such a good story! For him, at least. He was brought back to their current predicament by further tugging on the line.

'Ach, it feels like it's huge! Ya do the magic! I can't take my hands off the rod, or I'll lose it! Jesus wept, he's a big lad!' Dino exclaimed excitedly. It was very clear that he wasn't sober either, not for all the giddy yet useless moving around he was doing.
 #37426  by Luella Green
After another few seconds of manic fumbling, Lulu's wand was finally found in the back pocket of the shorts she was wearing. Why that was suddenly so hard to find, she did not know.

"Accio!" She said, pointing her wand down at the fishing rod. It did work, and up came the tiniest little rainbow-coloured fish. Pretty, but also very underwhelming. Luckily, they had buckets of water ready, which their new little friend was now happily swimming around in.

Lulu burst out laughing. "It's tiny!"
 #37432  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ya've got to be messin' with me!' Dino cried out, his face a mask of surprise and indignation. 'That fish weighed a ton! I'm sure there was another fish that was bitin', and we just ended up losin' him.'

Dino threw the fishing rod aside in mock disgust. 'This isn't funny! I'm sure I was onto somethin' really big, somethin' we could've eaten tonight, but what are we supposed to do with this little lad? Shouldn't we just fire him back into the water? This is unfair. Maybe if ya tried, ya'd catch somethin'. Figures I have the worst luck for everythin'.'
 #37435  by Luella Green
"Maybe there was something else, this guy could have had a buddy," Lulu shrugged, still smiling. Though she was mainly just saying that so Dino might feel better.

"He would probably be better off going back into the water," she agreed, "better for him."

She couldn't help the empathy she had for all creatures, no matter how small.
 #37437  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Aye,' Dino agreed. 'Let's just fire the wee lad back where he belongs, and then ya try to catch our supper. My luck apparently stinks, maybe yers doesn't?' Probably explained why his love life sucked too.

He grabbed the bucket where the offensively tiny rainbow fish was swimming. 'And of course yer rainbow-coloured,' he mumbled to it, then turned to Lulu brightly. 'Right, any touchin' last words before he goes back home?'
 #37515  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino dumped the contents of the water bucket into the ocean, accompanying the gesture with some whistling. 'Ach, hope to never see ya again, my wee lad.'

The oceanographer turned back to his colleague with a broad grin. 'Is yer head cut? Of course I want a drink.' He thrust her the fishing rod. 'Now, yer turn. Ya get us somethin' to eat.'

Hopefully her luck was better than his.