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 #37303  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Yeah, Shiro,' Dino confirmed. 'I don't know about all that, all I know is I met him in London some years back. Don't see much of him nowadays, but we catch up sometimes. He doesn't talk about revenge,' he frowned. That would be boring talk. It was much more interesting to discuss Dino's life and the guys Dino liked.

'He was just tellin' me to move on from someone, and that's wick advice, so at least now ya know that he's naff at givin' advice, if ya didn't know already.'
 #37304  by Hiro Kawazaki
He really didn't know what to say...advice? Shiro taking time to give someone advice? That was rare, that was impossible...He was sure the look on his face was sporting his shock and wonder of what he was hearing.
"Umm...No i didn't, I'm usually following orders. He's my boss." He replied simply.

He nodded,
"He's all about work, always has been. I'm not shocked you rarely see him." He confirmed, pausing. "Was I a topic of conversation?" He asked, thinking back to the guy knowing him on a first name basis.
 #37397  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino took a long swig of his whiskey, unimpressed by Hiro and Shiro's relationship. He wasn't interested in them himself, really, he thought, but honestly, that pair didn't make a very cute couple. As much as Shiro was his friend, the oceanographer felt that the Japanese man had set up his husband with a lifetime of misery. Maybe that was why Dino wasn't interested in relationships? Nah, his parents got on like a house on fire. He just didn't think he was the type for committed monogamy, right. That was it.

'He's yer husband,' Dino replied. 'Ya'd think the man would talk to ya a wee bit more, wouldn't ya?' Another swig of whiskey. 'It's none of my concern, really, but youse make a funny couple.' He looked at Hiro in earnest. 'Aye, we were, and ya probably don't want to know what he said,' Dino grinned.
 #37443  by Hiro Kawazaki
He didn't know how to take what all was said to him as he awkwardly stood in the middle of the shop while the other man kept drinking his drink. Talk about him more? Funny couple? Part of him should be insulted but...he was simply confused...and done with the conversation. He'd talk about his husbands choice of friends later.
"Right well...you enjoy your drink." He said already figuring what his husband have said, having had a conversation just a week ago about the 'power couple' issue.

Clearing his throat he looked around before bowing his head down and heading for the door, ending up in the cool evening of the day he paused at the store shaking his head.
"He needs new friends." He muttered heading down the street.
 #37447  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino watched, a bit bewildered, as Hiro appeared to decide he no longer wanted to be in the bar. Ach, well, alright then.

'Happy days,' he called out ironically to the man, raising his glass. Maybe they did make a good couple. Hiro seemed to be just as weird as Shiro.

As for him, Dino was quite content to continue drinking whiskey on Shiro's dime. And afterwards, he was going to find another bar. There was bound to be a gay bar somewhere in Christchurch. With any luck he'd take his mind off Dorian for a while. Hopefully.