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 #37738  by Yi Ling Mao
He raised both eyebrows for just a second, standing up.
"What is honor, if I'd let my brother in arms...the same brother who felt the loss of nanking with me, fought with me for years die?" He said quietly.
"You were right, that night." He felt Zhao turn to him. "What started as a cause to be a semi honorable operation had turned into a simple blood bath of innocents." He added.

"One of them got away, an older vampire. He sounded the alarm...why did you come back?"
 #37739  by Zhao Cong
Hearing that from the all honorable Yi Ling wasn't what he expected, nor had he ever heard the words he was right from his mouth either. Blinking he sighed. Of coarse one had lived to tell the tale of the great Zhao Cong working with the enemy.
"Who was it?" He said not looking away from Yi Ling. Whoever it was...they were next on his list - if they hadn't been on the field that night.

"I was checking the lines of control, making sure that if The Hokkaido Yakuza did want to strike back...they wouldn't be angering any other bosses." He explained. "I had no idea there was a whistle blower."
 #37740  by Yi Ling Mao
His eyes darted to the field of bodies, his finger pointing just for a second out of respect to the dead to a body in green and gold robes trimmed with a bit of silver.
"Mai Feng Lau." He said simply, knowing where Zhao's mind was going. Back in Nanking Zhao had led the fight to kill any living attackers of Nankings attack. The need for revenge never seemed to die in his friend.

"And what are you going to do now?" Because truth be told he had no idea where he was going, but it wasn't to work for another organization that would grow just as bad over time. He assumed after Mr Takayama died Yoru Nakamura would take back his power. He also knew that Mr Nakamura was possibly the Japanese version of their old lord.
 #37741  by Zhao Cong
Rolling his eyes he could feel the annoyance rising in his body...just his luck the man was killed by someone else. Sighing he pushed the now feeling of anger deeper into his being as...there was nothing he could really do about it now.
"Great." was the word he settled for, his mind coming up with every cuss word in the book.

"Get you set up in Hokkaido I guess...since you wanted to play hero..." He mused. "I have a feeling you aren't about to accept a job in Mr Takayama's organization...and it's a good thing your family money had never died out...because your going to need it." Yi Ling had his money in old claims and gold that was hidden in the old family's home...which he still owned and which was warded. He'd had someone of magic hide it from view of muggle and wizard alike after the fall of their village, Zhao's vampire signature being the key. If anything the money from Jiang only added to it.
"Then return to my own punishment...because this was kinda....behind my bosses back." He chuckled shyly.
 #37748  by Yi Ling Mao
He shook his head,
"Was not playing Hero." He simply said, because to him that was far from being a hero. Raising an eyebrow he sighed, even after all these years his friend could not follow basic rules. He had a feeling that would never change.
"You should know better than to go out on your own with no order to." After all this was the Yakuza he'd done it with. "Do you want to belong to no one?" He asked, though it was unspoken that he would always have a place with him...he was trying to make a point.
 #37749  by Zhao Cong
He smirked, scoffing he shook his head.
"Oh no, that was indefinably playing the hero." He accused the other man. "The white night of shining armor making sure his beloved was safe...willing to die with him like romeo and juliete." His arms dramatic as he twirled around for added affect. "All you were missing was the fine wine and grapes to drop into my mouth...honestly." Though....the idea was appeasing to imagine, the vampire who still loved to be surrounded by only the best would have loved to be served by someone so elegant and perfect.

His joking mood was soon stomped on, his eyes turning a bit darker as he huffed out what sounded like annoyance.
"My boss...ended up with his back cut open last time. My boss...treasures his people. I'm sure when I explain that all will be forgiven. Think I wanted to do this? I have a bed with silk sheets at home and house elves that would wait on me hand and foot! Instead...I'm here matching imaginary shadows with swords."
 #37752  by Zhao Cong
Confused, the vampire scratched his head...maybe he had been a little insulting but, it was nothing like he wouldn't have said before hand. He had no idea why it was being taken personal now. It was when the other vampire was setting to leave he realized just how personal he'd taken it.
"Děngdài!" He said, asking his friend to wait as he grabbed his wrist.

"Nanking is a place of memories neither of us want." Even though Yi Ling's house had been the only one preserved...and landmarks from there time were still there the mixture of the few landmarks and the changing times would only bring memories he was sure that his friend would go crazy seeing after awhile.
"Come to Hokkaido, we'll get you set up in a house...apartment..." He added knowing the chances of a house being vacant was slim to none. "I'll pull some strings with my boss and we can get it set up like old China. Please."

"I wasn't trying to Mock you Yi Ling, please."
 #37756  by Yi Ling Mao
He looked at the hand stopping him, his eyes downcasted to get a better look at the force that Zhao Cong was using. If he were best describe it...it would be a child afraid of losing a parent or a lover afraid of the other breaking up with them. At least that's how Jiangs one serious friendlies had latched on when Jiang had told her to leave.
"And do what Zhao Cong? Live the life of a homebody vampire?" He asked. "Who's to say your boss would even agree to such a thing given my former status." He turned.

"Wasn't it Mr Nakamura that helped you? Not the Mr Takayama?" He asked, he hadn't known of the plot until it was done and Zhao had vanished...but once he was in the know and saw who his friend was working for it was clear that the other vampire had to have pulled ties given the young leaders temperament. That's if the rumors were true of his temperament.

"Leave with me Zhao Cong, lets wonder the world together." He put the offer on the table.
 #37760  by Zhao Cong
"He....helped..." He admitted once he'd gotten over the image of Yi Ling playing a house body, he imagined the house would be spotless with mostly blues and silvers. The look he was getting helped with his ability to get out of his make believe stories.
"But it was my words that got Mr Takayama to agree, and seeing as you just leveled his army..." He hinted to the battlefield.

His half smile dropped,
"I....can't." He bit his lip. "Jiang still needs taken care of, and...that group is more than willing to lead the fight. Someone needs to guide their efforts and help them get the upper hand."