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The place to meet was classy, crystal glasses were the norm and he was sure that the black and silver design was a replica of those places before either him or his son's times. He would have called it a knock off if the furniture didn't seem the real thing. Still, he sat drink in hand knowing that he would be sitting alone even when his 'company' came.

The man he was meeting had a deep hate for him, though he couldn't figure why...his parenting in his opinion was simply a dismayed man not caring for the fact he had to take care of a brat. Surely the man now grown had to understand that.

It wasn't long until he heard a man join the booth behind him.
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Dressed in his suit to appease his husband he entered the establishment, sitting in the booth behind he man who he wanted to tear limb from limb...or only he'd not been given specific orders to do so. His husband had even given him a list of actions he was ordered not to do...his husband seeming to know him better than he had first imagined...how did he know about his shoe knives? He'd never used them on Shiro nor had he used them when fighting beside Shiro. He'd intentionally kept them secret knowing it would be seen as weird even for them.

He said nothing to the man at first, ordering a drink and waiting until the server was far away before speaking.
"The file...will be slipped to you when we leave." He said simply. "I dare not trust it in a hiding place the social community can pick it up by accident no?" He looked from the corner of his eye.
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"Your not Mr. Takayama." He said simply taking a sip as his eyes turned to the paper, his voice low enough to keep those not meant to hear away from their booths. Where could his son be, surely he wasn't breaking the contract? That was a term of lease that once broken would give him all the power to reveal all the Yakuza's secrets. All those he knew anyway.

"He is aware I signed the contract with him, yet he doesn't show me-"
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He smirked a bit, no he wasn't his husband. He enjoyed the bit of enjoyment that came with upsetting the man with this fact the ice in his scotch melting just a little bit more as he looked into the glass. For once he wasn't really into his drink, his skin crawling knowing he was talking to Sadao Takayama of all people.
"The Ministry...have signed an agreement to overlook past issues in return for information on the vampire mess currently taking over the night streets in Japan. You do not have a special contract." He deadpanned.

"My name, is Hiro Kawazaki the Ko-bun and husband of your son. I do hope you can give me the respect my title demands." He sighed, "Now, in return...we did agree on files on us back...or are you about to tear up the legal contract?" He mused, knowing they had the man by his family jewels...and the irritation he felt coming from the man meant he knew it.
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He couldn't help but grin at that, husband...so his son had married a man. That was news that he would have disliked hearing if the man was still in his keep. clearing his throat he didn't allow the man to feel satisfaction for owning him, it simply wasn't in his nature to be owned by anyone and he was damned if he was going to start now.
"In the fine print...it was demanded only those in the first three ranks give me information. Trust value and all..." He reasoned. Though this man clearly it the bill, ko-bun as one down from oya-bun.

"Yes, yes...your petty misdeeds...a few of them are in the file I have." He said simply. "You'll get them when we leave...for the same reason my file is still in your hands." He paused, "Though I personally wouldn't have minded your misdeeds being spread around the public..." He added.

"Those vampires of yours, are they going to be a problem?"
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He scoffed,
"We are the last of the samurai, not thugs in the streets." He shot back, this man's words getting a bit under his skin. "As for the first three ranks...it seems your aware I'm not degrading the contract, so we'll stop talking down to me like I'm the dirt under your shoe or..." Or he would make his dismay openly known. Orders or no orders.

"And I'm sure my boss wouldn't mind a few of yours be leaked. You know I hear men like you don't fair well in prison." He hinted his knowledge to Sadao's true nature.

"Not unless you piss them off." He mused, "The vampires might just be the key...lest you screw it up." His eyes reached the corner, seeing the smirk drop from the man's face.
"Are we done? I'd like to get back to actual business."
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"Or what?" He mused. "Your going to attack e in a room full of people?" He added, looking towards the side for just a moment. The Ministry shouldn't be openly seen working with those of the street organizations, talking was fine...not obvious. Passing papers? That was more of a raised eyebrow situation so his yearning to stuff the file in the mans lap to prove a point on his power was out of the question. It would be much safer if they 'bumped' into each other on their way out.

"The word of a Yakuza thug wouldn't go very far, trust me." The man obviously guilty without care said simply.

"As soon as you tell me how they could possibly the key." He mused, knowing that this man had more information that wasn't in the file. He had a feeling they wouldn't be including these vampires in the information and instead would be focusing on the situation of the actual Chinese enemies instead.
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He smirked, the man was cute and obviously not in understanding that they were a lot more sly than that.
"Don't be daft...I would never make such a thing public..." He said fully aware of who he was threatening, the man not seeming to care about what the man could do in retaliation.

"Oh don't underestimate us." He said simply.

He was by this time aching to get out of there...away from this man who had caused so much mental and psychical long lasting effect's on his husband, but he has specifically been told to play nice. Shiro didn't need to be informed of the threats obviously...as that's all they were so far.
"The vampires were in Jiang...who's information is in there...inner circle. They know his secrets and some inner tactical information we can use." He explained. "Which translates to you needing to leave them be. Is that understood?"
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He almost chuckled, nursing his drink,
"I'm glad to see you all seem to have some sense." Clearly the Ministry man was misunderstanding what that meant. Hiro was obviously trying to explain that he would take the man out in a private manner, Sadao in his bold assumption that he was safe took it as a confirmation the man would leave him alone for his own good. He would soon have a warning he couldn't brush off, though he wasn't aware of that yet.

"I'd like to see you try it." He bemused. "A yakuza's word against mine, sharing a last name or not your boss is seen as a thug and nothing more. Just like before...his history wouldn't be believed." He smirked.

He listened carefully, sighing. For once he left the taunting behind him, seeing a need to be utterly serious.
"And how do you know these men are trustworthy?" He asked, knowing that vampires were sly creatures who were known to do anything to get what they wanted. Needless to say not your best inside informant.
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He would let the man have his peace of mind for now, the file in his bag becoming heavy with the need to pass it over and be done with the situation. Even more so when the man went on about Shiro's complaints and past being un-heard. That made him mad, mad enough to take out the sly advantage and simply knock the man down in public. He was glad for the change of topic - for now it would keep him under control.

"Not all vampires have lost their humanity." He said remembering Wen during a run in with Zhao in the street. The vampire was both stuttering and polite- child like. Zhao himself he'd seen had a heavy heart when killing Jiangs men, now that didn't mean that Zhao wasn't dangerous, he was a vampire and when mad had shown the ability to kill without skipping a beat. That didn't mean the man wasn't on their side, though they hadn't fully put him in their trusted list either...
"Because...some people are just as sick of this man as we are." He said simply. "Vampire or not...everyone has their limits." The man didn't need to know they were still watching the, it wasn't his problem.
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"My boss is already involved, if your wrong...the contract is null and void. You do all understand that don't you?" He was not amused with this man's talk of humanity involving vampires. Vampires were the monsters of society... the undead feeding on humans for food. If he had it his way he'd take them all out, sadly the Ministry had already known there would be people like him and there was laws protecting the blood suckers.

He walked past dumping the file, grabbing his own. All thoughts of digression out the window once the vampire talk had started.
"Keep them...and that husband of your under control." He said simply fixing his glasses.
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He was almost offended, the man now threatening them with the Minister of all people before getting in his face. Get stuffed the file in his bag, standing up. No one was in the place anymore, the night long taking over and most high class men home with their families. Seemed that made it safe enough to allow to Sadao to break their game, but sadly for Sadao it also didn't stop him from making his thoughts known either.
"Threaten my husband again...and you'll see just how many knuckles I can break." His voice not high enough for the barkeep to hear a word. He wanted to keep it heresy.
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The charming smile on his face was probably what the other wasn't expecting, his hand patting the mans shoulder.
"Now, now...I never said I'd hurt anyone did I? I simply know how angry your husband can get. Make sure it doesn't become a problem." He grabbed his coat and started heading out.

"Oh and...tell him I said hi." He left the place without another word.
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He was starting to see why Shiro had warned him not to be tricked, the man had switched from threatening to friendly in a second. Shiro in his experience had the ability to kill with no emotion, which was chilling enough...He could imagine this man smiling and making a pot of tea for the rest of the guests after he'd done a deed like that and that was slightly more frightening. He'd need to wash his shoulder a few times to clean himself of that mans filth.
"I'll tell him to set a date to put you in the ground, how's that?" He said to himself, under his breath before leaving the drink still full.