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 #39004  by Zhao Cong
He hadn't planned on Yi Ling making good with the man who had them signed on as personal assassins'...but as he looked at the place around them he wasn't sure that the jade cups of tea and cakes were enough to appease an 11 year old. Yi Ling was correct in the logic that he had always wanted a kid and he was happy to see the little girl...Shiro though stone faced had a certain appeal and he was sure the girl was as cute as a button...but he'd also not been on the receiving end of a visit that wasn't violent having spent years following orders from a mad man - well more of a mad man than Shiro and Yoru put together....

He thought about that for a moment shivering, before looking at Yi Ling and grinning.
"Well? Is this really going to be enough?" He asked unsure if he shouldn't add something else.
"We don't have coloring books or....anything really else so..." He felt a cold hand pat him on the shoulder him having turned back to tea set a moment before, turning to see Yi Ling with book in hand looking at him.
"What do you think?"
 #39005  by Yi Ling Mao
He hadn't expected to walk out of the bedroom to see five gifts, a tea set, little treats and a very worried friend. The main could only raise an eyebrow as he watched the man scatter around the room his book in hand and the blinds drawn as they hadn't had the windows charmed yet to keep them from burning. Sitting in he Chinese style floor chair he whipped his sleeve to keep it off the table of tea and went back to his book once the scene had been fully scanned and processed. Zhao had nothing to worry about, the girl seemed easy to please...as most living children were. If anything he had the impression Zhao could show her around the house and she'd be busy happily asking vampire questions as her interest with him had been his vampire condition.

It was the questions that brought his attention to Zhao, his book still in hand he patted the man on the shoulder giving a small sigh.
"I think...you could have kept it to tea and cakes...and she would have been fine." His voice soft, knowing that Zhao only meant the best by his worry for entertaining the small human child.
"You being a vampire is enough."
 #39006  by Zhao Cong
So...the gifts had been seen. He chuckled rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. He hadn't gotten much information from Yi Ling...so in his defense...the vampire was totally unaware he'd gone overboard in anyway when the truth of the matter is he'd indeed went just a wee bit too far with five gifts. As he mounted his defense he paused, him being a vampire was enough?
"Huh?" He asked, then grinned. "Do we have a vampire fan coming?" He asked,

For too long they had been feared and told they were monsters...other than the times they were in vampire approving pubs and inns...Shiro had honestly been a fresh air, treating them no different than he did anyone else. While the man was far from nice, he at least wasn't targeting them for their vampire condition...he just didn't like people.
"Well?" He asked, the other vampire giving one of his rare yet strained smiles and heading for the kitchen. "Yi Ling...you can't just say that and-" He heard behind him as a door opened, his flute being grabbed incase it wasn't their guests.
 #39007  by Shiro Takayama
Silver toned eyes with a bit of blue, watched carefully his daughter behind him once the door was opened. He'd had to deal with the girl all morning as she talked about how fun it was going to be to meet some new friends...he'd smiled and watched her eat breakfast letting the girl be excited for the first time that summer. Now he was standing in front of a vampire who had his concentration flute out, ready to show off his ability's personally to his daughter.

The vampire was lucky he knew how jumpy the two were, due to their time with Jiang or he would have been killing the vampire on sight. Instead he sighed, He hadn't given a time...and hadn't informed them he was on his way...he reasoned he couldn't be too mad.
"No need to the flute Zhao..." He said simply. "I'm simply here with the guest of the evening." He watched the vampire put down the flute smiling with unease.
"Sorry for not alerting you I was on my way." He added to ease the man further, allowing Miyuki to come to his side. "Miyuki this is Zhao Cong, Zhao Cong," He looked up that the vampire. "This is my daughter, Miyuki Takayama." He stressed the word 'my' and 'daughter' a bit.
 #39008  by Miyuki Takayama
The little girl had been very annoying, though she was unaware of it as she talked her fathers head off that morning about what she as going to say and do with her new friends. Breakfast had been more talk than actual eating as she kept up her rampage of speaking about how the day was going to go ignoring her other fathers dismay about being disallowed to come along, and yes at one point the girl had been worried about the fact the two seemed to be silent Hiro usually talking her fathers ear off. Her excitement trumped that though as she changed into a black and white shirt to match her black shorts and slipped on her shoes.

Now, she had been ready to run in...and she would have if her fathers hand wasn't firmly putting her behind him the vampire in black holding a flute? How was a flute dangerous? That just meant he was going to play her a song right? She was perfectly unaware that the flute was only a concentration tool for a much darker power.

The vampire was just as pretty as the other, his hair long though he was in normal clothing for their era with a simple button up shirt and a pair of slacks. She was still awstruck.
"You must be Ying Mao's friend, My name is Miyuki!" Though her father already said it, she hadn't hear a word of what he said focusing on the vampire.
 #39377  by Yi Ling Mao
As the water boiled and started running humming the tune given to it by the kettle he hummed in amusement, did Zhao really think he was going to get more of an explanation from him? Setting the kettle on the Chinese style tray he walked back out, seeing the flute being set down on the table and the little white haired girl greeting him like an old friend in personality while giving a very polite greeting....her father looking rather unamused.

"We do apologize Master Takayama, it's simply due to our time with Zhao were still a bit jumpy." He said pouring a cup of tea and handing it out to the man,
"Please accept our humble welcoming."