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 #39395  by Yoru Nakamura
"I can hear just fine I just-" He thought to what Zhao just said, 'maybe for alone time...' That alone made him angry. He hated this was his only option! Closing his eyes he shook his head and bit into the pale skin of the albino, draining him slowly of what was left. Zhao had been right, the heart was barely pumping. One last gulp, the body turning cold as he switched from his son's neck to his own wrist and forced it down the throat of the cold body. forcing the man to take it, until the boy stopped moving.

It was then he cradled the body hoping he hadn't been too late for the most important step.
"Please, please please..."
 #39396  by Shiro Takayama
Just as his mind stopped, peaceful silence taking over his soul taking over his being he felt like he was burning. His eyebrows clinched together, knotting at the pain taking over his veins. This wasn't normal, when you were dead you were...dead right? This wasn't suppose to give one more pain. His teeth nearly broke under the pressure before his eyes shot open and he tried to get away from the bonds keeping him in place, what he realized then with his mind partly out of it's muddled sense was that he was being held by a crying man, pleading for something.


He struggled a bit more thought as the grip tightened his body still weak he realized he was in a losing battle. His side starting to heal he realized what had just happened. Why he felt the pain, why he was still feeling the pain. He cried out finally breaking free of the grip with what seemed toe super strength as his body twisted into a ball on the ground.
"What...what did you just do?! I wanted to die Yoru! I wanted to die!" Ok so maybe not now....but he wanted it to bean option in the future for sure.
 #39397  by Yoru Nakamura
Zhao by this time had given him his space, not that he noticed as his son stayed silent for far too long before he finally came back to life in front of him. At first it was relief, then it was happyness... then numbness as he just started at the eyes of hate directed towards him.
"We both know I couldn't let that happen." the tears still running down his face. "I couldn't lose you." He finished, Zhao stepping forward only for him to stop the Chinese man from saying anything.

"I'm sorry Shiro but...you have a goal a mission...You would not have been at peace." He paused, "Even if you had...not had that goal I don't know if I could have let you go."
 #39398  by Shiro Takayama
He couldn't lose him...what kind of joke was that? Yoru Nakamura wasn't a nice person, he didn't get attached, right? He shook his head not caring this man was crying for him. This was a joke. The burning calmed down, though his hunger was strong he could partially deal with that. He'd gone weeks as a human without food, due to the fact he could always focus and that seemed to only slightly different while his blood was burning with rage. Maybe it would be worse once he calmed down, but for now he'd ride that wave of rage that was keeping it off his mind.
"And that matters how?! I think I made it very fucking clear I didn't want to be part of the undead the moment you came back and hinted at the idea!!" He nearly screamed.

"I don't do apologies! This should have never happened!!!" He was ready to tear his 'fathers' throat out.
 #39399  by Yoru Nakamura
Now he was angry,
"And your telling me it would have been ok to just let you die! What about your blood father, what about your goals!" He stood the two now face to face, in each other face.
 #39400  by Zhao Cong
He quickly got in-between the two knowing where this was going. Shiro was a fledging...so was Yoru to a point and both would have a lack of control in a heated situation. He understood both parts, but he wasn't about to let it get bloody. Though this was partially due to the fact he was soaked in blood already.
"Ok, ok ok. We all know what emotion you run on now..." He said knowing usually the default emotion of a human usually came through first when first waking up.

"Why don't I just lead you to the house...and we'll make some blood tea." He suggested, knowing Shiro would be coming back and wanting to rip his throat out next if he didn't rectify his words.
"Please Shiro, just let us...just let us all talk this out for a bit. You can choose what you want to do there."
 #39401  by Shiro Takayama
"Yes!!!" He screamed back Zhao pulling them apart. He'd been so close to knocking Yoru out when he'd ben pushed backward by strength even he didn't have in his current state. He assumed that's what being turned in the 13 hundred's gave you. More power. Controlled power.
"You have no idea." He mused, darkness in each word.

Blood tea sounded utterly discusting...and Zhao seemed to understand this as he quickly toned down the idea.
"Talk about what?"
 #39402  by Yoru Nakamura
Zhao honestly didn't...he'd had to warn Hiro about the same thing all those years ago. Now he was warning a vampire born in the 1300's of the same thing,
"You are just at the first layer." He said growling as he focused on Shiro. "And it's something you need to get in control of because that's the first thing that's going to get you killed as a vampire." The warning clear.

Talk about...what?
"Maybe the fact you'll see your daughter grow up." He hissed.
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 #39403  by Zhao Cong
He cleared his throat....maybe in the start...but he was starting to get an idea...He kept them apart as they wen for round two quickly cutting it off in the process.
"This is not something...I want to talk about in the woods of Japan. Lets go home." He said pushing them towards the direction of the house keeping them separate.