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 #35289  by Lucia Flores Medina
Hearing Zeke's voice, Lucia straightened up a bit, eyeing him carefully. "I think... that's a conversation the two of you need to have. I'm going to actually talk to a nurse," she said, squeezing Jaime's hand and mouthing 'you've got this' at him before leaving the room.
 #35291  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime's attention jumped from his friend to the doorway and his boyfriend. He tried to hold onto Lucia's hand as best he could as she walked away, not wanting to deal with this alone. Unfortunately, she clearly did not get the hint and left anyway, leaving the boys alone in the room.

Sighing, he turned his attention to Zeke and reached out his hand. It was time to just take a leap of faith, he supposed. "It's... Not dehydration that caused me to pass out and land here." He bit his lip to resist the urge to cry again.
 #35302  by Zeke Warren
Zeke's eyes searched Jaime's as he held his boyfriend's hand tightly. "I, ah... figured. What's... what's really going on here?" he asked, swallowing a lump in his throat.
 #35341  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime closed his eyes in attempts to gather his thoughts. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it properly. Finally, he opened his eyes again to look at Zeke. "This also isn't the first time this has happened to me. When I was about eleven, I was diagnosed with a serious condition and ended up having to spend most of my teen years in and out of hospital." He bit his lip, pausing to see how the other would react to the first part of his explanation.
 #35360  by Zeke Warren
Zeke nodded slowly, trying to process. The look on Jaime's face was scaring him. It was also now becoming far too close to what had happened to his uncle, minus the coma of course. His eyes widened and he squeezed Jaime's hand again. "I... I didn't... Jaime, I'm so sorry..." he whispered, the corners of his eyes burning with unshed tears. "Is it... the same condition?"
 #35425  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime took a deep breath in before continuing. “According to Lucia, yes. And based on my symptoms.” He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment to ease the burning feeling. “The day we met, actually, I had officially gone into remission, but I guess...” His voiced cracked again.
 #35429  by Zeke Warren
"Oh," Zeke replied, feeling stupid. "So, what does this mean, then? Treatment, here?" He quickly did some mental calculations on how long he could afford to stay in Spain, given that he was the only employee at the bookstore (Izzy didn't count, since she was only covering for him while he was on vacation). She was expecting him back within two days. "So you're not... coming back with me, then?" Now he was crying.
 #35526  by Jaime Reyes
No matter how hard he tried to blink them and will them away, Jaime's eyed filled with tears. He wanted nothing more than to go back to America, even if he had to spend every other day in hospital there. Unfortunately...

"My parents aren't going to let me leave the country anytime soon. Not when I have no one to keep a smothering eye on me." His voice was monotonous as he spoke. "I'm destined to who knows how long in my pool house." Then, before he knew it, he was delving into the topic he wanted nothing more than to avoid. "I'd understand if you didn't want to do the long-distance thing again..." Tears began streaming down his face.
 #35530  by Zeke Warren
Emotion welled in Zeke as he watched Jaime. This was too much. It was something he had never dreamed of happening when he had first gone on that fateful vacation to Europe with his friends and brother. And now here he was, staring at his boyfriend (boyfriend!) in a hospital bed, facing the prospect of not seeing him again for a long time.

"Jaime..." he breathed, his voice wavering. "I..." he wasn't sure what he wanted to say. "I don't want to... we can't break up..." His fists clenched. "I don't want to." He screwed his eyes closed, shaking his head. "Please, Jay..."
 #35537  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime breathed a small sigh of relief. As much as he didn't want to put his boyfriend through another long-distance relationship, he didn't want to lose him. Not now. Not for a long time. Zeke was the start of his new life.

"I don't want to break up either, Z." He reached for the other boy's hand again. "I lo- enjoy being with you too much." He bit his lip, eyeing the other.
 #35543  by Zeke Warren
Zeke reached over, holding Jaime's hand tightly. "We'll figure it out, like we always do," he promised, leaning over and kissing the side of his boyfriend's head. "And Lucia can... she can help us again. Right? It'll work out. I'll take vacation time in March for our birthdays, and it'll work." He didn't know why he kept repeating himself, but maybe it made it more real.
 #35582  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime gave a small nod of his head. "And we don't have to use Lucia as the middle-man when writing letters, since your parents know we're 'friends' now" he used finger quotes around 'friends'. "We'll make it work, I will make sure that it will work."
 #35589  by Zeke Warren
He had a point, and Zeke had to nod along. "Right," he agreed, despite feeling like he was only going through the motions. "We'll make it work." At this point, he was repeating it only to make it seem more real to him.

"Jaime... I'm scared..."
 #36034  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime fell quiet for a couple minutes, closing his eyes. He wanted nothing more than to break down and cry again, but he had to be brave right now. For Zeke.

Swallowing a lump in his throat, he opened his eyes again. "Everything's going to be okay. I got through this once, I can do it again." The details of getting through it last time didn't need to be discussed. Not now.
 #36037  by Zeke Warren
Zeke nodded, bending over and kissing Jaime's forehead. "Right," he agreed, although he didn't feel very confident.

The next few months were going to be hell, he could feel it.