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 #38231  by Manuela Balan
Location: Sighișoara • Date: Summer 2004
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Thunderstorm

The morning had been sunny and warm. She had carried her little basket and had filled it with fresh provisions from the market. Always one to inquire about products and recipes Manuela could stay at the same stand for dozens of minutes before she finally made a generous purchase.

It is when she went to the baker that the tone of the day shifted. As she stood inside the bakery, thick black clouds had gathered around the sun. Their brassy glare drained the market's color, but the blonde carried on her conversation with the baker blissfully unaware of the gathering storm.

Once her purchase had been completed and she stepped outside. She realized she may get caught in the storm. "How did such a beautiful morning turn into such a dark afternoon?" She mused to a nearby figure.
 #38812  by Danny Fox
Danny barely knew where he was. He couldn't read any of the signs unless they were in English without needing a spell, which was almost never convenient. Sometimes it was easy to tell where he was though, like looking in the windows of a shop. A jeweler, a clothing shop, a book shop. A bakery. The bakery was where he wanted to be, not even taking into account the storm that was hitting.

He was ogling breads and cakes behind glass shelving when a voice sounded out to him. He wasn't sure if she was speaking Romanian or English, due to the language spell he'd put on himself. It was something he'd picked up during his time in Italy that had proven invaluable since then. The only problem was, if he spoke back, it was his own broke version of the language, what he'd learned and not what a fluent speaker would be able to say. It was almost comical most of the time, so he started with English. "I'm just happy that I found the bakery to take shelter in. I definitely need one of like, everything in here."
 #38959  by Manuela Balan
Realizing the man might not be familiar with her maternal tongue, the blonde easily transitioned to English.

"Papanasi, Vargabéles, Kürtőskalács," she pointed out her 3 personal favorites. "You're welcome to take one of each, but these 3 should be at the top of your list," she recommended.
 #39081  by Danny Fox
Danny raised his eyebrows, thinking that his spell had stopped working. Her words were very unfamiliar, but he soon realized that she was talking about different baked goods. And the ones she pointed out looked like the best three in the place.

"I will. They'll make a great lunch today and breakfast tomorrow," he said, glancing outside. "Do storms like this pop up a lot here?"
 #39318  by Manuela Balan
Used to chastizing young adults for their ill-advised eating habits, the professor paused for a second. The young traveler was not her responsibility, he was certainly allowed to pick his own menu.

"They do not," she reassured him. "Especially not so suddenly." She smiled mildly at the weather. She could appreciate an unpredictable storm, despite its inconveniences.

"I noticed you did not mention dinner, shall I use that as an opportunity to suggest delicious local specialties?" She offered kindly.