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 #39124  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen twisted her hands together nervously. She didn't want to be alone with Vita. She was afraid of what might happen - or rather, what might not happen, again.

Ignoring Vita, she turned back to Karsten. "Oh, erm, do you sell any broom polish kits?" she asked. It was the first thing that came to her head and she was kicking herself. It wasn't exactly a conversation that would be drawn out, and she couldn't keep asking random questions. Even so, she pursed her lips together, looking intently towards the broom mechanic.
 #39158  by Vita Bergamot
She was attracted to Eileen with the kind of inebriating trance an alcoholic relished their first sip of alcohol. Except it was not the numbing feeling she was seeking, it was in fact the opposite. Funny given Eileen's prohibitive stance.

"Yes, Karsten," she took a step closer to Eileen. Standing behind her, a small movement and her hand would brush along the woman's back. "Tell us about your polish kits," she emphasized the request just to let it be known that she knew she was being ignored.
 #39170  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten nodded to the tourist woman, and was turning around to go fetch them when Vita interjected. Karsten looked at the pair of them with his brows furrowed. Something was going on here. It felt like they were ganging up on him, but separately. Almost like they were improvising it. Or they were angry at each other, and using him as a go-betweener, some sort of scapegoat. He didn't know what could possibly have happened between the two, but he didn't like how they were behaving. It was their problem to solve, not his.

'They're broom polishing kits,' he said gruffly. 'You use them to polish brooms.'
 #39239  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen sighed as she realised her attempts to ignore Vita's presence had been futile. She rolled her eyes and fixed the other woman with a glare. "Thank you for all of your help, Karsten." She smiled pointedly at him and then turned around, exiting the workshop.

She hated to admit that she wanted Vita to follow her.
 #39247  by Vita Bergamot
Not surprised yet amused by Karsten's lack of salesman's smooth manners, she shook her head. "See you later, K," she said before she followed Eileen.

She focused on the sounds that came sailing in with the breeze; the birdsong in particular, for once she found comfort in the town's immutable familiarity. "I lied," she admitted casually. "There is something else you should see before you leave."
 #39248  by Karsten Funkenfluss
'Yeah, yeah,' Karsten replied to the customer without any actual interest, turning his back on her. Vita was quick to follow her, and he raised an eyebrow at that, but he wasn't interested in knowing any further. 'Go solve your problems elsewhere,' he told his friend in German.

Having said that, he turned back to face his actual work for the day, hoping no one else would come to bother him.
 #39276  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen took a deep breath. She considered pausing and turning around to face Vita, but she didn't. She carried on walking, attempting nonchalance and failing miserably. "Is that so?"

She was curious. The cave that Vita had shown her had been beautiful and so she was sure that whatever it was would indeed be a sight to behold. Yet the companionship of the other woman bothered her. She hated how easily she had spoken to her in the garden and in the cave, and how uneasy the woman now made her. She stirred up all sorts of emotions that Eileen was not particularly willing to explore.
 #39289  by Vita Bergamot
Vita pointed towards the alley between the bakery and the flower shop. It wasn't an alleyway of misdeeds and nightmares, it was rather quaint. Fist-shaped rocks covered the ground and the smell of bread and moss hugged the air. Each curve and flaw made the structures flanking the alley a little more inviting.

Vita made her way towards the area she had designated. Despite its apparent charm, the alley was a mere step towards her true intent.
 #39328  by Eileen Foxlove
As she watched Vita move in the direction of the alleyway, the brunette shuffled from foot to the other, deciding whether to follow her, as if she really had a choice. Finally, Eileen sighed and reluctantly followed the blonde.

Eileen was, in many ways, a walking contradiction. Brave and foolhardy in some ways, yet shy and introverted in others. She wasn't quite sure which side of the fence she fell when it came to this woman.

As they entered the alleyway, Eileen decided that she'd voice her opinion. "You didn't kiss me." Whilst her words weren't necessarily accusatory, her tone of voice was. "I've never been mad about it before," she sighed. "And," she added softly, "it scares me."
 #39330  by Vita Bergamot
Vita was surprised to hear Eileen voice her opinion. How inconvenient, she thought as he was forced to contemplate the woman's vulnerability. It was not that she saw weakness in the other woman's authenticity, her concern came when she was forced to face the consequences of her actions. It had been so easy to dismiss their almost kiss as a source of excitement, a brief incident without lasting consequences.

Features impervious to her internal toil, she simply locked eyes with Eileen. "Before you leave, would you rather feed your anger or face your fear?" She stood as close to Eileen as she had the previous night.
 #39341  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen's breath hitched in her throat as she realised how close Vita stood to her. Just like the night previously, she struggled to keep her thoughts straight.

She'd never kissed anyone before. What if she did it wrong? When all her dorm-mates had been dating and kissing boys, Eileen had scoffed and rolled her eyes. She understood now. Whilst terrifying, the feeling was the way she first remember picking up her broom. Exhilarating. She understood now why her friends had constantly chased this feeling.

Eileen did not speak her mind. Instead, she closed the distance between herself and Vita, having to stand ever so slightly on her tiptoes, her hands clasped behind her back, not touching any other part of the other woman.
 #39345  by Vita Bergamot
Before her mind could withdraw to its fortified bastion of detachment, she felt Eileen closing the distance between them. Her lips brushed against her own as gently as a midsummer breeze yet Vita felt consumed by surging tide of warmth. Her hand gently rested against Eileen's cheek before she pulled away slowly. She attempted to look into Eileen's eyes if only to make sure the aforementioned fear was not resurfacing. "It does not need to be more than this," she whispered reassuringly.
 #39349  by Eileen Foxlove
Vita's hand on her cheek sent a shock through her, as though she were touching lightning. As the blonde pulled away, Eileen rocked back down onto her heels. She felt her lips tingling, but did not dare move a muscle, did not dare breathe whilst still in Vita's presence. The brunette nodded at the other's words, although Eileen did not find much comfort in them, despite the reassuring tone. "I should go," she insisted, clearing her throat as she did so.

Without another word, she turned on her heel and left the alleyway, still reeling.