A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32829  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: Denali State Park • Date: August 2003
Time of Day: Early afternoon • Weather: Sunny but windy

For all the cold that Dino had complained about when he was in Alaska last year, he'd really enjoyed his time here. The wilderness, the landscapes, the animals... Sure, it lacked in social opportunities, but it had been really good craic to follow the killer whale pod migration from their arrival on the Canadian west coast to their final aquatic residence for the season in Alaska. He'd been cold and felt isolated, sure, but he couldn't put into words how it had felt to spend his days by the ocean, or on it, observing these massive mammals in their natural habitat.

And while Dino wouldn't trade the warmth of well, anywhere else for a full-time post in Alaska, he'd promised to himself that he would come back and explore the inside of the territory a bit more. He was currently between missions, after that short one with the kelpies back home in Northern Ireland, and awaiting his next posting in November. As such, he was staying at his best friend Velvet's flat, and it was great, and all, but Dino liked a bit of variety, needed to see different faces and places. Plus, he deserved a small vacation.

So here he was, paddling away in a kayak on the Talkeetna river, taking in the sights, without a care in the world, the other members of the expedition almost a distant memory at this point.
 #32904  by James Serpantine
James had been enjoying some downtime from work having been signed off for an extended break after an expedition in North America and he decided to take some alone time and travel parts of the country, living in the wild.

Before making his way to Alaska he had spent the last few weeks moving through such places as West Virginia and Montana as he looked for some of the incredible wildlife he had heard about in the remote parts of these places by his friends.

Alaska was to be the last place he visited on his vacation, deciding to spend some time in Denali State Park. Even though the temperature was less than appealing the Scot enjoyed his time, occasionally letting a smile spread across his now messily unshaven face. The usual care he took in his appearance had lapsed during his adventure because he had finally began to feel a sense of enjoyment. Leaving his tent wearing about a million layers covering his whole body James reached into his charmed bag and rummaged around in the top compartment which was a lot bigger on the inside until he found his metal tray he used to keep wood in as he burned a fire for warmth. Lighting the fire with a quiet mutter with his wand pointed to the pit, his face instantly lit up. With the fire now burning at his feet, James took off his gloves and threw them into the bag as he closed his eyes to feel the environment around him. The soft sound of the lake water lapping against the shore reminded him of home, a pleasant memory of playing with his mother at the shore of Loch Lomond ran through his head as he slowly opened his eyes before turning them upwards to admire the beautiful clear sky above him as the wind swept against his largely covered face.
 #32924  by Fiona Pootoogook
While her work did not often take her to Alaska, Fiona did enjoy being below the treeline. She liked to explore, to see what the world had to offer, so when her expedition was over, she chose to stay a bit longer, to explore Denali State Park. She had rented a kayak, and was paddling down the river when she spied another one up ahead. Grinning, she increased her pace.

"Well met," she called when she was close enough to be heard, her mitten-clad hand raised in welcome. Then her nose crinkled and she glanced sideways, noticing the fire. She waved to the person there, too.
 #32950  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino had begun to paddle out towards a fire he'd just seen was lit somewhere along the bank. Hopefully it was someone's fire, not just a random fire starting out here. Of course he could extinguish it, but suppose there was a forest fire? Were there even forest fires in Alaska? There were plenty in California, but he didn't usually stay so inland, and he didn't know much about any place that wasn't on a coast somewhere.

Dino spotted the woman behind him around the same time as he spotted the man responsible for the fire. Good. He wasn't going to have to save the wild forests of North America all on his own.

'Alright?' He greeted the pair, waving as well. 'Fine day for it, isn't it?'
 #33467  by James Serpantine
James had been enjoying his alone time as he sat well entrenched in his head. He had always struggled on individual holidays as his mind often drifted back to the memories of a beautiful girl who he always struggled to place a name on her.

He was finally snapped away from his thoughts as he saw a couple of people coming together on the water in Kayaks. Waving out to them he thought it would be nice to have some company for a while and to get out of his head for a while. As he heard the two greet each other James looked out on the water and then to the distant skyline with the hills and mountains around them. "Beautiful day, but I'm glad to be on land. That water looks cold enough to kill someone!"
 #33605  by Fiona Pootoogook
Fiona laughed, paddling closer to land and stepping out of the kayak. "It really is beautiful. I don't mind the cold at all, really," she said, adjusting her parka. "But I can understand the sentiment." She glanced over at the other man and her eyes widened. "Don't I know you?" she asked, peering at him.
 #33622  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino stayed in his kayak even as the woman disembarked. This was, after all, a kayak expedition, and he didn't know the rest of the park well enough (or at all) to justify just abandoning his kayak here and going for a hike. These things cost money! There were fines!

Hmm, maybe he could leave it for a moment. If the view was worth it, hiking could be fun. Plus, you totally could tie a kayak to the trees like a dog, hide it in some bushes, right? Hmm.

'Cold's never killed anyone, has it?' Dino called out. After having spent a year in Alaska, one would expect Dino to talk some sense, but alas. Magic made for sheltered people.

'Ach, aye, of course ya know me. Yer the guide person, aren't ya? Last year with the killer whales, in Ketchikan, almost off the Canadian coast?' Dino shook his head, tsking with a grin. And here he was, thinking he was such a memorable bloke!

He decided to join the group. There was no better way to have an adventure than to actually head out for one, and it was so tempting...