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 #35284  by Vincent Harrison
Location: Eden and Whitney's apartment • Date: January 15

It wasn't hard to miss the media attention, especially when one was looking for it. When Vinny read the article about what had happened at the Rutherford Gala, his blood had boiled. He had half a mind to march on over to Winnipeg, to give the Rutherford Snake a piece of his mind, but in the end what would it do? Nothing. It would just make things worse.

Instead, he went to Bryson, who told him Elliot was in Chicago with her friend, the one who had slapped the jerk. And then he had been called away on a work trip to Brazil. Now he was finally back in North America and heading to Chicago to finally find out what he could do for his best friend.

Vinny drew in a deep breath, knocking on the door. A woman answered, someone he recognized from the Society, and they exchanged pleasantries before he was ushered in to the door to the guest bedroom. He knocked again, and when the door opened, he gave his best approximation of a sad yet supportive smile.

"Hey there lass," he said, holding up a small soapstone elephant. "A gift from Brazil for you."
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Elliot was lying on top of her comforter, writing in her journal, when she heard a knock at her door. "Just a minute!" she called out as she bookmarked her current page and sat up. She assumed it was probably her friend wanting to drag her out of the room, but she still hid her journal away in the nightstand.

Finally, she walked open to the door and opened it. Her jaw dropped as she saw her bestest friend on the other side.

"Vinny!" A smile graced her face even before she saw the elephant in his hand. "It's beautiful and will look perfect next to the other one. You don't have to keep buying me gifts though, I already forgave you for leaving me." She giggled and reached for his free hand, leading him into the room.
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Vinny's fingers twitched at her comment about him buying her gifts, but he said nothing. Then she took that hand of his and his fingers twitched for a whole different reason. He followed her into the room, waiting until the door was closed behind them before facing her and regarding her carefully.

"You're very hard to track down, Elliot. But I don't blame you, not after what you've been through." The last time he had seen her, he had skirted around the subject, but this time he wasn't going to back down. "I'm really sorry for what happened," he said, choosing to get straight to the point. "How are you doing?"
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Elliot sat on the edge of her bed, facing him. “What can I say, I like being difficult.” She stuck out her tongue at him. Her expression then fell briefly before she brightened up again.

“Oh, you know, my boyfriend is being angry and grumpy and hissing at people. My best friend is slapping people. And my name is in the story with all this. So I’m doing great.” She did her best to smile at him, but her eyes revealed her sadness.
 #35430  by Vincent Harrison
Vinny's blood started to boil again at her description of the event. He moved to sit next to her on the bed, trying his best to release all the tension that was building up. He couldn't imagine anyone acting the way the snake had been acting, especially not to someone like Elliot, who lit up the room even when she was upset.

He closed his eyes, letting out a breath. "Damn, lass... I'm so sorry," he said, glancing sideways at her. "No one deserves that." She didn't deserve it. Not one bit. "Is there anything I can do?" He gently bumped her shoulder, genuine concern on his face despite the anger boiling inside him.
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Elliot rested her head against his shoulder. As much as she appreciated having Whit around, it was nice to have a friend without a significant other around right now. Especially one who knew her way back during her cowgirl days.

“Find me a time turner so I can go back to... I don’t even know when?” Even though she knew he couldn’t do that, her voice was still hopeful.
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Vinny closed his eyes and sighed. "Elliot..." he breathed, turning and pulling her into a tight hug. "I'm so sorry... I wish I had been there for you. No one should be treating you like that, no one." He rubbed his thumb in small circles on her back.

"If I could find you a time turner, I would. I'd do anything to see a smile on your face again," he added before falling silent, holding her.
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Elliot closed her eyes as she was pulled into a hug. "You couldn't have known, and you're here now." She spoke quietly. He was here comforting her, and that was all she truly needed right now.

"I know you would and I love you for that," she gave a small nod against his shoulder. "I also know that if I asked, you would probably run away to Thailand with me to be walked on by elephants."
 #35527  by Vincent Harrison
Vinny kissed the side of her head. "I love you too," he whispered, pulling away from her and grinning. "You let me know when you want to go to Thailand and I'll use my connections to get us there," he joked, reaching over and brushing her hair back.

"He hasn't tried to contact you, has he?" he asked suddenly, trying to hide the anger in his voice at the thought.
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Elliot looked up at him and gave a small smile. "Promise? Could we even go to some other countries?"

She shook her head at his question. "Not yet, thankfully. I don't think he even knows where I'm hiding yet. Not that he'd be allowed to talk to me in person if he did know, I guess."
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"Anywhere you want, lass," he promised.

Vinny couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief at her response. "That's good. I'm glad you have people in your corner, people who care enough to look after you," he said, his hand on her knee for comfort. "I was surprised to see you're lying low at Eden's place, though. She and I go back a fair bit. She dragged me into the jungle once to look at some rare plants for the Society," he said, glancing at the door. "I don't know much about her girlfriend, but I guess she's your friend?"
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Elliot tilted her head slightly. "You know Eden?" Thinking about it, she supposed it made sense. Considering they were both members of the Society. "Did you see any cute animals in the jungle?" She was relieved that the conversation was slowly turning away from her... boyfriend problems?

"Whit? Yeah, she and I go back a few years now. We both work at Camp Wandsworth and bonded immediately. She's been a good friend, especially the past couple months, though she can be overly... protective? I think that's an appropriate word for it."
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"I've seen way too many monkeys for my own good," Vinny replied, pulling away from her enough to mime being a monkey scratching himself. "Eden dragged me away pretty quickly, though." He laughed, then fell quiet to listen to her.

"Oh, man, Camp Wandsworth. Remember when we used to do the skiing camp there?" he asked, rubbing the back of his neck. "And I get it. Being protective, I mean. Sometimes people really just want to look out for their friends," he added, crossing his arms. "I know that feeling."
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"I want to see a monkey! And not at the zoo." Elliot giggled, watching him. "Or one that looks like a Vinny."

"Ski camp was so much fun." It felt good to be smiling genuinely. She had had happy moments with Whit, but many of those were also just to appease her friend. However now, she was not faking in the slightest. "Aside from going up the rope pull on my butt. You'd think someone would have rescued me." She then shrugged. "I appreciate her for looking out for me, trust me, I do."
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He let out a bark of laughter. "I resent that remark," Vinny said, poking her shoulder before settling back and letting the memories flood him.

"I tried to rescue you, but I was too busy falling on my ass while I was going down the hill," he replied, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "I think I was always meant to be on a horse, where my feet weren't touching the ground." He laughed again, glancing around the room. "We should go skiing some time. See if we remember how."