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 #35454  by Nova Gold
That is she was going over some things that is she was looking over play that is she was studying something. Her parent brought part that is she had get away for a bit. But this part was a what people called forest.

She was here to think and she want to get the part that is she was striving to be that is as she was planing to get this part. She was staring at something she studying paper her parent had not call for her she was seating.

She brought herself something she was munching on apple. When she saw it approach she did not move she keep both eyes on it and it horn. It was unicorn that approach her slowly and she offer a apple to it which it knelt down to get it she wasn't that is she did not think nobody would come her way that is she was deep in the forest.

Then sometime she would think about the man she meet in England though it was brief she did find him interesting. She had to put behind her because there was so many wizard that had gave same look. She hope it was worth to him to draw her hair.
 #35947  by Shiro Takayama
He was following a lead, a lead that he was starting to think had been a bad one. The idea they'd been in the united states was far fetched, but at this point...he was willing to follow any lead - why he was wandering around in the dark with one of his lower-level men following what he figured would be a lost lead was beyond him.
"何もない。やっぱり。" He mused, as the crickets took over the land, Nothing.

"まったく。” He put his wand away, peering over as he heard the crunching of what sounded like human feet. He didn't see pale skin though, a woman with a unicorn instead bombarding his pale features. A Japanese albino, and judging by the feeling he was getting from this woman...she was also a rare person.

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 #36323  by Nova Gold
Nova was enjoying pet the head that is place it head in her lap. But then heard noise it took off like the way in that movie Legend did. That is it was scene it trot off rather fast before she could say anything. She was about to murmur something in terms that men are hard to figure out if they like her for her or if it was just game for them.

She watch the unicorn trot away that is it was moving rather fast."Hmm?" She came out study her lines without some guy coming up that is she felt that they distract sometime. But animals on other hands where not like human and she could trust them. She turn around there this guy there.
 #36328  by Shiro Takayama
It was the man who was with him who started moving forward, Shiro's clawed hand stopping him his pale eyes locking with the woman as if trying to figure her out.
'Veela.' He thought, "Step anywhere in her direction and I won't mind fixing the problem." He warned they guy coming out of his trance.

Shiro was far from unaffected, he was very affected. He was interested...intrigued... Wondering who she was and why she was out there. That was not normal for him in the least.
"State your name." He said calmly, his pale silver eyes and pale skin highlighted by the moon that had taken over the night.
 #36333  by Nova Gold
Nova could see that look in his eyes. She had feeling she had wish she climb on the back unicorn. She thought mistake that is it was eyes glaze over or something. Or the gold fish look that is. "I'm Nova Gold. I just came out here to a study." She figure he be doing what he was doing. She could continue what she tried to do.

She wish she had some invisible cloak or potion invisible for maybe hour or so. Then she could figure out some stuff.
 #36340  by Shiro Takayama
"Just a student then." He mused, watching a unicorn fly by them. That made him wonder, no vampires would be around this many unicorns. If he had read right when he actually was going to school they were natural enemies.
"We've been severely tricked." He muttered, looking towards her. "Tell me, have you seen any vampires in your time out here?" He figured it was safe to ask, he didn't need to go into details.

The look in his eyes themselves remained void of warmth, void of humanity. A disconnect from everything normal to society, but then again his daughter wasn't here and she seemed to be the only thing to bring it out. There was a bit of interest behind his silver orbs though.
"Tell me, is the reason my subordinate here tempted because of you being a veela?"
 #36343  by Nova Gold
Nova wasn't even tried tempt his subornation that was just something that happen when people see veela. She had no control over how people act around her. It was way it was. "No I have seen any. I seen the unicorn in which you saw. But nothing else."

"Maybe? I don't know. I mean each person is different in regard what tempting is. Each person is a different in that regard. I mean I did go up say come to a me did I?I was seating here with the unicorn just study works on being actress."

She look puzzle on what he meant she was tried to study work and stuff. But she could not do it at school because look in their eyes and well she had to find to another place it would seem to try to study.
 #36353  by Shiro Takayama
'Yup, tricked sir.' He heard from behind him, his pale eyes leaving her but for a moment. It seemed though his man had some control back, something he was grateful for.
"You know what to do." The man nodding Shiro watched him grab his wand and fly off, Shiro glad to see him leave.

"By all textbook versions, what you say does not seem to matter. Though, I suppose you are right. Whereas I find you simply interesting which is unlike me others might see hearts which to my men is unlike them. I suppose the minds chemical makeup might have something to do with it as well." He mused,

"The forest alone at night is a dangerous place, I would take heed...not everything that walks these tree lines are as kind as the unicorns." He paused, having started to head back where he came.
"I do wonder though, what unicorns have to do with acting. Might you...enlighten me?"
 #36383  by Nova Gold
That had nothing do being veela that is and what not.It had do with the fact that she was women.Unicorns preferred the woman's touch over the man. It wasn't a foal so it would take off.

"That had nothing to do with being veela. From what I read in one textbook. Adult unicorn preferred the women touch over man touch."It had to do with gender and well the man was a man. That unicorn knew and took off. "I guess I better place to study at seeing as you looking for vamp here?"
 #36466  by Shiro Takayama
That was true, but he wasn't talking about the unicorn...he could care less about the unicorn that roamed the woods.
"I think the reports may have been false, but that doesn't mean there isn't something else just as ugly roaming the night." He said simply, them being included in that list. The darkness within their organization was sometimes just as bad as the vampire hiding in the shadows.

"Good luck with your acing skills." He turned, only for a broom to nearly miss his head. Waiting for the male to drop to the ground he raised an eyebrow about to start in on him when he saw the look in Shinji's eye, it wasn't one of trance but...one of...did that know each other?
"You've seen her before Ishikawa?"
 #36467  by Shinji Ishikawa
"...Once." He said, having been trying to find the boss for an hour. "Met her in a pub when we were working in..." Working where again? He'd forgotten.
"Had to keep one of my squad from...well you know." He said not needing to go into detail.

"Ten miles that way...reports weren't wrong...but we can't have a young lady out here alone can we?" He said knowing the response he'd get. Still, it was a polite gesture to mention her well being - some people in the organization had feelings and social skills.
"If you don't mind sir." He bowed, the man obviously below the albino he was talking to.
 #36472  by Nova Gold
Nova did not really hurt his little squid. She just happen to go in somewhere to enjoy a meal that is at muggle place. That made all muggle just stared at her and that her sister came into town and when she comes into town she flies out the door.

And well this guy happen to be in the crossfire of being in muggle place. That is he was wizard and he should not be muggle place. But she only had muggle rub her feet just show them if her sister walk by she was capable handling men and that is. It had to do with jealous that is over few things because they hate one another.

Now her brother on other hand they got along fine they enjoy each other company mainly it was just brother and sister relationship that happen to be good.He had women that he plan to married. "I am sorry about that at the restaurant. I just wasn't in the mood deal with my sister crap."
 #36525  by Shiro Takayama
'hmm' He vocally said, looking toward the direction his man had pointed. Ten miles, he could be there in five minutes with his car in turbo speed and the woman's safety really wasn't his problem. She had chosen to spend the night in the woods and it wasn't his suggestion she do it. He was least concerned with how the woman and Shinji had met now that he knew.

"She's not our responsibility." He deadpanned. "You can stay and guide her out if you want...I'd rather deal with the threat." He admitted, he had heard her response...however her issues seemed to be a personal problem.
"Just make sure I'm not unguarded for too long." He then left, leaving Shinji staring at his back.
 #36527  by Shinji Ishikawa
Be bowed once again,
"Yes, sir." The blond kept it short and sweet as the albino left, biting his lip from commenting about his boss's lack of basic humanitarian skills and logic.

"Yes, well I hope you worked it out with her. However, the forest really isn't safe. Let me guide you out, I'm sure whatever you were doing will be here another day." He said as kindly as he could for him. Shiro might not be very 'human' but he was usually bratty with his tone - though he had been able to cut most of that out when he'd spoken. He was almost proud of himself.
"Names Ishikawa Shinji, it's a pleasure to meet you."
 #36557  by Nova Gold
Nova only mention school it was mainly she was starting to uncomfortable because these men.It would get them to stop her from chasing her. She could hope because this man she remember seeing him and he was odd man. She honestly will go where she want to go.

She thought his boss was a bit brat himself. That is he would be perfect for her sister but her sister did not like men at all. She like women because they like her for her not being half veela.Then again her sister look like vampire herself that is her pale skin and dark skin. Though she did think it was kinda funny when she thought about it. But she keep her complement to herself.

"It is pleasure to meet you too. I 'm a Nova Gold." She was quiet she follow she thought if she talk about her sister. "I would not count on that in regard to my sister." As she follow him quietly.