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 #38090  by Jared Rutherford
Jared thought for a moment. Did he really want to have this conversation with someone whose name he didn't even know? Though, really, could he have this conversation with anyone he did know anyway? Probably not. It would be too embarrassing. But at least with a stranger, maybe he could figure out what was going on and not be too judged along the way.

"This might sound crazy," he said, his voice hushed, "but that was probably the sexiest song I've ever heard in my life..." he said, feeling innocent as he looked up. The split seconds after he'd spoken were a wide range of emotions, from absolutely thrilled all the way too terrified. As long as this guy didn't break out in laughter at him, he figured he'd take it pretty positively.
 #38860  by Kane Cunningham
Kane took a moment to study the stranger's face, using the "keep quiet and watch" skills he'd developed as a wee little babe to try and get a read on him. Shy, definitely a little shy. Cute, but that wasn't surprising. More intriguing than expected - so much more interesting than expected at first glance.

"Not crazy at all," Kane said with a smirk that spread over his entire face, even as far as to mirror in his movements. "What part of the song was the sexiest? I've done some very intense things with this song on in the background. It's so... raw. Intense. Nothing but need."
 #38879  by Jared Rutherford
The blush that spread over Jared's cheeks was bright enough that it spread to his ears. The red-head wasn't laughing at him, and while that was a positive thing, it was also overwhelming because of the question he asked. How did Jared admit that it was the whole thing? How did he admit that he'd never looked at a girl, oet alone a guy, the way he was looking at this stranger.

"Um... well, all of it, really," he replied. Suddenly, it was getting to be too warm in the room. He tugged a little at his own collar, wishing it was a bit more loose, and tried to figure out the feeling in his belly. He couldn't help his next question. He just had to know. "What... kind of intense things?"
 #38901  by Kane Cunningham
Kane slid his drink over to the stranger and tilted his head. “Want to try it?” Not that it was anything fancy, but he thought it might ease the discomfort he thought he was reading on the man’s face.

“Things that are.... probably not suitable to even be discussed in public places. Or with this much clothing on.” Which was a lot more forward than he had been so far but... it didn’t seem like it was entirely unwelcome so he might as well shoot his shot in some manner.
 #38908  by Jared Rutherford
Jared looked at the drink as it sat in front of him. Boy, was he thirsty. He didn't hesitate at all to sip from the glass, which in hindsight might not have been the best idea, but at the moment, he just needed anything to help him take his mind off of how nervous he felt. "Yeah," he said, reaching out and taking it. He brought it to his lips and took a much to big sip, wincing a little. He was not used to alcohol.

The answer to his question came in a much more shocking way that he anticipated. He turned his head and looked at the redhead, blinking a little. "Are you asking me to go someplace and have less clothing on? Are you hitting on me?" he questioned, his tone rather surprised.
 #38923  by Kane Cunningham
Kane took the drink back once the other man was done and took a swallow of his own, feeling like there was a large possibility right now that he would need it. Jared didn’t make him nervous but he did pique his curiosity, and his reactions.

The question brought a shrug but it was clear he wasn’t uninterested either. One hand fiddled with his wand lazily and the other moved to brush a stray curl out of the way. “Depends. Are you saying yes?”
 #39096  by Jared Rutherford
Jared found himself struggling to breathe when the other touched his hair. It sent a weird wave of heat all the way through his body. He swallowed hard, but his throat was dry, regardless of the sip of drink he'd had a moment ago. Was he saying yes? His body wanted to say yes and his mind had checked out a while ago.

"I think... I am..." he said, a little unsure of himself. It was new and unknown and frankly, a little scary, but for some reason, he was drawn to it more than he'd ever been drawn to something before in his life. He looked up at the other with eyes that showed how he was feeling, and said in a small voice, "Um, I'm Jared."
 #39186  by Kane Cunningham
Kane's focus was hyper-tuned to the almost stranger - to Jared - and he wasn't attempting to hide it in the slightest. Once he'd drawn his hand back his eyes dropped down to his fingers where there was still a ghost of sensation before pulling back up to look him in the eye.

"Well, gorgeous, you can call me Kane," he said with the smallest of smirks, one that very quickly turned into an almost-too-wide grin. "Then my next question.... my place or yours?"