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 #36727  by Nova Gold
This one topic she felt was going to be hard say. It was lyrics she felt passion yes but she knew she would have to let go because she was half veela she knew that it was veela charm and not because they like her. She want it but she knew it was not possible for her to have that. She did feel attraction to a certain men that wasn't problem it was being what she was. How could she know it wasn't it.

"It is lyric that is within the song I like." She said simple she felt the other stuff was a bit too personal so she said that. This was almost like interview or something that it seem like that is question and she was tried to personal matter.
 #36917  by Kane Cunningham
Kane watched her think and was curious about what had her so deep in thought. Not that music, lyrics especially, weren't a source of thought but it'd been a long time since he'd seen anyone think so hard about a question that was quite normal for him to ask.

"What lyric within the song?" Kane didn't want to press too hard, but he was curious.
 #36945  by Nova Gold
"The part where sing I feel wave a passion. Move through with such pain, I have no time reason, So I let passion reign, I let go easy. There was few other lyrics I like as well that is I could go quiet bit about all the words and lyrics. " There was of course the music but she felt she could not truly wizard trust to understand because it was lust what she thought she felt for her.
 #37070  by Kane Cunningham
"I understand all too well. Especially if it's something you relate to on a personal level. Serenity by Godsmack is a muggle song, but it's a favorite of mine. It always makes me feel so... peaceful, which is rare." Kane knew he was talking a lot, but music really was one of the few topics that turned him from someone generally quiet to a true talker. Music was his passion, and it showed.
 #37082  by Nova Gold
She like the words yes but she was listening to him go on about it. She let the man feel what they want but she knew what they felt was lust. She was tried to decide if she should feel it or not. But she usually decide not too because usually it is lust what person feel for her.
She actually another musician which would Beethoven. When moonlight sonnet was play or few others it soothe her nerves. "Well I actually think Beethoven is quiet peaceful to a listen too." His music could put her sleep depending on the pieces that is.
 #37804  by Kane Cunningham
Kane let himself fully immerse into the passion that came with talking about music. People? People rarely ignited that spark in him, but music... music was something that he could go on and on about, especially if the other person was just as interested in discussing it.

"Beethoven has quite a few masterpieces. My favorite is Eroica, but it's as much the history behind it as the piece itself. It's got tones of Mozart, but was dedicated to Napoleon and then the dedication was redacted because Beethoven was so pissed that Napoleon went and made himself Emperor. It's beautiful by itself, don't get me wrong, but the history... the history makes it even more fascinating."
 #37806  by Nova Gold
Nova thought about what he said. She like talking about stuff if music it was fine with her.Instead of awkward looks she got in terms of lust. Or that gaze off look too.

"Yeah he did.I like his Fur Elisa."She smile slightly thinking about it. "He had to be quiet skill to make such musical piece even though he probably could not hear some of them. " He was deaf when he produce some of them and he had some interest. This was interesting she was enjoying this chatter and this guy seem different then China boys he meet. One remind of porcelain doll that is though he kinda remind of child that had fits when things did not go his way.

This was fun she thought then most she had with guys and she want conversation that is and not having guess what the guy like or what they do not like. She hate leader tried to figure out what to talk about.
 #38859  by Kane Cunningham
Kane sat back in his chair easily and took a sip of his drink, letting the conversation take its own turns. The amount of time he could spend talking about music... it was verging on insane. If there was one thing he loved more than magic, it was definitely music.

"Do you know how deaf musicians create? It's actually really fascinating. I worked with a deaf drummer before and he had more rhythm in his pinky than I do in my whole body, it's crazy."
 #38930  by Nova Gold
They could imagination what it might sound like perhaps where each note and when there instrument came in and what not. That is music did not bother her at all she like music. That is if she became actress or if she took on a role in a movie they would have music in it That is some would set the mood in the movies and creepy that is.

"No. I have some ideas perhaps they where not always deaf but then they became that way. They get idea within there head to when play there musical instrument was to come into play It was just idea.." Then she note some people watching them it was usually here they where watching because she was half veela and at least he asked why some people were looking at her that is at one point walk right into the wall.
 #39185  by Kane Cunningham
"It depends on the person, of course, but missing a sense seems to really sharpen your ability to harmonize, to find that middle ground rhythm. It's beautiful, honestly." Kane's voice was heavy with enthusiasm - nothing got him passionate the way that music did.

When she looked around Kane's eyes dropped to the time and then widened. "Shit! Okay, sorry, but I've got to go if I'm going to get to my new record in time. But I definitely hope we run into each other again, this was fun."
 #39217  by Nova Gold
Nova was a little unnerve at people watching them. "I have to admit this was indeed fun having interesting conversation. I never have had those being part veela with guys because they usually have other ideas such as music and stuff.Anyway I do not want keep you from your music. Have a nice day." She decide to take her leave too.