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 #37884  by Ava Darlington
Apparating into a nearby alleyway, Ava let her daughter Charlotte steady herself and push down the nausating feeling that one got when disapparating at such a young age, and then clicked her way towards the restaurant where they would be dining for lunch.

"Mommy, will Will be coming?" The seven year old asked, slipping in through the door Ava held open for her and then looking to her mother expectantly.

Locking eyes with the waitress, Ava pointed at the table near the window, indicating to the waitreee her preferred setting and then lead Charlie into the throng of people. "Yes, darling, William will be joining us soon." The boy had after all had promised his sister and he had better make good on that promise. William surely wouldn't turn down an opportunity to see his sister after having spent most of winter in England, even if that meant he would have to put up with his mother.

Taking a seat next to her daughter, she reached for one of the slim menus, a black leather card that only had one side worth of meals (Ava refused to eat anywhere where there were too many dishes to be accustomed too) and laid it in front of her daughter.

"What would you like, Caterpillar?"
 #39067  by Flavia Arcuri
The list of restaurants that could accommodate Ava Darlington's peculiar quirks was rather short, meaning Flavia had a short list of waiters to keep on 'payroll' in order to be kept informed of the Minority Leader's comings and goings.

Ava had been elusive these past few weeks, which had unnerved Flavia and those who's interests she represented. Though the news had kept them somewhat informed and seemed to report on moves she had discusses with Ava, Flavia wanted to hear from Ava directly. Even if it meant going to a restaurant that didn't serve wine bottles above 250$.

"Congresswoman, how surprising to see you here," she interrupted in a tone that made it clear that she had finally caught Ava.
 #39076  by Ava Darlington
Stilling in her chair, finger hovering over the third item on the menu - chicken parmigiana that while simple, is one the best in Washington D.C - Ava looked at Charlie and then stretched her lips over her too white teeth into something that resembled a smile.

"Flavia, what a surprise indeed." Ava replied. She wasn't even going to try and figure out how the woman had tracked her down, Flavia was a resourceful woman but it did annoy her deeply that the woman saw fit to interrupt her Sunday afternoon with her children. Or child rather. William had yet to arrive.

Pulling her hand back down into her lap, she looked at the woman as she spoke, "I wasn't aware you were in Washingon."
 #39164  by Flavia Arcuri
Treating the child as she would any encumbrance getting in the way of what she wanted, Flavia paid it no attention.

There were many things Ava Darlington was unaware of, her presence in Washington was the least important of them. Without waiting for an invitation she sat in front of Ava. "Do we have Nordstrom on record accepting to revoke werewolves' right to have wands?"
 #39502  by Ava Darlington
Staring at Flavia, Ava cocked her head to the side and breathed in slowly and quietly, "Flavia," She began, turning to smile at Charlotte, she patted the girl's hand before turning back to the woman across from them, "I am here to have lunch with my children, not to discuss work." Speaking through her teeth, her cheeks starting to ache from the sheer force of it, Ava hoped the woman would get the picture and leave.
 #39531  by Ava Darlington
Her smiled twitched but remained steadfast as she stared at Flavia, not wanting to alert her daughter to what was slowly building between the women.

Turning to her daughter, she patted her hand, "Bunny, I'm just going to speak privately to Miss Arcuri outside okay? Just right over there, okay?" Ava pointed to the sidewalk in front of the window and Charlotte nodded, looking up from her coloring book momentarily. Ava patted her hand again and then stood, looking at Flavia before moving to the exit. The witch had better follow her.
 #39542  by Ava Darlington
Standing with her arms crossed, Ava Flavia as she spoke, wanting very much to take out her wand a silence the woman. Today was Ava's day off and she intended on spending it with her children uninterrupted, even by work.

"Flavia," She sighed, doing her best to stop herself from rolling her eyes, "Elyse does not care in the slightest about this issue. I can guarantee she will be willing to sign if it meant getting it out of her face and never have to discuss it again. You don't have to worry, and you most certainly do not have to interrupt lunch with my children." Ava looked through the restaurant window at her daughter who was busy coloring away.

Ava smiled lightly, "You could have sent an owl."
 #39551  by William Darlington
Late, unshowered, and wearing last night's close William strutted out of the alley in which he had apparated. Hoping to cover the smell of alcohol from his breath he popped a mint into his mouth. He winced when he realized who was waiting for him in front of the restaurant. Really? She wouldn't let him get to their table before she started lecturing him?

Never one to show his annoyance at his mother's overbearing ways, he plastered a smile on his face and approached the domineering woman. As he approached the two figure he realized his mother may not have been waiting for him after all. Tending to business, as per usual. William kept his eyeroll to himself.

"Mrs Arcuri," he greeted with a charming smile. He took the woman's hand and kissed it. "It has been far too long." He did not quite know what was the relationship between his mother and the woman, but he remembered her attending a few events hosted by his parents.
 #39552  by Flavia Arcuri
An owl would not have been as effective. They both knew this to be true.

Flavia smiled as the young man took her hand. "William," her smile tilted slightly into a smirk as her eyes crossed Ava's. "You are growing up into a handsome young man."
 #39563  by Ava Darlington
Barely getting to look at her son before he grabbed Flavia's hand and kissed it, Ava reached for his shoulder and pulled him back, nails digging into his collar bone, "How kind of you to join us, William," She said with a tight smile. Leaning in, she kissed him on the cheek before pulling back and saying, "Go inside, your sister is waiting for you. I will be in in a minute once I have finished talking to Flavia." Ava dropped her hand and patted his rear end, "Go on."