A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33253  by Nikita Ilyenkov
Nikita chuckled and sipped on his drink, content to let his companion egg on the bartender more in silence. He wasn't drunk enough to be looking for a punch in the face tonight. He didn't think the burly bartender could land a clean one on him - washed up or not, tipsy or not, Nikita was more than capable in the ring. But he didn't want to take chances. That wasn't his style. Instead he watched the co-workers bicker between themselves as the woman drew the angry one's attention away from the pair at the bar.

"Must be our lucky night." He muttered to Blain, taking another sip "the little lady is keeping the big bad man away from us." He watched the other man head out the door and rolled his eyes. The bartender could learn to take a joke.
 #33254  by Ermentrude Osbjornsdotter
Erme waived her co-worker out of the bar, platitudes and pet names falling off her lips almost faster than she could think of them. Once the door closed at his back, she turned her attention back to the men at the bar. "You two have a death wish, no?" She raised her eyebrows and eyed their drinks. "You finish those" the pointed between them "and you leave before he returns." She narrowed her eyes at the bigger one, sizing him up. He looked tough, but against her he stood little chance. If only he knew. "If you know what is good for you, you will be gone with your payment on the counter before I am back." She skirted back around the bar to take the orders of a group that had meandered in during the posturing contest at the bar. She had no time for little boys with small minds tonight. She was the only one left in the bar, and she had a job to do.