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 #34268  by Bailey Shea
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This was a whole new chapter in Bailey's life. His head was spinning and it was already a few days into school life. His new school, magic and things that go bump in the night wasn't just a part of a fairytale, it was an everyday common thing. Ghosts floating through the halls, pictures moving, creatures called house-elves and so much more. Keeping his mouth shut for nearly the whole ordeal, besides small talk and little pleasantries with other students who were just as new as he was.

There were more comfortable with the whole ordeal unfolding in front of them than others. Assumptions that this was only the beginning of a much more bigger part of his new life. Bailey had come from London, UK. He lived in a quaint townhouse with his father Langley Shea. His father wasn't really a man of words and most definitely wasn't the affectionate type. The boy was left alone most of his life to caring for himself. When something comes so naturally, it only seemed normal to him. Though seeing all the loving and affectionate parents at the train station while he had to make his own way there, seemed surreal to him.

The most time they had spent together was during the shopping for his textbooks and robes in Diagon alley. He might as well have gone himself, his father wasn't very helpful or really there mentally or emotionally to support him. His mother had left a good sum of Galleons at Gringotts for his living and educational expenses. It was a very unique experience but Bailey couldn't help the feeling of longing and bit of jealousy as he watched the proud parents shopping with their children and treating them to a cold cone of sweet cream.

Bailey had slept the train ride to the school, he nearly fell from the boat, which would have been disastrous because the young puff could not swim and nearly scared half to death by the Fat Friar... Hufflepuffs resident ghost. Now tucked away in the familiar scent of leather for comfort. The only good thing out of all of this was Hogwarts' impressive and extensive library. Sunk deep within a plush cushion, he flipped through the pages of a book on 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', written by a Newt Scamander who was also a Hufflepuff just like him.
 #34319  by Olivia Stone
"Hey, watcha readin'?" Spoke a girlish voice. In front of Bailey stood Olivia Stone; short, relatively sweet-looking, and extremely cheerful. She was smiling so wide that her cheeks seems to puff up to her eyes.

Olivia had always been a bright and happy girl, and had always enjoyed meeting brand new people. Currently, everybody was doing their own thing; simply settling back into school and figuring out what they would like to do for the year. But Olivia was already wanting some kind of adventure! Studying so soon was boring! She wanted to spend another year exploring, discovering new things, investigating mysteries, maybe creating a few secrets around the castle herself! Everything is always new and exciting!

And yet, being in the library and seeing a boy she'd never spoken to before sat alone with a book made her want to do nothing more than introduce herself, and so that was exactly what she was going to do. Caid was with all his popular friends, and she wasn't exactly sure where Avery was; maybe he would turn up soon too! She hadn't really seen anyone on the train, which was a real shame. It didn't stop her from talking the ear off the sweets trolley lady.

Olivia leaned on the table that Bailey sat at. "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? I'm guessing it's about dragons and stuff, right? Is it any good? Why don't you just try to find them yourself - oh! - or are you finding out where to find them so you can plan a trip? Can I come?" She couldn't help but bombard him with questions.
 #34493  by Bailey Shea
The book had many different and amazing creatures that Bailey had never even heard before, let alone seen. His eyes shining with every new creature he would read about and could only ever imagine meeting them in real life. Some were too frightening for him though and he secretly hoped he would never have to come across. The young boy was so entranced with the book that he hadn't noticed another student nearby. Squirming in his seat at the sound of another student's voice, clear in front of him. His eyes lifted from the page nervously to see the young girl standing in front of him, a little older than he was but seemed very friendly with a wonderful smile. Someone noticed him for once and the little puff could feel his cheeks burn at the sudden attention he was getting. Most people left him alone.

"Dragons and stuff? Yes.. it does" he began to note but she just kept talking before he could finish answering the question. One question after another. It was very overwhelming but Bailey sort of liked it. Her interest and enthusiasm were very contagious. Bailey softly giggled and a smile crept at the edged of his lips. "Oh no. Dragons are far too dangerous. Besides, I am only 11yrs old. There really aren't many places I can venture off to. You want to see dragons?" he asked curiously and concerned for her well being frowned slightly. "You can get hurt though... I would much rather see a niffler or bowtruckle" he announced as he showed the young girl the book with the pictures of what he assumed to be a morph or a platypus and beaver and the plant-like creature that resembled a non-magical creature called a stick bug.
 #34750  by Olivia Stone
Olivia took his response as a clear invitation to join his company. Without hesitation, or embarrassment, she pulled out a chair opposite him and sat across from Bailey. She shifted her chair in, ignoring the fact it made a load squeak under her; a few people looked around at her noisy methods of getting comfortable but Olivia was clearly very oblivious of this.

"Of course I want to see dragons. I want to ride dragons! Have you seen how cool they look!? I would make a great dragon rider, you know - I'm already super good at flying a broom so how much different could it be?" She spoke excitedly, grinning ear to ear. "Do you prefer smaller creatures? I like kneazles; they're cute, but very solitary. I like pets that want to spend time with me and hang out and go on adventures. Like a best friend!"
 #34782  by Bailey Shea
It was different to have someone take an interest in what he had to say or his opinions or ideas. Bailey didn't know how to feel about this new girl he just met. She seemed really nice, very excitable and a little overwhelming. He had never had any friends before and always wondered what it would be like. He wondered if this was perhaps the start of one.

The sound of the chair screeching on the floor was like nails on a chalkboard. His nose cringed at the sound and he quickly became aware of the students starring in their direction. Bailey noticed the girl didn't seem to mind the looks they were given or perhaps she didn't notice? Then she was talking a lot about dragons again and he couldn't help but giggle at the excitement in her voice.

"They are cool but I am afraid of heights and smaller creatures are okay, I guess. I just never seen these ones or heard of these before. The kneazle??" he asked questionably before putting up a finger to show he needs a moment as he quickly looked through the material in front of him, flipping to the page on Kneazles. "Oh, it's a cat" he exclaimed as he saw many similarities between the feline cat of the muggle world and the Kneazle of the magical world.

"Go on adventures? Do you have a pet or have had a pet you have gone on adventures with already?" he asked intrigued. Bailey started to realize that people were also like books, with many stories and vasts amounts of knowledge. It wasn't only his books that he could find entertainment or comfort from. He was quite enjoying his time.
 #34852  by Olivia Stone
"Yeah! The cat - that's the one!" Olivia confirmed, leaning forward on her chair before swinging back, dangerously so. She was a little shorter than average, meaning her feet swung rather wildly under her. She didn't seem to mind that she was veering very close to a serious injury; it was far more fun teetering on the edge of danger - even if it really was only a chair. But chairs could cause plenty of damage!

Not that Olivia cared too much. They were all magical, weren't they? If they could fix broken bones, what was stopping them from mending a fractured skull?

"I don't have any pets to adventure with. I don't really have any friends to go on adventures with either...the only person who did like adventuring was my foster mum? Did she ever really adopt me?" She thought for a moment. "I don't think she did. But she was my guardian anyway! But...I'm not actually sure where she went. She stopped sending me letters - I actually think my next adventure is to find out where she went. Maybe she went on holiday or is out solving crimes with that cute reporter, Kit Harper."

She really couldn't stop herself from oversharing...
 #34864  by Bailey Shea
"Don't hurt yourself," he quickly stated, afraid she may hurt herself with how unstable the chair seemed to be beneath her. Bailey was a complete worrywart. He always did things the safe way. Afraid of not only getting hurt but getting in trouble. He was always afraid to get yelled at and so he did his best to be good. Others were starring too which the young puff didn't like one bit. On top of being a worrywart and scaredy-cat, he was also paranoid and had major anxiety. His cheeks were already forming a soft red hue and his eyes kept darting towards the other students. He tried to ignore them for now and enjoy the girl's company, though he was only able to catch half of what she said.

"My mom left when I was a baby and my dad doesn't go on adventures. I go on my own adventures," he stated shyly. Gently biting his lip as he tried to think of something to talk about so they wouldn't talk about parents anymore or pets or anything that had to do with home life. "What kind of adventures are you hoping to find here? I mean...I'll go" he started hesitantly, unsure if he really should have mentioned he would join her on adventures and hoping he wouldn't soon regret it. "If you want that is."
 #35124  by Olivia Stone
Olivia blinked, and then her face lit up, an almost manic grin spreading across her face.

"You'll go on adventures with me!? That would be incredible! I tried getting others to go with me but they said they weren't looking for that kind of friendship, which is fine - I guess - but it did leave me feeling a little awkward and embarrassed!" She spoke hurriedly, and then plonked down onto all four legs of the chair with a bang, leaning far on the table.

"Okay, so! My guardian, Yulia, was good, good, good, friends with this really nice reporter, Kit Harper. They used to solve crimes together, but then lost contact when Kit started hanging around with this annoying Veela. But now, Yulia has kind of just...fallen off the planet. I keep sending her owls and getting vague responses, and she told me to stay here for Christmas. Very unlike her! I want to find out what's happened and why she is being so mysterious, and I think it's to do with the fact that she misses Kit."
 #35297  by Bailey Shea
What did I get myself into? he wondered as he listened intently to what he imagined to be a mystery novel or so it sounded. This wasn't from a book though, this was real life. It scared and enthralled him all at once. This Yulia person losing touch after a reporter who she was friends with made friends with a Veela. "Wait. What... What's a veela?' questioned bailey as his cheeks immediately radiated a red hue. Embarrassed by his lack of magical knowledge. He was only a first-year and until now, had spent his days with muggles.

There were also other things plaguing his mind. Like how she stated that others said they didn't want 'that kind of friend', what exactly did she mean by that? Were there several types of different 'kinds' of friends that he didn't know of? He simply thought of people as either friends, acquaintances or strangers. Though personally, bailey hadn't any friends of his own, even in the muggle world. At least he was able to keep appearances here, whereas he was clearly a huge mess otherwise.

There was also the fact that she was speaking about adult situations. How were they going to get involved and find out the truth? "Not that I won't help you but how can we even find out what's really going on? This sounds a whole lot like an adult kind of situation, to begin with. You must be really worried about your guardian, huh?" he asked with concerned eyes. Nodding and taking in a deep breath. "Right!? Then I am in. I'll help you, however I can" he answered with a smile and eyes full of determination.
 #35304  by Olivia Stone
"Huh? Oh!" Olivia flushed a little, giggling at herself for not taking into consideration the fact that Bailey may not have known what a Veela was. After all, now that she was in her third yer, it seemed like it was a common occurance to be able to talk about these things. She sometimes forgot that there were still students that were completely unaware; in fact, Olivia was sure there were things she didn't know either. "Veela are like these magical humans - like witches and wizards - but they have magic of their own without wands or anything. Super cool. When they get mad they go all bird-like, squawky, and can chuck fire balls! It's so cool! And also, apparently they're really pretty? Men like them?" She shrugged.

She sort of wished she was a Veela. But surprisingly, she wanted it more so that she could throw fireballs instead of attracting men.

As Bailey confirmed his assistance, Olivia's face lit up brightly.

"You'll help!? Really!? Thank you! And if you ever need anything, you can count on me. Look-look, we'll shake on it and everything. Let's make this official!" She was once again hushed by a nearby group of students. She flinched, but then rolled her eyes and stuck her hand out to Bailey to shake.
 #35315  by Bailey Shea
Veela was still a confusing being but it gave Bailey an idea. "Maybe Kit, the reporter... is only hanging around the Veela because of the whole fact that men like them?" he noted, though surely she had already come to this conclusion. The fact they can throw fireballs worried bailey as well. This little adventure could put them in serious danger if they go too far.

The hushing of other students startled Bailey. "Perhaps we should discuss this elsewhere," he suggested as he shook her hand and leaned in to whisper to her. "Don't want others to overhear and rat us out after all". He could feel the excitement and nervousness growing in him. It was just like his adventures with Peter Pan and Alice from Neverland. The Gryffindor was quickly becoming his Alice. He always thought himself Alices' little brother or at least he wished for someone to share such adventures with and now here she was. His smile beamed brightly as he stood and began to walk to the front desk to borrow the book he had in hand.

Now that he thought about it, he didn't even know the girls' name and he didn't remember giving him either. He moved to her and gestured for her to follow. "How about we head to get some food. By the way, my name is Bailey, what's yours?" he asked with a pleasant smile and a bounce in his step. A new friend and perhaps a grand adventure awaits.
 #35408  by Olivia Stone
Olivia grinned maniacally. "Olivia Stone." She responded, glad to know that this boy seemed to be willing to spend more time with her.

She scooted out from the table, swinging her bag over her shoulder and attempting to readjust her robe, though it was clearly very wrinkled and haphazard.

"Y'know," She began as she walked beside him. "I think you're right about the Veela. Kit is clearly only intoxicated by her because of her abilities - nothing to do with how pretty or cute she is. It's all the Veela thing, I bet. I'm almost certain he wouldn't want to let me down like that."

She looked to him.

"Oh! I forgot to mention, Kit is super nice to me. I think he was a muggleborn too, so he knows all about the same stuff as me; after I leave school, we're gonna team up and then get married. He just has to wait for me to finish my exams, though." She shrugged, clearly not aware that Kit was very likely interested in women his own age and had shown nothing more than very basic friendliness and interest.
 #35968  by Bailey Shea
Bailey checked out the books with the head librarian and waited for the Gryffindor to brush off her robes and join him. He was so young and naive, not even sure how the whole marriage thing worked and didn't question her claim when she mentioned she would marry kit, which he already knew to be a grown-up or at least assumed as much. "That's nice," he responded as they began to walk down the hall to get something to eat.

His mind interrupted by the grumbles of his stomach and the stabbing pain that came with it. Thoughts of what food they may have available to eat swarming in his mind. "Where do you think we should start?" he asked, his books clutched tightly against his chest and a satchel of his hanging from his shoulder. If they were going to solve this mystery, they would have to start somewhere but he hadn't the faintest clue where that 'start' would be.