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 #36057  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
Location: Vaska • Date: February 16

The guests were starting to make their way downstairs. Ulysse was standing off to the side, his arms folded across his chest, dark eyes watching carefully for any signs of unrest. He took his job very seriously, after all. Part of what made him so good at it was that he didn't have any misconceptions of just what he had gotten involved in. He knew exactly what type of place Vaska was, and who he was working for.

That didn't matter.

What mattered was not sticking his nose in any further than was needed. What mattered was doing his job. That was what he did.

Dark eyes followed another laughing couple to the spiral staircase and stayed on them as they descended.
 #36059  by Ivy Primrose
It wasn't long before another employee stepped up besides Ulysse. Next to him, she looked like nothing but a girl; small, frail, doe-eyed, and somewhat oblivious to the world around her. There was a long pause of silence before Ivy looked up at the large security officer.

"Do you wish you was down there? I do." She spoke, her tone somehow empty as she turned her attention back to a group of young gentlemen making their way to the stairs. "I wonder what it's like going down there for the first time. I perform every night, but I wonder what it's like to be an unsuspecting audience member, so ignorant to the happenings, only to get it struck before your face without warning. Must be thrilling."

She looked back up at him.

"Ivy Primrose, but I'm sure you've heard people talking about me after the midnight showings. I am the lead, after all, and for good reason."
 #36067  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
Ulysse barely spared the tiny employee a second glance, instead keeping his gaze focused on the guests. "I am exactly where I need to be," he replied, his own voice monotone. "I'm sure the audience loves it, or we wouldn't have jobs."

Now he turned his head, angling it downward to regard the blonde with a serious look. Along with his opinions towards the job itself, he hadn't made any effort to really get to know any of the other employees. It would keep him impartial should something happen. Emotions clouded one's judgement, after all. He had learned that the hard way.

"Ulysse de la Fontaine," he offered in return. He had heard of her, of course. Who hadn't, honestly? She was talented and had a certain quality to her. At least, that was what he had heard. "If people speak of me, then I'm not doing my job properly."
 #36068  by Ivy Primrose
Ivy hummed.

"You can think that if you want, but even without knowing your name, people are going to speak about you. The girls will, at least. Even if it's just a flitting conversation, or a little whisper, a minute gossip. Why wouldn't they notice the tall, broad, handsome security guard at the prestigious Vaska. And then, of course, their topic will go to - of course Vaska only hires people like this for even the front of house. It's this kind of place. Mistress Iver really has her standards."

She batted her eyelashes at him.

"Maybe the first step to being aware of the entire surroundings is to be aware of your own affect on those around you. I could speak to any man, even employee, I want. Why do you think I chose you?" She shrugged.
 #36080  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
Ulysse shifted his weight, his legs shoulder-width apart for ease of balance. She certainly liked to talk a lot, something he hadn't known until this moment. A particularly loud guest stole his attention and he watched with narrowed eyes until he was positive there wasn't any threat. Only then did he return to looking down at the performer.

He had to admit, she was rather gorgeous. Maybe she was worth his attention, even if only for a moment.

"Mistress Iver has her reasons for hiring people, including myself," he replied, finding it hard to tear his eyes away from her. Hadn't someone mentioned she had veela heritage? He would have to be careful. "Perhaps you chose me out of your own curiosity. Perhaps you mean to distract me." His eyes narrowed at that last remark.
 #36118  by Ivy Primrose
Ivy smirked at him.

"Perhaps; would it be so easy to do so? Just to sidle up beside you and say a few words - is that enough?" She spoke surprisingly gently, voice smooth and silky. She seemed to pretend she was oblivious to her doings, idly twirling her hair and giving him slight smiles - but she likely did know what her actions implied.

There was clearly a reason Astrid hired her.

"I find the thought of downstairs far more distracting...even with knowing what goes on. Maybe that's why I'm distracted by it all the more."
 #36146  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
Well that was slightly offensive. Ulysse shook his head, deciding it was best if he didn't look down at the doll-faced performer. "It would take more than that to distract me," he said simply, shrugging his shoulders.

Something about how she spoke of downstairs, however, caught his attention. "What goes on tends to be enticing to certain types of people," he said, eyeing her out of the corner of his eye. "To me, it's simply an aspect of the job."

Some of the people he knew would call him boring, but he had learned not to question things. Perhaps that was why he had been hired.

"Is talking to me a distraction? For you?" he asked, struck with a sudden thought. "From the thralls of downstairs?"
 #36171  by Ivy Primrose
"Perhaps." Ivy said blandly, drumming her fingers on her thigh as she watched the moving bodies, hustling toward the stairs as they were informed the show would commence shortly.

"Perhaps more of a distraction to prevent jumping in too early. Midnight showings are usually the most scandalous or obtuse, but waiting so long to get started? It's quite the tease. Mistress likes me to stay up here before getting changed as it can sometimes attract more visitors to the later shows if they knew a veela is participating." She gave a dry chuckle, but the laugh didn't reach her eyes.

"I bet you're glad you're not security downstairs; it can get quite rowdy. Although, maybe you're used to handling intense situations." She glanced up at him. "I've been told I'm intense."
 #36229  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
"I see," Ulysse responded, eyeing her once more. He couldn't deny the effectiveness of Astrid Iver's strategy. He just would feel better if the tiny performer wasn't seemingly wanting to converse with him while he was trying to do his job. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate company, of course. He was just... busy.

"Patience is a virtue," he added, shrugging a shoulder and turning to angle his body towards her. In his defense, it gave him a better vantage point to watch the last crowd of guests as they approached the stairs.

"I've handled worse. Perhaps in time, once Mistress Iver feels I have acclimated to the job. I'm content with where I am, though." His arms tightened across his chest. "Intense? I could see it. I've heard the same about myself." He just liked following rules and order, but apparently that translated to being intense and uptight.
 #36257  by Ivy Primrose
Ivy almost smirked, though her lips didn't betray as much of a pout as she looked up at him. She always did like tall men, but then again, the majority of men tended to be taller than her. The few that weren't tended to think they had a better chance; they also tended to be sucked in more to her charms due to being do eye level.

"You've handled worse?" She repeated, looking up at him, tilting her head slightly. A sudden spark of excitement ignited within her. "Such as what? Tell me about it."
 #36280  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
It was too easy to look down at her, trying to avoid the eye contact, and answer in the most dull way he could. So easy, in fact, because it was technically the truth.

"Classified," he answered, ever-so-slightly unsettled by her seeming eagerness regarding the topic. "Although I suppose I can say I've been involved in several raids. Not all of them were clean, either." He thought back over some of the less classified projects he had been involved in. Perhaps he could throw her a slight bone. "My partner and I once stumbled on a rogue vampire coven when we were searching for a dark artifact." His eyes darkened at the memory.
 #36288  by Ivy Primrose
Ivy recoiled as he answered abruptly as though he was a head auror. She furrowed her brows, looking up at him, almost pouting before he began speaking again. As he began to indulge a little bit of information, she allowed her face to soften somewhat, though it was still rather stoic in comparison.

"Vampires?" She repeated. "Wow, that does sound very interesting...did they attack you? Did you kill them? You know, vampires don't like fire...I'd be good at dealing with vampires, I think."

She could already picture burning them alive...
 #36370  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
Not much phased Ulysse, but the look on her face as she spoke about the vampires came close.

He squinted at her. "They attacked us and we defended ourselves," he said, the image clear in his mind. It had been quite the night, one that he didn't like to think about often. "We ended up having to kill some of them, and brought in the rest." As for her dealing with vampires...

"They're ruthless. Especially rogue vampires," he said, shaking his head. "Even with fire, they're difficult to handle."
 #36420  by Ivy Primrose
"I've heard the same about me." She spoke coyly. "You know...difficult to handle."

She felt the flirtation in her voice rise further in her throat as she spoke, the game seemingly more attractive as she indulged more in conversation with this man.

"I bet the kill was quite the rush...from what I hear, it is." She continued, unaware of the way her pupils dilated at the thought. "Given your experience, I'm surprised Mistress Iver hasn't already dictated you should work downstairs...I know I would certainly wouldn't argue at that if it meant I could look at you during my performances." She winked.
 #36526  by Ulysse de la Fontaine
She was part veela, he had to remember that. But it was hard to remember when her voice was so silky smooth. Ulysse quickly tried to conjure an image of his (ex) wife in his mind, and to focus on how unsettling it was that she was so fascinated by the violence.

"I pity whoever has to handle you, then," he said, not as cool and collected as he had been at the beginning of their exchange. He cleared his throat. "If I am needed downstairs for security, then I will do what is asked," he added, trying to fall back on his resolve. He followed orders. That was how he did things. "Besides, I'm sure there's more interesting people to watch during a performance."