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 #37516  by Emerson Toscano
Location: St Mungo's • Date: Spring 2004

There had been no omen, no bad feeling, no intuition. In fact, she hadn't even registered that the floo call had been for her until Emily had brought it to her attention.


She had registered the important words in each sentence, but she had struggled to make sense of them. Julian couldn't be dead. They had spoken the previous night. In fact, they had fought as vivaciously as they always did. She had argued tooth and nail and the man had not relented.

She had flood to St Mungo's and had been surprised to realize that Emily had followed her. The healers had spoken words at her, but Emerson's eyes had been on the blonde. She had looked blankly as Emily had nodded and then had turned towards her expectantly.

Emerson had finally looked at the young healer. "The body," she had parroted, hauntingly remembering why she had been summoned to St Mungo's. She had let go of Emily's hand and she had followed the healer to a cold and blank room.

"It's Julian," Emerson had confirmed as a knife had gently planted itself between her ribs. The healer had ushered her back to Emily.

Eyes dry, rubbing her sternum, she had looked up at the blonde and she had nodded. Her children's father was dead.
 #37525  by Emily Anderson
She'd been in the kitchen when the floo-call had come. She'd sprung into action, prompting Emerson to answer. She had turned back to her task at hand, not thinking much of it, only to end up following the brunette through the floo, what felt like an eternity later. She had gone through the motions, listened to the healers, explained in calm, simple words what it was they were asking of Emerson. Then she waited.

It was a strange thing, to be left in the waiting area as your current partner went to identify the body of their former husband. It was like she was walking through cold, muddy waters. Everything felt heavy and she was sure everything was moving in slow-motion, although she must've been moving faster than usual. What were you supposed to feel, in a situation like this?

Emerson returned and had nodded, and Emily knew it was no time for her to dwell on her own feelings. Emerson needed her. Her mind spun as she thought through what their next steps needed to be. She opened and closed her mouth like a goldfish. "The boys," she settled on finally. "We need to fetch them from school."
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She ran a hand through her hair and looked at the ceiling. How would she tell them? She blinked a few times as she attempted to stop the world in its orbit. If she could make it stop spinning perhaps she would be able to find her bearings.

She took Emily's arms and clutched them tightly. "I should go alone. Right?" She weighed her own question. "Right," she answered herself.
 #37572  by Emily Anderson
Emily didn't even have time to respond, as Emerson had already answered the question herself. The blonde chewed on her lip as she fought with herself. She didn't think Emerson should go alone - but she did agree that she wasn't the best person to go with her. She knew who was. Wincing even before the words were out of her mouth, she replied: "Evelyn should go with you."

She loathed to admit it, but this situation was not about Emily. It was not about her insecurities about herself or her relationship, but rather two scared kids who'd just lost their father. Although she thought of Evelyn as cold, having seen her with her own son - with Sebastien's son - she was certain that she would be there for the boys. She tried to ignore how that bothered her, that Evelyn Winters, the woman that Emerson had kissed, would be with the brunette and supporting her children.
 #37579  by Emerson Toscano
The thought of having Evelyn by her side comforted her. Focused on her sons, she did not think about the hurt it might cause Emily. Evelyn was family. She was her sons' godmother and her presence would appease them, that was all that mattered.

"Evelyn will come with me," she whispered reassuringly.

She took Emily's hand and started walking towards the exit. The people whose path they crossed were faceless and the only sounds she heard were her thoughts. "Do I bring them to my flat or their home?" She wondered aloud. It was no secret that her flat had never been to the boys' taste. Especially not compared to their childhood home.
 #37596  by Emily Anderson
Emily ignored the pang in her chest that was caused by Emerson feeling reassured at the thought of Evelyn being with her. This wasn't about her. The blonde squeezed her partner's hand as they walked towards the exit together, trying to reassure her that she was there - for whatever or for as long as she needed.

"Your flat," Emily replied. She didn't know if she was doing right by offering suggestions or whether Emerson was simply voicing her thoughts out loud, but she hoped that she was being helpful. "You can give them the option later whether they go back there, but it might hurt more for them to be among their father's things right now." It wasn't the same, not at all, but being reminded of Sebastien everywhere she had turned was the reason she had walked out and barely looked back. It made the pain so much more unbearable. Not that the boys would feel the same way towards their father as she had towards Sebastien.

The thought lingered in her mind. Julien wasn't a horrible man, but he and Emerson had fought vivaciously. Naturally, she was on Emerson's side. In the boys' mind, Emerson was the one to have ruined their parents' marriage; their father could do no wrong. That was how he would stay now, Emily assumed - frozen in time, unable to do any wrong. Any decision that Emerson made from here would always be hers, and she would always be blamed. Emily didn't want to think too hard about it.

She didn't think that Emerson was in a fit state to apparate right now. "Where would you like to go?" Emily asked gently. She couldn't tell if Emerson wanted to return to her flat or go straight to Evelyn's.
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"To Evelyn's," Emerson answered mechanically. For the moment, that was all life could be; a mechanical succession of events. She would go to Evelyn's, share the bad news, go to Hogwarts, share the bad news and bring the boys to the flat.

They left the hospital and reached the apparition spot. "Could you hum..." she shook her head as the words escaped her. "Bring me there," she finally articulated.
 #37653  by Emily Anderson
Emily nodded. Of course she would, despite her feelings both towards the brunette and towards the relationship her partner shared with her.

The blonde squeezed Emerson's hand. "Let's go." Taking her wand in her spare hand, the two disappeared. Emily didn't take them directly to Evelyn's home, but rather a short walk away. She felt Emerson needed a moment to work out what to say, and Emily had to prepare herself to see the Editor-in-Chief. She set off walking, still holding onto Emerson's hand.
 #37696  by Vera Hadley
Vera had been leaning down in front of her son. "I think we will need to get you a new spring jacket, mister." She voiced her suspicion as she witnessed her son struggle to move comfortably while wearing in the jacket she had taken out of the box labeled 'Spring clothes".

The knock on the door taking her by surprise she took Louis in her arms and opened the door. Emerson had been known to show up at their door unannounced, while the blonde wasn't fond of the habit she had grown to tolerate it. The sight of Emily standing by Emerson's side made Vera's palms go moist and her heart jump. "Evelyn?" The blonde called over her shoulder as she noticed the somber expression on Emerson's features.

She stood aside to let the two women in.
 #37793  by Emily Anderson
Emily allowed Emerson to enter the house before her. Following Emerson had become a natural habit she had fallen into when it came to do with Evelyn, feeling it best to take a step back. She didn't know the brunette's take it. Knowing how difficult Evelyn was, she probably didn't appreciate it all that much. Emily never could do right when it came to her.

Of course, she hadn't forgotten that Evelyn shared her home with her wife and son. The fact that Emerson's best friend was now married to the woman who had completely derailed her marriage was an irony that was not lost on her. Swallowing carefully, Emily dared not look at the little boy the blonde carried in her arms, fearing that she would see her ex-husband's face looking back at her, but rather with the innocent eyes of a child.

Em didn't say enough, feeling that it was Emerson's place to speak and explain the situation, but she would if she felt the brunette wasn't able to. She glanced towards Emerson as they waited for Evelyn, wondering what she would say.
 #37828  by Evelyn Winters
Wrapped in a hunter green silk robe, Evelyn sat on the edge of her bath tub rubbing a skin revitalizing lotion she brought from her favorite beauty shop in Magical Paris. She had just finished showering, having spent the afternoon outside with Louis kicking around a soccer ball and building stick forts. Dirt had accumulated beneath her nails, her hair had been sticking to her forehead and her good pair of joggers were covered in grass stains. It had been a good afternoon outside, but when dinner had finished she had excused herself to shower and clean herself up. It was Evelyn's night to put Louis to sleep which meant for the next two hours she would be trying to coax her son into bed and then she'd end up reading five books rather than the three she originally told him she would. Louis definitely had her wrapped around his finger, though Evelyn would never, ever admit it. Not even to Vera, who had long ago learned to stop teasing her about it.

Looking up at the sound of her name being called, Evelyn raised her brow but capped her lotion bottle and made her way downstairs.

"What is it?" She asked as she entered the living room, though her wife wasn't in there, nor across the room in the kitchen. "Vera?" Evelyn called out, though as she continued moving through the home, she stumbled upon Vera and her son before a response was even issued. Seeing why her wife had called her downstairs, Evelyn straightened though she didn't bother to tighten her robe as she made her way to the front door.

"What a surprise." Evelyn murmured as she came to stand next to Vera, her gaze on on the blonde woman behind her best friend. "Emerson, Emily...not that I'm not thrilled to see you, it's nearly Louis' bed time."
 #37829  by Emerson Toscano
Desperate for something familiar, her head followed the sound of her friend's voice, but even the sight of Evelyn barely alleviated the weight pressing against her lungs.

She cleared her throat a few times, but nothing came out. She looked at Emily, Vera and then back to Evelyn. "We are going to Hogwarts," she spoke directly towards her friend. "I have to go tell the boys," again she cleared her throat. She clenched and unclenched her fists. "Julian had a heart attack last night. I just identified the body." She coughed where she felt a wavering voice should have been. This all seemed very matter of fact.
 #37831  by Vera Hadley
As if empathically sensing his aunt's and mother's unease, Vera felt her son leaning heavily against her. Vera kissed the top of his head and moved closer to her wife.

The words Emerson used left a bitter taste in her mouth. The assumption that Evelyn was hers to take, made the blonde tense. She wished she could be the person who let go of her insecurities when in front of other people's trama, but apparently she was not. Vera clung to her son a little tighter. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Their son was in her arms. He was safe. Emerson's sons had just lost their father. They needed their mother and yes, Vera knew, they would benefit from their aunt's presence. "Go get dressed," she whispered to her wife before she kissed her temple. "Emerson, I'm so sorry. Let's get you two a quick drink." Hot beverage or alcohol, whichever soothed them.
 #37834  by Emily Anderson
It was an unnerving and strange thing, to see how your partner deals with trauma for the very first time. Emily was not expecting Emerson to cry and gush and pour her heart out about the memories she had shared with Julian, but nor did she quite expect the detached way in which she spoke about what had just happened.

Emily couldn't help it - she glanced towards Vera. She wondered if the other blonde felt the same way that she did about this situation, about sending Evelyn off with Emerson to share the bad news with Alessio and Leo. She had instantly told her wife to go with Emerson, but hadn't Emily done exactly the same? Hadn't she shut down her own feelings and suggested Evelyn go with her, in order to do what was best for her partner and the boys? Oh how she wished to be able to read Vera's mind, at least to know that she wasn't alone in feeling selfish about this.

The blonde shuffled from one foot to the other, not quite sure what to say. She longed for the days when she had once enjoyed Vera's company and sharing a drink had not felt so strange and stilted as it did now. "We're sorry for intruding, especially given the hour, but we thought it best that Emerson had someone to accompany her." It did not need to be said aloud that they had both agreed Emily should not be that person.