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Location: Levi & Ana's home • Date: 14th Feb 2004

It had been a rough journey home from Germany, perhaps not from transport or people itself, but more Ana's thoughts running away from her. The meeting with Florian had not gone as planned, but then again, what had she really planned to begin with? She had, of course, made multiple different scenarios and endings in her mind, but none seemed to sit right. But nothing could prepare her for whatever scenarios Ana was thinking about now.

Apparently she was no thinking about divorcing Levi? Or she was going to tell him tonight? She wasn't entirely sure where that idea had come from, or maybe she did somewhere subconsciously.

But she was here now.

As if it mattered, Ana quietly opened the door, stepping in silently with the expectation of meeting Levi inside with a pained look on his face. Who knew what his thoughts would be...
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When Ana entered Levi could be seen asleep in his big easy chair, a book on his lap. Over on the table there was a bouquet of flowers in a vase, a red envelope that obviously contained a Valentines Day card, and a heart shaped box of chocolates.

At the sound of the door closing, Levi opened his eyes, then sitting up he took his glasses off, rubbing at his eyes as he said with a yawn,

"I must have fallen asleep...dear Merlin... what time is it?"

It felt... late...
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Ana stared at the table, biting her lip before looking back to him.

"Its er, well, it's nearly nine." She spoke awkwardly. "Sorry I'm so late."

She decided it was best not to try and explain right now. Clearing her throat, she took off her jacket and hung it up, unsure if she would be made to put it back on and leave soon.

"Perhaps we should talk." She spoke, knowing those words were cliche.
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'Oh! Erm... alright..." said Levi, sitting up even straighter as he tried to figure out what this was about. Had she changed her mind? Wanted him to proceed with helping her get and stay pregnant? Valentines Day did seem like a good time for that!

He smiled slightly
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Ana took a long breath. The moment seemed to linger, but she soon forced herself to the sofa and seated herself.

"Levi, I uhm..." it stuck to her tongue for a moment. "Levi, I'm not happy in this relationship right now. That's the short of it. I feel I rushed us, and I feel that we match on paper, but I'm finding it hard to come to terms with your job and hobbies. I...I don't know what the best outcome would be from this. But I wanted to at least discuss with you before, well, I..."

Another breath.

"I am thinking divorce, or an annulment, may be the best course for us- me "
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Levi looked at her, shock written all over his face. He leaned forward as he stared at her. Was this... a joke? A weird... Valentine's Day joke that would end in something funny and happy?

But she sure didn't look like she was hiding a smile.

"What... I... are you serious?" He finally breathed, his chest starting to tighten.

Standing up then, his face going pale, he said, "Where is this coming from? I don't understand...An annulment? You are seriously telling me after all our time together, talks, working through things... you don't feel our marriage was valid?"

He felt as though he were in some sort of horrible dream! He never thought to hear these words from his wife!
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Ana tried to steady herself, but she began to feel herself shaking. She desperately tried to calm herself before speaking again.

"Obviously it was valid. We would know it was valid but...some people don't want a divorce on their record or history or-" She shook her head, then stood up, facing him. "Look. I'm not doing this to just hurt your feelings, okay? I have just got to say something, and as terrible of timing this is, I can't hold it in any longer."

She looked at him, trying to work up to her words.

"I want a child, more than anything. I would drag myself through glass, scale mountains, give my limbs. At least, I thought I would do anything, but it turns out, I cannot live with being a hypocrite. I married you under the condition you wouldn't practice experiments any more, and I jumped at the chance to rebuttal that agreement for my own selfish needs. And now we are at a standstill where you are likely still practising, and I am still childless. And that's an extremely blunt and ruthless way to put that, but it's the truth."

"I have come to realise I am not an honest and moral person; I am judgemental, I am selfish, I am hypocritical, and I consistently make myself a victim for my circumstance. And I've had enough of that. I don't think we're happy together; you're stepping on eggshells around me and I'm yearning for something that is either impossible, or requires me to damage my self-perception." She took yet another breath.

"I think I would be better off alone. I think I need to be completely alone, and maybe one day I will adopt a child and be a single parent. But I'm not happy right now, so something needs to change."
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Levi stared back at her a moment, then shaking his head almost angrily he said,

"No... No! You can't tell me that it can end just like that!" he said with a snap of his fingers. "We made vows to each other Ana. When marriages are in trouble you work to fix them, not run away from them. I am not just a problem you can drop. I am your husband. We can work through this. We can go to couples counseling. We can talk and communicate better. But we aren't just going to end it. "

HE could still barely believe his ears! This was not the Ana he knew! They had both spoken of how important marriage was to them in the past. How much respect they had for the commitment and vows! How could she give up with out a fight?!

when was he going to wake up?
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"It isn't something for you to fix!" She retorted. "It's not something we can fix. I need to. I need to fix me, I need to love me."

She paced closer to him, looking him in the face.

"I made vows to care for you, but that doesn't mean I have to stop caring about me"
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"How do you know..." said Levi seriously, "That this isn't something we can fix... unless you try."

He looked over her face a moment, then added, "Where were you tonight...?"
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Ana held eye contact, but eventually she looked away to speak.

"I went to see Florian. I hadn't planned to spend that long but we started talking. At one point he was one of my closest friends, and I needed to speak to someone before I said anything to you without being certain. We discussed multiple things, including how, well...Florian and I were never compatible either due to my self sabotaging habits and his dangerous dealings. He said I should start making decisions and stop going along with things just to blame myself later. Even if it's the wrong choice, I need to do something."
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Levi visibly stiffened. He was silent a moment before finally saying, "Yes... yes I am sure he was very supportive of you just... making a decision and asking for a divorce."

Levi looked away, then said, "Would you prefer I left you alone tonight? Or simply slept in another room."

He stayed oddly calm, but inside he felt like he heart was breaking. How had this happened?...
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Ana frowned. A new dusky coldness swept through her.

"Whatever you feel more appropriate." She swallowed. "I can uhm...I can leave if you prefer. It is your place, after all..."

She trailed off somewhat, but soon shook her head.

"I didn't cheat you, you know. Not that you asked but...I thought I should make it clear. And I'm not leaving you for him, either. I'm just...well I'm just..." she ran her hand through her hair. "I guess I already said everything I needed to."
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But knitting his brows, Levi said, "This is our place, not my place. I think you know me well enough by now to know I would never act like that. If you are going to ask for a divorce on Valentines Day, you can at least try not to be a bitch about it."

And with that he turned and walked swiftly to the door to grab his jacket and leave.

Levi had NEVER in his life insinuated a woman acted like a bitch... Probably never even spoke the word unless relaying a story of another persons words. But some how it felt right. She was adding insult to injury this entire night. She made up her mind that his opinions and concerns were now nothing because she had to love herself, and she was going to pretend she did not even know him and expected the worst! As of this moment she clearly did not consider him to even be her husband any more.

Well... fine then.
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Ana flinched as he spat the word at her; he had never insulted her like that, if at all. In fact, she was certain she had never heard him insult any woman before - even speaking about distasteful women was done with care and respect. She stood frozen as he paced out, staring into nothingness. It felt like hours before she finally came back to her senses, the tears having already dried on her cheekbones. She hadn't even been aware she'd been crying.

Sniffing and wiping under her eyes, she looked around the now empty home. And always, in a state of loss, she did what she knew best. She picked up a cloth and began to clean. Many questioned why she wouldn't just use magic to clean, but there was something therapeutic to her to do it by hand, and she certainly did scrub hard and thoroughly.

It paused, however, when Ana came to Levi's potion cabinet. He always brought home a few he'd made from the lab to either continue his studies or use for general medical purposes. Her eyes scanned over the bottles, and they landed on several full bottles of sleeping draught. It was clear that neither of them seemed to struggle dozing; both were far more likely to reach for a book or hot drink before thinking about using a potion.

But as she looked at the brimming glass bottles, an idea began to formulate, as stupid as it was. There was enough here to take out an elephant! Biting her lip, Ana grabbed a nearby bag and began to carefully place the bottles of the draught inside, taking care not to break them.

She'd already decided she wouldn't stay in a home that clearly no longer welcomed her, and began to pack a few essentials to take elsewhere. Clearly it was too late to travel to Russia, and she wouldn't dare go back to Germany. Perhaps she could go to Kolya's, though...wasn't he working late? She hoped Hera wouldn't mind her going over on Valentines Day...

Ah. Valentines Day. Hadn't Hera shut up shop early to go on a date?

The Blood Moon Inn and Dahl's Inn clearly weren't options either. Damn it. Ana ran her hand through her hair. Wherever she went, she would have to get there before it got too late.

She glanced back at the apartment again, but then began to feel bad for taking the potions. Sighing, she stepped back up to the shelf. But instead of placing the potions back, she left a bag of galleons to pay for them. Not that Levi needed the money...but she didn't want to steal from him. Then again, he might be insulted regardless. But she decided to leave the coins and headed out of the door to try and find somewhere else to stay the night.