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 #38760  by Astrid Iver
Location: Vaska, First Aid Room • Date: May, 2004

Astrid was seated beside Ana's body where it laid, still lulling in and out of sleep, on a bed. She'd been moved from her state on the dressing room floor to the first aid room, though this was perhaps the most serious injury from a non-participant of her shows. Often, the room was just used for women who got a little too excited and fainted, or men that got a little too rough or angry during betting stages and got into mini brawls.

However, this time, Astrid glanced down at a woman she never thought to see here. Hunter had informed her of some of the details, as had Yuliana - there was also a report that Ana had been here with Hera Cleary, so she was currently sitting in a waiting room to be questioned on the incident.

Astrid had sent an owl toLevi Persky to come and attend his wife. She was sat here waiting for his arrival.
 #38764  by Levi Persky
The door opened and in walked a very stressed looking Levi. He had come the moment he got the owl, stopping only for his medical bag incase it was needed.

His eyes scanned the room, then moving at once to Anna’s side e said, “What happened?as se said anything? Anna! Can you hear me?”

E then began to feel for her pulse.

None of this made sense! What was she doing in a place like this!?
 #38765  by Astrid Iver
Astrid cleared her throat, pursing her lips and flicking her eyes down briefly to Levi's hands on her.

"She hasn't managed to stay conscious yet. We're not exactly sure why she's here to begin with....but from how we found her?" She spoke carefully.

"You may want to take a seat."

She waited until he did so before continuing.

"She was found alone in the dressing room, drenched in wine. The residential healer noted some...likely self-inflicted injuries to her arms," She gestured to her bandaged forearms. " Perhaps, most concerning, was an empty vial beside her. We have some reason to believe she tried to...well...there was enough sleeping draught to knock out an elephant..."

"Regardless, her stomach has been pumped, and we've started her on some fluids but, of course, as her husband as well as a professional, you may want to have a more thorough look over her."

Pft, typical that all these Clearys caused so much drama. She didn't care if he was a Persky or not; same company.
 #38771  by Levi Persky
Levi paled a bit, then shaking his head and looking down at the floor he said,

"She has been on a downward spiral for a wile now, but I never... thought... she would act out in such a reckless way. It isn't in her nature."

Levi looked at Anna again, then turning back to Astrid he said, "She and I are actually separated at the moment. She wants a divorce. I don't know that she even wants me to be here but... I don't know who else you could have sent for. But I think the best place for her is Saint Mungo's. She needs monitoring, and if she really has had some sort of episode well... they would know what to do for this as well."

He couldn't believe this was happening. Was it all brought on by everything that had happened between them weeks ago? Her despair over not being able to have children naturally? Her disappointment in him?
 #38772  by Astrid Iver
Astrid had a punctuated sour expression on her face, sucking through her teeth before shaking her head.

"Unfortunately, I don't think that's an option. As you may be aware, this establishment isn't exactly for public eyes, and I don't exactly want the world to know that your wife - separated or not - has had some kind of mental break in my very newly established business. So, I suggest private care."

She leaned forward slightly.

"I wouldn't want her to be the subject of distaste should this affect my clienteles' favourite hotspot. It's in our best interest."

Ana began to stir, and Astrid flicked her eyes down. There was a glimmer there that was almost in disdain.

"Right, I'll leave you to it. Hera was apparently the last person to see her before all of this, so if you'd like to speak to her after..." She shrugged, and moved to leave.
 #38773  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana began to murmur, clearly straining to open her eyes. Her head was pounding, though it was muted. She heaved a breath, hearing muffled voices from either side of her.

Edging her right eye open, she caught the fuzzy image of her apparent husband.

"Le-vi?" She croaked quietly, quite clearly confused.
 #38774  by Levi Persky
Levi frowned, following Astrid as she moved to leave. He heard Ana string, but said first to the departing Astrid. "I will do what is best for Ana, not your establishment."

He didn't give a flying flip what happened to her business reputation. Had nothing to do with him.

He then added in a polite tone. "Thank you for looking after her. Much appreciated. I will take it from here.

Turning then to Ana then he said in a calm tone,

"Ana... how many finger's am I holding up?" He held up three then for her.
 #38775  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana opened her other eye, barely, trying to look at his fingers. She was very clearly squinting, straining to see. Well, she was glad she couldn't see six fingers on one hand, but it was most certainly blurred for her. It took a good few seconds for her to finally answer.

"Three?" She spoke, a little uncertain as she moved her eyes to his face. "Where am I?"

She wasn't entirely sure what she was remembering; she thought she could remember being at Vaska and chasing after Wesley but...she started to move her eyes around the room warily. She didn't recognise this at all!
 #38776  by Levi Persky
"Vaska," said Levi, with little emotion. You were found with wine allover you, passed out in a room, with some serious potions in your system..."

Leaning closer to her then, concern showing in his face, he said, "Ana were you... trying to kill yourself?"

Saying the thought out loud sounded even more outrageous! Ana was very religious! Would never consider such a thing!

But then... her brother was too... depression could get to anyone in the end. But surely not his Ana!
 #38777  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana snapped her still hazy vision to Levi.

"What? No!" She gasped breathlessly, shaking her head slightly. She moved to sit up, but whined a bit in pain, a sore ache in her lower back preventing her from nudging up any further.

"No, I...Well, I..." She looked pained at the words, but glanced around again. "I'm at Vaska..."

She took a breath to steady herself. A serious potion, the wine...it was true then! Her thoughts were trying to make sense of events, and she took a moment to compose her words.

"I came looking for Marlowe...I saw him here a few weeks ago. I found him, and I think he used the potion I brought on me...I never intended to use it myself."
 #38846  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana flinched, wincing at his words.

"Levi, he...well, he's not dead. I saw him a few weeks ago." She cleared her throat. "I - er - took a bunch of sleeping draught from your cabinet. I left the galleons on the shelf for them...I didn't want to steal but I was in a hurry. I got a potioneer to concentrate them into something stronger so that I could find Marlowe and maybe put it in his wine? I didn't really have a plan but...I was maybe thinking I could..."

She trailed off.

What would she have done?
 #39039  by Levi Persky
Levi stared at her a moment in bewildered silence.

She sounded crazy.

He took a deep breqth, paused, then said, “You... were going to go find Marlow... alone... and make him fall asleep for some unknown reason even you can’t tell me?”

Something was not right with her... Maybe this was what brought on her desire to divorce him?!
 #39040  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana swallowed, looking down, averting her eyes from him.

"I guess I...I don't know what I was going to do, really, but..." She started, clearly uncomfortable. "When I saw him, all I could think about was, well, Florian. It sort of built up to the point where I had to go see him, and he was completely unaware. I tried to tell him, but he just..."

She bit her lip, shaking her head.

"It's stupid but all I could think of, quite suddenly, was just how much danger Florian was in. But not just him; Andi. Even Florian's recent ex-girlfriend. And the fact I saw Marlowe here in England...the more I thought about it, the more I realised I owed him a debt. He laid his life down for me several times, I saw him with a sword through his gut; he knew the ruthlessness and severity of Marlowe. And yet even he didn't believe it possible for him to be alive."

She shook her head.

"If even Florian didn't believe me, how would anyone else without solid proof? Maybe I just needed to get a witness, a lock of hair, a photo - anything." She brought her hand up, pinching the bridge of her nose. She was silent for a beat, and then finally brought her eyes up to him. She had already seen the recoil in him from previous statements. "I'm sorry."