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 #38924  by Ciceron York
Location: Ciceron's home, Oxford • Date: June, 2004

The weather was glorious, surprisingly for England. There was barely a cloud in the sky, a light breeze in the air, and the sun had made its presence very known to the residents. Danica had decided to use the day to go to a garden party with some of the female socialites - men weren't invited - and Ciceron had to assume Hera and Viola would have been welcomed also. But he wasn't entirely sure if both of them would go. He doubted that Astrid got an invite...she was a little too fierce for a relaxing Sunday.

With his work already done for the day, and a lot of spare time on his hands, Ciceron decided to take the time to sit outside and read. He was propped back on a nicely padded lounger, an iced drink by his side, a thick leather-bound book in his hands (The Extensive Poetry Collection of Lavender Gray), and a pair of sculpted sunglasses perched on his nose.

And as with Summer fashion, a pair of Hippogriff-print shorts that were, well, slightly too short for the public. Nobody needed to see that, and he was determined to change long before Danica returned in her tipsy state.
 #38925  by Emilia York
Emilia was lonely, or so it seemed. She couldn't really feel things like that anymore, but she had memories of them, and this was definitely loneliness. Usually if she was lonely, she visited someone to get the feelingless sensation to go away. Usually it wasn't Ciceron. Though she was always drawn to him, she couldn't help but notice that it seemed he wasn't keen on her being around. But today that didn't matter. Ciceron's home is where she was heading.

She was there in an instant, having mastered the art of appearances, as she called it. His home didn't feel like her home, and there were touches of another woman everywhere. She was pleased to find that Danica wasn't there, though it seemed the Ciceron wasn't either, until she spotted him sunbathing in the garden. Her normally placid features upturned in a slight smile.

How beautiful he was.

It was a moment before she phased through the window, still floating in the shade as near to him as she could get without having to slip into the sun. Ghosts didn't seem to fare well in the sun. "Ronnie," she found herself whispering out of habit.
 #38926  by Ciceron York
Ciceron jolted wth a start, clearly very shocked by her appearance out of nowhere. So shocked that he practically tossed his book over his shoulder which collided with his glass. Lemonade and ice splattered onto the decking, seeping down the cracks to the grass below.

"Merlin!" He scolded, though more out of surprise than anger.

He sat up, legs straddling his chair as he picked up his book and inspected it for dampness.

"Em, what brings you here? I wasn't expecting you..."
 #38927  by Emilia York
Emilia clasped her hands in front of her, arms stretched and appearing long. She giggled a little as he nearly lept out of his chair. His shorts were amusing, and she knew that if she were alive, her heart would swell.

"No one is ever expecting me," she said knowingly, staying there in the shade. "I wanted to see you." She always wanted to see him. If she could, she would stay there with him always, but she knew that she wasn't wanted there.
 #38928  by Ciceron York
Ciceron pressed his lips together, and then nodded slightly. He brought out his wand, casting to pick up and mend the pieces of broken glass.

"You're lucky Dani isn't here; she likely wouldn't appreciate the random entry. But she isn't so..." He cleared his throat, glancing up at Emilia. "Do you visit people often?"
 #38929  by Emilia York
Emilia watched as Ciceron cleaned up and mended the glass, something she wouldn't have even considered at this point in her afterlife. It was meaningless to her. Most things were.

"Am I lucky? Perhaps it would be entertaining to see her reaction," she mused. "I visit people when I am drawn to them. Or when I have been alone for too long. It's nice to be among the living from time to time." She nodded a little, hoping he wasn't about to get upset with her like the last time they saw one another.
 #39052  by Ciceron York
"I see." He spoke carefully, clearing his throat once again, as though unsure what to say. Why was he so hesitant? At one point, Emilia was the only person he would ever speak to, even after her passing.

He looked away a moment, and then took a breath.

"You know...maybe you and Danica should meet...properly, I mean. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad for you two to at least get on speaking terms. Maybe then you can both understand each other's point of view. Especially since, well, I..I would like a family with her..."
 #39090  by Emilia York
Emilia looked to the ground as Ciceron mentioned wanting a family with his wife. Of course she couldn't blame him for wanting that. Most living people did want that. But she could almost feel the sadness that she'd have felt if she'd been alive at that moment, and her hand drifted absently over her ever present little baby bump before sliding to her side.

"Of course," she said, her voice a little more quiet. "If she would agree, then so would I. I wouldn't want to be what prevents happiness for you." Ciceron's happiness was always number one. She only hoped that doing as he suggested would make a difference.
 #39092  by Ciceron York
Ciceron couldn't help but feel bad for her, and also feel a sudden mournful pang of guilt as he saw her hand glide over her stomach. They had nearly had a family together...

"Well, yes, fair enough. I can see if I can arrange that. In the meantime..." He glanced around. "Perhaps you'd like to take a walk with me?"
 #39095  by Emilia York
If Emilia could breathe, she'd have felt her lungs fill with air in the delight of being invited on a walk with her beloved Ciceron. Her sadness seemed to fade away and her lips formed an almost shy smile.

"Oh, Ronnie, I'd love too," she breathed, stepping forward toward him. The sun made her translucent appearance a little more difficult to see, but she didn't care because he seemed to want to be with her for a moment.
 #39103  by Ciceron York
Ciceron stood, adjusting his shorts, inwardly cursing himself for not just putting on some of his smarter shorts that he'd worn to the Dominican Republic. But the damage was done, and it wasn't like Emilia hadn't seen him in worse before.

He gave her a nod to lead the way down the garden path. His house was detached and stood alone on his private land; he had decided not to touch much of the wildlife around his home, opting instead to just make use of his own garden area. He had grown a multitude of fruits and vegetables, and had a large fish pond in the middle that had a sturdy bridge over it. He led her over it, the sun beating on his shoulders.

"You always said you wanted a nice garden when I bought the house. After you died, I stopped working so hard in Russia an spent a lot of my time here to do it...at times I got too busy and had to hire gardeners. A lot of money to get them to do it how I wanted, but I think it was worth it."
 #39106  by Emilia York
As they started down the path, Emilia couldn't help but sense that there was something special here. She wasn't sure what it was, but it had a heavy presence- heavy, yet not threatening. She smiled at the strawberries and blueberries, two of her favorites when she had been living. The vegetables were lovely and everything was tended so perfectly, with care. The pond was also very satisfying, especially with the enchanting little bridge across its water.

"You did this for me?" she said, almost absently, moving to the rail on the edge of the bridge and placing her hands on top, careful not to let them drift through it as her eyes wandered across all of the lively plants that she would have loved to tend.
 #39110  by Ciceron York
Ciceron glanced around.

"I did this for us. You taught me how to nurture and take care of things, to be patient and loyal with kindness. After what happened...the garden was unattended for a little while before I returned home for the first time. It made me feel alive again, like I finally had something to take care of. It gave me a sense of reason and purpose; I had to hang on another day because if I didn't, who would water to courgettes? Quite silly, really."

He smirked at himself.

"When Nathan fired me, a long time ago, I went through a deep state of depression. I was cut off from the family finances, unemployed, lonely...so really, this garden saved my life. Without it, I may have had to delve deeper into poverty to get back up to where I am. The gas got turned off in the house, but I could still eat the apples from the garden."
 #39111  by Emilia York
Emilia hadn't been there to see Ciceron go through all that he had gone through. She'd tried, but something had kept her from him for a time. Now, she assumed it had something to do with his healing process- a thing that she wasn't sure she'd have been able to do if the roles were reversed.

She turned toward him and looked up into his gorgeous, warm eyes, a slight smile on her face, though her eyes were sad. "I wish I could have been here to help you," she said. Almost an apology. She longed for him. She longed for what they had. But she would never feel him again. Never really be able to love him again. It was shattering.
 #39113  by Ciceron York
Ciceron looked at her, his brows almost furrowing.

"But Em...you was." He spoke softly as he brought his hand up to touch at his chest. "I saw a lot of things die and rot around me, but seeing all of this grow?"

He gestured around them.

"It reminded me that the kindness you instilled in me is still here. The things you gave to me, your love, never died with you."