A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39069  by Jude Darlington
Location: A flight to America • Date: Spring 2004

The magical airplane was about to take off and Jude had already made himself comfortable. His seat was ample and offered plenty of legroom, he had a book on his lap and a pillow around his neck. All that was missing was a nice beverage and he was confident that those would be offered as soon as the flight had reached its altitude.

He had always preferred red-eye flights, they were usually calmer than their daytime counterparts. Not that he was a nervous flyer, he was in fact a rather calm passenger.
 #39358  by Karys Montgomery
As an intern in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Karys never imagined she'd ever get the opportunity to attend an International Conference of wizards, especially in America. Despite having traveled to many countries with her family as a child, she'd only ever traveled to America once. Even on that one trip, she was too young to remember what America was really like. She imagined it was a lot more lively than the dreary Welsh countryside where she lived now, or she hoped it was. The actual conference was only a two-day event, so Karys hoped she'd be able to do some sight-seeing around the area if her boss wasn't too harsh on her.

Karys, having vastly underestimated how long it would actually take to get through the airport, hurried onto the plane trying not to break a sweat. She didn't understand why the Ministry had not authorised her to take the floo network and had told her explicitly to take an aeroplane. Something to do with understanding Muggles or budget cuts or something, she wasn't listening to that part of the meeting. After finding her seat, feeling only mildly self-conscious of all the eyes on the plane staring at her being the late person that held up the departure, Karys took out a small mirror to assess her makeup situation. She cursed under her breath as she noticed how drab she was now looking after the rush to catch the plane. Feeling suddenly thirsty, Karys dug in her bag for the bottle of water she had and started to unscrew the lid. At that moment the plane suddenly lurched into motion, more sudden than Karys had anticipated, her grip on the bottle faltered and it flew, now lid-less, into the lap of the man sitting next to her, water spewing out.

Karys' eyes widened in panic as she scrambled to get to the bottle before it emptied itself entirely over the poor man and his book.
"I am so sorry," Karys said apologetically, already cursing herself at how unsuccessful this trip was starting out as.
 #39359  by Jude Darlington
A laugh escaped him as soon as the initial shock had faded. "Don't worry about it," he took out his wand and murmured a common drying spell. Once his trousers were dry he returned his attention to his neighbor.

"Travelling for business or pleasure?" He figured changing the topic was the best way to make his companion feel better.
 #39361  by Karys Montgomery
Karys started to relax again, glad the man happened to be friendly or at least didn't try to get her kicked off the plane or something dramatic along those lines. That definitely wouldn't be the first time she got kicked off a mode of transportation or out of somewhere. Karys was so glad her Hogwarts days of trouble were behind her.

"Business," Karys replied to the man's question while getting out her wand to fix her hair and makeup. "I would not be traveling by plane if this was for pleasure I can tell you that." Flying wasn't something Karys was keen on, she'd rather take a portkey or floo powder. So much unecessary hassle. Besides, she'd travelled more times by plane with her parents in her childhood than a muggle would she presumed.

"What about yourself?" Karys returned the question, now seemingly happy with her makeup and hair for the time being.
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Good-natured and an easy laugh he chuckled when the woman expressed her reluctance towards flying as a means for pleasure. "I find it somewhat calming," he expressed, aware of his unpopular opinion. "It allows me time to prepare for what awaits me across the pond." That remark might have been a hint that he was not traveling for pleasure, not that business was his intent either. "Family matters," he answered as his featured lost their joyful disposition.
 #39372  by Karys Montgomery
Karys raised her eyebrows, since when did anyone ever find flying in a plane calming? She could understand quidditch, but when you're stuck in a metal container flying through the air, having to trust that the pilot can actually fly the plane, calming was not the word to describe the experience for her. Once the plane was moving steadily, she got her bottle (which was now empty of any water), quietly cast aguamenti to refill it, and took a sip, glad to be refreshed once again.

"Gosh, if you need a whole flight to prepare you for facing your family, I hate to imagine what your family is like," Karys said. "I think I'd rather stick to Ministry business than dealing with complicated family matters! Is this a home journey for you then?"
 #39418  by Jude Darlington
"Not home no, I'm simply visiting my sister," he clarified with a slight smile. She was not a bad person or at least not bad enough that he could confirm her as such, but she was ambitious and did not leave any obstacles unshattered. "In fact, she works in your field. She's a Congresswoman, the Cloaking Party's Minority Leader to be precise."

People who knew of her either despised her of adored her, either way, his sister left no one indifferent.
 #39425  by Karys Montgomery
"Oh, wow," Karys wasn't sure what to say. She hadn't been working in the department for very long, but she had definitely heard of her, you'd have had to be under a rock since starting to not heard of her work. Karys had yet to meet her and she wasn't sure if she was quite ready to yet. From what she'd heard, there was nothing that could get in the way of this woman and her ambition, and she left most people terrified of her. Karys thought she sounded like quite the role model, perhaps in a few months time when she'd actually achieved something in the department, would she like to meet her.

"I'll be honest I've never met her, but I have heard many stories!" Karys said, "Can I ask what it's like having such an ambitious and determined sister?" Karys inquired. It was always interesting to hear about other people's siblings, Karys herself only had her twin, Kara, and they were as close to each other as you could get whilst they were growing up, but not everyone were that close to their siblings.
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He sighed though a smile curved the corner of his lips. "She excelled at everything. I quickly realize I could not compete with her." Ava had been the golden child and their parents were not the kind to reward mere participation.

"She was fiercely protective, she would never allow anyone to make fun of me. That was her job." He chuckled. "Do you have siblings?"
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"Wow, I can't pretend to know what that must've been like. You must've had quite the Hogwarts experience." Karys said. For half of her childhood, her parents hadn't been around to witness, praise, or even criticise the achievements or failures of her or her sister. Even now, she still thought back on what she could've done to get them to notice her.

"I have a twin sister actually," Karys said with a smile, "We were very close during school, we had each other's backs on most occasions but we did have a healthy sibling rivalry which I'm sure all siblings have." Karys definitely related to the need to be protective over her sister, especially during their time at Hogwarts. Kara always seemed to be the one that got picked on and that never sat right with Karys. She was glad Kara had finally found her own feet to stand on.
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"A twin? I always wondered what that would be like," he smiled shyly. He was sure many had already asked her the question that came to mind. He refrained from asking them. "Are you still close to her?" He asked instead.
 #39509  by Karys Montgomery
"Definitely a blessing and a curse. Our parents did the typical - let's dress them up identical - when we were growing up," Karys said with a shake of her head. "Hogwarts was definitely the best time to have a twin, lots of unspeakable things we got up to back then!"

"We are," she sounded resentful, thinking back to their recent argument. It was about boys, such a silly, petty argument and thinking back on it, she wasn't sure why they'd had such a disagreement in the first place. "Not as close as we once were, but I suppose that's the way of life! We've each got to go our separate ways at some point, right?"
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Jude nodded though the movement lacked conviction. The Darlingtons never really went their own way, they eternally remained under the domineering thumb of traditions and expectations.

"I'm sorry, I keep chatting, perhaps you intended to sleep," she apologized, it was a redeye flight after all.
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Karys noted the man's small nod, unsure whether he was just agreeing with her to be polite or not. Nevertheless, she didn't want to push any further, people's business was people's business, it wasn't her place to pry.

"Ah no, don't worry it's me that's doing all the talking!" Karys said, she always was a bit of a gossiper. "I'll leave you to your sleep, I should probably be getting some work done." She felt under her seat for her briefcase, trying not to look awkward or disrupt the other passengers around her.
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Jude nodded. He wouldn't have minded continuing their conversation, but he had intended to sleep. He placed his neck pillow and mask and eventually nodded off.

The pilot's announcing their decent woke him up. He pulled up his mask and glimpsed out of the window. They had definitely reached America. He turned to his seat neighbor. "Would you like to meet Minority Leader Darlington?" Ava would be waiting for him at the gate, why not offer the young woman a chance to meet her?