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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #39591  by Karys Montgomery
Karys had utilised the flight time well, managing to write up some notes, organise her diary for the next week and catch up on some essential reading which would no doubt be useful at the conferences. The last thing she wanted was to be unprepared, in front of many important people.

At the pilot's announcement, Karys roughly stuffed her belongings back into her briefcase and checked her hair and make-up, which had slowly become a mess as the flight had gone on. She noted the man she was talking to earlier had also woken from his slumber, asking her a question which she wasn't quite sure if she'd heard right.

"Are you serious?" Karys was momentarily unsure of what to say, it wasn't every day you got to the offer to meet someone you'd only heard about. "I mean, I would love to, that would be amazing."