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 #39729  by Leo Toscano
Folding a final tshirt and packing it into his trunk, Leo sighed. He had mixed feelings about returning to school tomorrow and it was difficult to name all of them. He pushed his trunk closed, sitting on the edge of it so that he could close it properly, before standing up and smacking his hands together. Whatever his feelings, finishing his packing was a job well done. He didn't need to check on his brother to know Alessio was barely done with his.

Finishing up meant that he had the whole rest of the day, but he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to do. Anything he thought up seemed kind of boring, and like he was just waiting to go back to school.

He wandered around his mother's home - it didn't feel quite like his yet - in search of her. If nothing else, one last day with his mum before returning to school would be time well spent.
 #39771  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson was reading over a contract -or rather was attempting to read over a contract- the words blurred and danced, leaving her to wander in a fog of belligerent thoughts. The boys were leaving and a small part of her couldn't help but feel relieved. Being back to school would give the boys a sense of normalcy, it would also give her some space. Space to process everything that had happened in the last week. She was an unworthy mother, wasn't she?

Sprawled on the sofa, a cold cup of coffee next to her on the small table, she left the contract rest on her chest, pushed her reading glasses atop her head, and closed her eyes.
 #39786  by Leo Toscano
Leo found his mother sprawled on the sofa. He felt his stomach twist as he saw her asleep. She deserved to rest, but he wanted to spend some time with her before he went back to school. He hovered in the doorway for a few moments, before creeping closer to the sofa. He gingerly sat down, trying not to wake her but shuffling as close as he could without touching. This would do for now, until she woke up.