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Ciceron had his nose in a book, eyes scanning the pages in great detail. He had been studying this particular book for several days, partially due to the fact it was the thickness of his head, and only part one of the trilogy. This would likely be the hardest of the series due to its winding information regarding the history and development of Occlumency.

Having spent the past couple of years in close contact with Nathan, even having move part of his studies to Iver Hall, he had found that it may be a wise idea to study a defense against the legilimens. Not that he assumed Nathan would use it on him for fun but...it was exactly that.
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Viola knew that Ciceron would have to be around here somewhere. She's already checked his study here, and checked around the library. Clearly, he must have been in the protected area of the library - it often reminded her of the forbidden section at Hogwarts. Silly, really. She bet that Nathan secretly missed Hogwarts where he was a Prefect with nothing better to do than order people around. Ugh.

Stepping up to the door, she lifted her wand, tapping it against the engravings in the wood. Lowly, she whispered a secret incantation, giving a few seconds before whispering another. The door seemed to breath life, and began to creak open, allowing access into the restricted area of the house. Without a word, she stepped in, smirking at the sight of Ciceron studying feverishly.

"Hi, Ronnie!"
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Ciceron lifted his head, looking over to her with confusion before rolling his eyes.

"Must you always seek me out like this? Can I not have a few hours of peace - and please - stop calling me Ronnie. You now better than that right now."

He sighed, leaning back from his studies and looking at her with a board expression.

"What do you want?"
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Ciceron blinked.

"I owe you nothing. An incorrect prediction does not change the fact that you was ignorant and unsafe with your actions. Had you just stuck to one guy, you wouldn't have been so unsure for the potion, and thus wouldn't be pregnant right now. But here you are. Believe me, it could be a lot worse. Now if you don't mind..."

He trailed off, reaching out for his book again.
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Snatching his hand away from her grasp, Ciceron sighed.

"Well, let's put it this way. Had it been mine, you wouldn't be able to speak to me right now as I would be furious and likely dealing with a furious bride too. Perhaps I would take it and raise it as my own. If it was Nathan's, then you would be dead where you stand; Astrid would not allow for you to keep that child, and most certainly wouldn't want to raise it. The best option for that would be for her to send the child away to be raised and have you locked up whilst making Nathan's life a misery, in turn making Nathan despise you too."

He pursed his lips, thinking who else.

"Caleb? Well...the child would either be sent away to another family member or put up for adoption, or you would be forced to marry him - which clearly wouldn't rank you up any higher. I'm not even going to begin getting into what would happen if it was Dice or Egan."
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"Maybe so, but he's also an Iver. He has the Iver traits physically and somewhat mentally - your child will look like an Iver. This is somewhat a salvageable situation, thankfully. He may not be Gavin Iver, but you at least stand a chance with making a name for yourself. You still get the Iver name, some money, some recognition, your children will look the part..."

He sighed.

"Look, if you plan to cheat on him, at least wait until you've finished with the child-bearing. Ivers don't divorce, and you will ruin both yours and Gavin's chances of a decent reputation."
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"Viola" Ciceron warned. "You took two doses of an incredibly strong potion and are still pregnant. I wouldn't risk anything with anyone, not even Aidan. Who knows what can happen; you need to give your body a break, at the very least."

He ran a hand through his hair.

"I'm almost certain that this wedding will happen very soon. You understand that, right? You will need to be married before the baby..."
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Viola frowned, looking away. She really did regret her actions, having finally found a man in Gavin that she wanted to be with. This sucked! She nodded, submitting to his words as she stepped towards his desk. On his pile of papers, she saw a Practical Potioneer's Magazine, one of the corners folded over. As she turned it to the saved page, she found her own article sitting there.

"What are you doing, stalking me?"
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"Is it possible to stalk someone you practically live with on mutual terms?" He asked, dragging his Occlumens book back to his lap to skirt his eyes over as he spoke.

"You're moving more into the limelight. I know the lengths of experimenting you've been doing and the discoveries you've made; I like to keep an eye on what you are telling your readers. This magazine is all well and good for the public's view of you, but I wouldn't want you to get in any trouble. Of course, I have ties with the editor to ensure I get a first draft. I haven't had to omit anything yet, but I do like to buy a full copy to make sure the final draft hasn't been tampered with. If so, then I can start pulling some strings."
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Ciceron flicked his eyes up.

"I am thoroughly proud of you. You make many mistakes and cause me a lot of migraines; I feel one coming on right now. But I am still proud of your efforts and recent decisions. Even with this pregnancy, you quickly came to your senses with the gravity of the situation and gave up what you was beginning to love. This is the best option for you, and you realised that."