A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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"Wonderful," he gestured towards the bartender and soon enough 3 new drinks arrived.

"Let's get to know each other then," he responded with Sophie's words in mind. "I'm William," he extended his hand towards them. "I could tell you about my family, my job and my hobbies, but that's all a little boring isn't it?" Donning on the rhetorical he continued. "I'd rather talk about something a little more interesting. Throwing caution to the wind, what is the one thing you have always wanted to do?"
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Sophie shot a lost glance sideways at Felix before looking back at the man. This was a situation she normally tried to avoid. Her mouth hung open as she scrambled to come up with an answer to his question, while also trying to ignore the fact that he was actually not that bad looking.

"I, uh..." she trailed off, still thinking. Finally, her brain caught up with her, and she blurted out the first thing she could think of. "Meet a Ramanga vampire," she said, with complete honesty. She nervously ran her fingers through her hair.
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"Risky." He punctuated his observation with an admiration whistle.

He had never interacted with a vampire, but could totally see why people would feel attracted to their alluring charisma. "And intriguing," he added as he leaned a little closer to her. She had definitely caught his attention. "May I ask why you'd like to meet a Ramanga vampire?"
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Ever the curious soul, Felix could see the appeal in Sophie's choice. Her career had given her the opportunity of meeting many fascinating people but never had she met a Ramanga vampire.

Interested in the answer to William's question, she paid close attention.
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Sophie instinctively leaned back, away from him, swallowing a small lump in her throat. She told herself to take a moment allowing herself to calm down before trying to respond.

"I research vampires for a living," she replied finally, offering what she hoped was a nonchalant shrug of a shoulder. "I'd like to see one in person, to see if they live up to my research." To her, it was interesting.
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"That's what you do for a living and you have yet to meet one?" There was no judgment in his tone, he was rather excited to hear she had yet to see her research reach its culmination.

He held his glass in front of him. "To encounters that exceed our expectations," he suggested as a toast as well as a wish for his new companion.
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Without hesitation, she clinked her glass against William's. It seemed to be an appropriate toast to celebrate this very evening.

Looking at her two drinking companions, the Radio Host considered William's question. "My answer pales in comparison," she managed her comrades' expectations. "I would like to travel," she shrugged off her lack of originality.
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Embarrassed, Sophie clinked her glass against the others and took a long sip. "My research focuses on Croatoan vampires," she all but mumbled, grateful that her original acquaintance took the attention.

She supposed she would try to steer the conversation down another path, turning to Felix. "Anywhere in particular?" she asked.
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"Oh," he nodded as he caught her mumbled clarification. "That explains it then," he offered a gentle smile. He heard Felix speak, but his eyes remained on Sophie. If it were not so impolite he would ignore their companion and focus his attention on her. He had so many followup questions.

Plying his attention from Sophie he turned towards Felix.
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Ever the romantic, Felix noticed William's lingering gaze. Smiling knowingly, she answered Sophie's question. "I would love to travel to Peru," she imagined herself backpacking through the country's mountain range.

"But eh," she looked at her wrist despite the absence of a watch. "As you know," she looked at Sophie. "I have to go home and sort out my," her hand gestured haphazardly as she struggled to find words to explain her current relationship problems. "You know what I mean," she finally said. "Thank you, you were a great help," she added.

She looked at William. "It was nice meeting you, please don't turn out to be a lunatic."
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Sophie tried her best to ignore the man, instead focusing on Felix and her answer. Peru would be interesting. She had read about Peru before.

And then the other woman was leaving. Sophie raised her hands and waved them, mouthing 'no', but to no avail. Soon, she was sitting there with the man, and she let her hands fall into her lap.

"You're not a lunatic, are you?" she asked, glancing across at him.
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"Nice to meet you as well," he barely had time to respond before the young woman took off.

"Open to meeting a Ramanga vampire, but not a lunatic. Noted," William chuckled. He took the seat Felix had vacated. "I am not a lunatic," he promised with a cheeky grin. "Tell me more about your research, it sounds like an interesting subject. Is it just desk work or do you go out in the field?"
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Talking about her research was something Sophie could do. "I do a lot of desk work. Lots of textbook research and fact-checking for the field workers. I prefer it, honestly." She offered a small shrug of her shoulder. "It's my strength, so I stick to it."

She glanced down, noting how close he was to her now. "And I've been interested in vampires for a long time. It's fascinating to compare what I have in the library with the new notes that come in from the field." Maybe this wasn't so bad. As long as they stuck to her job, she was good.

"What do you do?"
 #31936  by William Darlington
While he did not share her affinity for research, he envied how well she seemed to know herself. "I have yet to find my passion," he admitted glancing at his companion. "I currently work for an American politician," his mother, he purposefully omitted to mention. "But it's not a field I am compelled to pursue. I truly envy people like you, who have found their calling."

He took a long sip of his liquor. "How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to study vampires?" He asked a little more grimly.
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Sophie nodded thoughtfully. "You still have time," she said, in what she hoped was a comforting tone of voice.

As for her parents... "They weren't happy about the subject, but my aunt helped to warm them up to it. I've been fascinated with vampires since I was fourteen, after all. They wanted me to be happy, and completing research makes me happy, so here I am," she replied with another shrug, taking a quick sip.