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 #32075  by Sophie Crawford
Sophie took a long moment to weigh her options. On one hand, she barely knew this man. On the other, however, he was only asking to see her research, and she was more than willing to share it. "Sure," she said, finishing her own drink and rising to her feet. She then daintily placed her hand in his. "I'd be happy to." She gave him a small smile, hiding the nerves she was feeling.
 #32294  by William Darlington
Eyes wide in surprise and excitement, William took her hand.

Grinning, William weaved his way through the crowded establishment. "We are going to the ministry I presume," he theorized. While she may have been in the ministry at a late hour before, William had not and part of him felt as though they were breaking in. Aware that his excitement would expose him for the dork he could be he kept his excitement for himself. Except for the wide grin that refused to fade.
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Wait until her friends heard about this.

"Yes," she replied, swallowing back her nerves. "All of my work is there." Once they were outside the building, she turned to him. "Hold on," she said, turning on the spot and side-along apparating to the Ministry, where her work awaited.

It was dark in the Ministry, and she glanced sideways at him. "You have to stay with me. Don't go wandering off." Technically, she wasn't supposed to do this. Breaking the rules was a new thing for her.
 #32312  by William Darlington
Attempting to shake off the swirly feeling of apparition he tilted his head to the side. Realizing it only made it worse, he kept his eyes glued in front of him.

"I won't," he promised. His tongue felt thick in his mouth, alcohol and apparition truly did not mix well.

"Do you often work late?" He wondered though he felt he already knew the answer. "I can easily imagine you, immersed in research, losing track of time." Meanwhile, he left his workplace as soon as the clock struck 5.
 #32327  by Sophie Crawford
Somehow the alcohol wasn't affecting her too badly. Sophie led him through the Ministry to her department, once again answering his questions in a matter-of-fact way.

"I do, yes," she replied, shrugging a shoulder as she walked. "It happens a lot. I don't mind, though. I don't do much outside of work." It was the sad truth.

Finally they reached the Beast Division, and she made a beeline for her cubicle.
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She was at the Ministry late, filling out some paperwork when she heard the voices approaching. Grace lifted her head, arching an eyebrow. If she wasn't mistaken, it was Sophie, but she didn't recognize the other.

The vampire rose to her feet, a smirk planted on her face. "Would you look at this," she practically purred, taking in the sight, not missing that their hands were joined. "Interesting choice for a clandestine meeting. Does the big boss know you're sneaking people in after hours?" She flashed a grin at the man, showing off her pointed teeth.
 #32353  by William Darlington
So they were doing something clandestine! The flutters in his stomach only amplified when he noticed the blonde's sharp fangs.

"He does, I am Sophie's American counterpart," William explained in a flawless Texan drawl. With his natural gifts as a Metamorphmagus had come an unbending will to learn various accents. "You'll have to apologize for the late hour, I was more affected by jetlag than I thought," he offered as an explanation.

As for their linked hands that one would have to go unexplained unless Sophie had something to offer. Excited by his masquerade, he looked at her with his unflinching grin.
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Sophie noticeably grew tense at the sound of Grace's voice. The vampire had a way of getting under her skin, and she didn't like it. Thankfully, the man she was with was quick to jump in and offer an explanation. Now, hopefully Grace would accept it.

Unfortunately, she wasn't as quick on the draw to explain their hands, although she was quick to let go of his. "I didn't know you were still here," she said, her expression guarded.
 #32359  by Grace Wilder
Grace giggled. It was always fun to watch Sophie squirm. "Oh, apologies. Welcome to England," she again purred, stepping forward and extending her hand, making eye contact with him. "Aren't you handsome? Sophie lucked out," she added, breaking her gaze and glancing sideways at the brunette.

"I'm always here," she said, winking. "But I suppose if the two of you have business," she emphasized the word, "to discuss, then I won't bother you."
 #32364  by William Darlington
Taking no offense to Sophie's quick reflex, William used his liberated hand to shake Grace's. "That's mighty kind of you," he mimicked the overly polite humility he had encountered in the American south.

He ran a hand through his blonde hair. Enthralled by the playful, almost flirtatious tone Grace was using towards Sophie, William carefully watched as the two interacted.
 #32408  by Grace Wilder
Grace smirked, standing to the side. "Enjoy your time here," she said, shaking her head. Platinum blonde curls bounced as she glanced back at William.

"And be nice to her. Sophie doesn't trust people too easily," she added, in a knowing tone. This was fun. She would definitely tease Sophie about this later.
 #32409  by William Darlington
Distracted by the vampire, he did not immediately follow his guide. "A real gentleman," he promised with a slight nod. "Thank you for your hospitality," he said as he parted with the vampire. He pretended to tilt a cowboy hat towards her and then focused his attention back to Sophie.

"I had never met one before," he expressed enthusiastically in his own accent. "You have the best job." He could not recall feeling anything similar when performing his own professional duties.
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Sophie shifted uncomfortably. "That was Grace, one of our Fleur du Sang consultants. She can be rather forward," she said, leading him to her cubicle which, thankfully, was far away from the vampire's work station.

She wasn't really sure how to respond to him saying she had the best job since, while she did love her job, it was more complicated than that. "It is extremely satisfying to carry out this research," she agreed, picking out one of her files. "Sometimes I wish I didn't have to work with others, though." Sophie fell silent, thumbing through the file until she found the page on Croatoan vampire abilities.

"This was my most recent finding," she said, holding it out to him.