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 #30447  by Noah Fitzralph
Location: Bournemouth, Noah's Home • Date: August

Hovering outside Olive's room, Noah looked at the girl sitting in the middle of her floor playing with a wooden doll house that once belonged to his sister (a gift from his mother) and a handful of dolls not much bigger than her hand (a gift from Alexis). She'd been playing in her bedroom quietly and happily for the better part of the morning, had asked to be excused after they'd eaten breakfast together, Noah had nodded 'yes' and watched her go.

Olive had been living with him for three weeks now and she had adjusted so quickly that it had surprised him. He kept waiting for the girl to react in some negative way, kept watching for any telltale signs that she was struggling, but he had yet to find anything. Olive seemed...happy. She hadn't asked about her mother, not once, but she also wasn't calling him 'Dad'. This he couldn't help but feel relieved about, even if it made him feel incredibly guilty also.

If Olive was struggling in anyway, Noah was yet to see it.

"Hey Kiddo," He said, knocking on the door jamb. The spare bedroom had been transformed in the last three weeks and it no longer looked like the plain beige room that he never went into. It was very obvious that a child lived in there now. "She's gonna be here in about ten--" Noah was cut off by three sharp knocks coming from the front door.

Well, it seemed that his usually late sister was early for once in her life.
 #30605  by Nola Fitzralph
The retired athlete discovered quickly that spending money on someone other than herself was oddly... therapeutic. Something about the altruism of it made the whole experience strangely justified. There was certainly not a smidgeon of guilt when she dropped a hefty sum over a set of self-refilling coloured-ink quills at Scrivenshaft's. None now either, as she handed over the coins in exchange for a simple brown paper bag from the gruff man in an apron behind the counter. Nola peered over the rim and smiled, wide and approving, as she stepped out of the bakery and headed down the street toward her brother's apartment.

Did Olive really needed a bag full of meringues?

Well, they would have to find out.

She gave three staccato knocks, almost a singsong announcement of her arrival. Nola stood on the porch to her brother's home and waited, remembering not to lean her weight on her right knee just as the healers had said not to, trying to ignore the unfamiliarity of the front door and the clearly-worn doormat and the surroundings that made up her only full-blooded brother's life. Nola knew, by now, that Olive must have already met their mother, and probably Thorfinn and the younger ones, too. It was not a surprise that she was invited later.

It was just how things... were, with Noah and Nola. Every time they seem to grow a little closer, something happened in the way to draw them apart again somehow, even if only by distraction.

At least she was being invited to see Olive. Nola wondered if their father was ever going to meet his newfound granddaughter.
 #30788  by Olive Tate
Perking up at the voice, Olive turned to see Noah leaning against her door jamb and she immediately smiled at him. Her father was very tall, taller than she had ever realized when watching him play Quidditch for many years, but now, now he towered over her, like some sort of...super hero. She had her very own super hero. Watching him from from afar was nothing compared to the real thing.

Nodding at his words, she dropped her doll, Stella, to the floor just as the knocking started. Looking at Noah, she waited a moment before standing, her other doll, Lily, clutched tightly in her left hand.

"Is that her?" She asked. The man nodded and then indicated that she should follow him.
 #30789  by Noah Fitzralph
Leading Olive to the front door, she looked down at her as she looked up at him, and for the first time since he'd found out about her, he felt his heart skip a beat. The girl looked at him like he was her savior and it made him feel...warm.

Resting a hand on her shoulder, Noah reached for the door and pulled it open to reveal his sister on the other side, "Hey Nola," He greeted his sister.
 #33224  by Nola Fitzralph
Nola. Not sis, not some cutesy childhood nickname they might have invented had they been allowed to grow up together. There was the occasional visit, the odd memory of a slightly larger hand that wrapped around hers and a crayon on a drawing parchment, but by the time she turned twelve, Nola had a whopping two lipsticks and no brother. Though, that was not anyone's fault.


"Hi! It's good to see you, Noah," his full-blood sister smiled, so effervescent that she could never be mistaken for otherwise. There was a fleeting hesitation, less than half a blink, before she leaned in for a loose hug and a brief kiss against his warm cheek. Then, almost as if it had never happened, she was pulling back, turning instead toward the youngest of them all, the same blue eyes that the child might recognize on her own father brightening with earnest. Nola stooped to a crouch, the lines of her face softening, tensed shoulders easing without her even realising as she searched for her brother in his daughter.

"Why hello, Olive."

In truth, she did not quite know what she was expecting, if she was expecting anything at all. She would not have recognised the young girl in a different place and circumstance. Little Olive did not have Noah's and Nola's height, nor did she have Avery's and Lycoris' assuredness that came from growing up in a loving, stable home. There was much of a stranger in her still-fledgling features, which was probably to be attributed to her mother whom none of the family have never actually met.

At least Nola had not.

Olive had their eyes—blue, of a midnight sea or a perfect robin's egg. That was a start. That was good enough.

Nola's smile warmed, and she extended a hopeful hand for her niece to shake.

"I'm Nola. I am very excited to meet you."
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Bouncing on the balls of her feet, Olive smiled at the pretty blonde in front of her and reached her own hand out to shake the slim one before her.

"Hi," She chirped, looking up at her father and then smiling when he nodded at her. Olive then turned her smile towards Nola, her aunt. "You look like my Dad."
 #33418  by Noah Fitzralph
Sucking in a breath as Nola moved in and hugged him, landing a light kiss on his cheek. Once upon a time Noah would have gladly welcomed his sisters show of love, but so much had happened between them over the past few years. Images of his sister intoxicated and throwing herself at his teammates, his rivals, flashed through his head. So did other, more darker, more morbid images and they made his stomach churn. The fear of losing his sister had caused him to push her away and the wall that he had built felt almost impenetrable. He had to let her through though, if only for Olive.

Stroking his thumb across Olive's shoulder, he took a step back and attempted to form a gentle, kind smile, "Come in, Nola. Please."
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Of all the words, those were not what Nola expected to hear. The plainness of it, of the child, struck into her newly introduced aunt like a derailed broom plunging off tracks and left Nola momentarily at loss of words, and the radiant expression that had only few seconds ago lit upon her face with Olive's own eyes faltered likewise to a barefaced surprise as if itself was a broom spinning out of control. The athlete's sole full-blood sister glanced in sheer reflex toward her brother, as something else suddenly sprung up in her chest that felt almost like childish, giddy glee. Did she?

Maybe? There were the eyes, of course. Matthew's eyes, but Noah had inherited his rough-chiselled features in Lisbeth's darker colouring whereas Nola looked a somehow mismatching, softer version of their mother were Lisbeth to have been born with her former husband's dirty, near-copper blonde. But, there were hints, shadows of one in the other.

The jaw? It was probably the jaw.

"Oh." His words followed swiftly to return Nola to the now and she glanced back toward Olive. "Yes, of course, Oh, here," glancing down at the paper bag in her hands, then back at Olive as she then offered with a radiant smile the small paper bag filled with mini cream-filled meringues in an assortment of colours, "I brought some treats! You would not believe how good these are."

Sugar, another in a long list of vices, some harder to quit than others.

"And thanks for having me, by the way."

Nola rose to a stand and stepped tentatively across the threshold at the invitation, as new to Noah's apartment as his own child was, eyes flickering involuntarily and almost immediately with curiosity toward the interior as if to somehow scour for pieces of her brother's personality.
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Grinning from ear to ear, Olive watched with eager eyes as Nola held out a paper bag. Looking to Noah on instinct, not used to being offered gifts from well...anyone, she barely had to wait a second before her father nodded and she reached for the offering. Immediately she tore open the bag and took in the assortment of sweets.

"What are they?" She asked after her father had shut the door, her gaze still on the delicious looking treats she held in her hands. "Are they really for me?" Olive then said next, not realizing how odd her question would seem to her Aunt, a stranger by all means except blood.
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Holding a hand out for Nola's coat, he shrugged, "You don't have to thank me, Nola." Was all he said, not knowing how to explain that meeting Olive was a right, not an offering. Noah had a daughter, and that meant he owed it to her to introduce her to everyone, to her family. Nola might be a stranger to him, of his own-doing he was sure, but he would make certain that she would be everything and more to his daughter.

Tapping his wand against the material of his sister's coat, it lifted from his hand and floated into the closet that seemed too full for the space that was there. Lowering his gaze, he nodded, "Yeah, they're for you." He answered Olive with a small smile, "But you're only allowed one because our Aunt Nola and I are going to be making dinner soon, so you need your appetite." Noah looked to Nola almost fearfully, hoping the blonde wouldn't protest to much. They needed to talk. He owed his little sister an explanation...for many things, Olive's appearance included.