A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32351  by Avery Falstolfe
"If you want to manage at least half of that we probably can't stay here forever. Plus they will eventually need us in lessons... but I think there is no rush right now." the time probably ran quite quickly, but he still saw many people flying around in the distance so there was still time.
"So yeah, eventually we need to go back," he confirmed.
 #32376  by Olivia Stone
"Sadly." Olivia said, leaning back against another branch. "Y'know, there should be a trip to Hogsmeade soon; the last time I went there I never wanted to come back. Not that I don't like Hogwarts but sometimes it's nice to be away..."
 #32396  by Avery Falstolfe
"Is that a subtle hint that we might go together? Or is that just incredibly presumptuous of me?" he asked slightly nervously. It was true that Hogsmead was a nice place. Almost an isle of calm in this chaotic world of magic...
"Because I wouldn't be against it..." he added
 #32439  by Olivia Stone
Olivia smiled a little to herself, but waited a few seconds before looking over to him.

"Yeah...yeah it was presumptuous." She teased. "But you're right. It would be definitely be fun to go together - promise."

She held her hand out, pinky finger raised.Clearly, she wanted to pinky swear.
 #32445  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery just overlooked the small tease since he probably asked for it.
"Fair enough, I'll take you on that," it was always more fun to go with a friend.
And while he never took things like pinky-swear quite seriously he wasn't against it so he sealed the deal.