A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31636  by Olivia Stone
"A wild boar!?" She gasped, staring at him with eyes as wide as dinner plates. "Whoa! I've never even seen one of those before, that's kind of insane...I guess I remember getting followed by a cow in a field once but never chased." She mused.

And then looking up the tree again, she tipped her head.

"I kinda wanna sit on that really tall branch up there. You see it? Bet there's a great view...never really appreciated how easy being a witch could be;kind of makes me sad that I didn't appreciate the efforts I made before to do things..."
 #31638  by Avery Falstolfe
"You haven't? Well, you missed very little. This one was protecting it's young so it was a wee bit dangerous," it was a funny story now but back then it really really wasn't.
"It's not like magic takes no effort though. You have to learn each spell as much as you need to learn to climb a tree. So sure, now you can easily fly to the top, but just because someone made a broom. You might as well say it's easy to climb it if you had a ladder. And if you want to climb it then do it. I won't stop you and while I have no desire to climb it I can join you up there on the broom," he really wasn't a wordsmith...
 #31905  by Olivia Stone
Olivia blinked at Avery. He seemed to be chattering away about climbing versus flying. but then again, she had been exceptionally chatty throughout all of this.

"Hmm...you know what? I might actually take you up on that." And with that, she carefully placed her broom down and stepped toward the tree, a full intention to climb it. Already, she had reached up, trying to get to a low hanging branch to use as leverage.
 #31907  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery jumped on his broom and forced it to slowly levitate him to the top of the tree. It surely was easier than climbing the tree but perhaps Olivia was right that it didn't have the feeling of accomplishment.
"You can do it!" he tried to cheer her up a little.
 #31917  by Olivia Stone
Olivia grinned. She'd forgotten how fun this could be! She hoisted herself up onto a low branch, hearing it make a slight creaking below her as she balanced to reach up further. She began to pull herself up, fingers curling around the bark.

"This...is a lot....harder...than I....remember..." She spoke between huffing and puffing. She was about half way now, letting out a little squeak as she pulled up further. "Maybe magic is a little easier...and I'm out of practice..."
 #31919  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery was still hovering next to the tree trying to keep at the same hight as Olivia.
"I think you are doing just fine, well, certainly much better than I would do," he said. Though he wouldn't say so out loud he had his wand prepared to catch her with a levitation spell if something would fail horribly.
He didn't say anything else since he didn't want to ruin her concentration.
 #31927  by Olivia Stone
Olivia continued to struggle, her little arms pulling her up further . Perhaps she should have tied her broom to her back so she could fly back down, but apparently this was the choice she'd made. She grimaced slightly as she had to force herself to contort into a funny position just to get a little higher.

After some struggling, she managed to get to the top, perching herself on a heft branch and grinning as she looked across the grassy area.

"See, told you I was an awesome climber." She called over to Avery.
 #32167  by Avery Falstolfe
Once Olivia finished her climbed Avery flew a bit closer,
"I never doubted... though we probably can agree that you are a bit... rusty," he said. In Hogwarts, there were surprisingly few ways to train this skill. Unless you really wanted to visit the Forest...
"Interesting, they wanted us to bond by flying and all we needed was some tree climbing," he had to laugh a little.
 #32173  by Olivia Stone
Olivia laughed a little.

"Well, yeah, I guess that's exactly what we needed." She grinned widely. She shuffled a little, leaning against the branch. "So...now would you consider us friends? After all, I trusted you to tell someone if I fell and broke my arm just then. That requires a lot of trust, y'know."
 #32178  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery nodded a few times.
"Yeah, sure. Though if you fell down and broke your arm or something I would probably panic and require your help to get together," he was only half-serious. Hopefully, he would help before he would panic too much. Fortunately, he never was in this situation before.
"Let's be friends," he offered
 #32184  by Olivia Stone
Olivia grinned widely. "Yeah, friends." She confirmed.

She thought for a moment, and then looked over to him.

"Do you panic in situations like that? I'd like to think I'd be brave but I really don't know...sometimes things are just too intimidating."
 #32187  by Avery Falstolfe
"I don't know. I never was in a situation like that and I really do hope I never will, " he said honestly.
"I think I can deal with danger to myself but it's more difficult to worry about others... " he really wasn't sure how he would react but he hoped he would hold together until the danger would be over. ¨
"Luckily, magic would just allow me to shoot some sparkles in the sky and all the others would be here before I could start worrying." it would be much easier with a big group around like this
 #32195  by Olivia Stone
Olivia smiled a little.

"Shoot some sparkle? Is that what we're calling it now?" She asked, laughing a little. "I mean, technically that's what it is, right? I never really thought of it like that but...it's kind of funnier to think of it that way." She grinned.

"When I grow up, I want to be the best sparkle shooter."
 #32262  by Avery Falstolfe
Avery stood puzzled for a moment.
"I don't mean any specific spell, just you know... sparkles," he waved his wand in the air, shooting some colorful sparks out of it aimed to the ground as to not alarm anyone around.
"You are going to have a very colorful future with being a professional Quidditch player, the... other thing you talked about, professional tree-climber and the best sparkle shooter in the business," he pointed out.
 #32336  by Olivia Stone
Olivia blinked, and then smirked.

"Oh, yeah...I did say that.I really can't make up my mind what I wanna be. Quidditch player, tree climber, sparkle shooter, and also an investigative journalist. So many things, so little time." She sighed as she looked out. "I wish we could stay here forever, but I guess we have to go back eventually, right?"