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Magda couldn't believe she was doing this. She'd left a gathering for this - this. She could be missing an opportunity to flirt with the men! In fact, she couldn't help but wonder that had she just waited a few more shots, she could have been doing a similar journey on the arm of a handsome chap.

Merlin, did she want that.

She sounded desperate. That was likely because, yes, she was indeed extremely desperate. Freddie had asked if they got up to solo activities within the past three days. HA! Three days!? More like three hours! In fact, just before Jodie arrived to meet her before they set off. Not that it matter but...she couldn't resist. Right now, however, it was beside the point.

And with that, she stepped up and knocked confidently (if not a little inebriated), on Simon Cleary's door.
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A few moments went by, but finally the door opened, and there stood Simon, blinking and looking very confused as he looked back at Magda.

He wore a white tank, grey sweats, and there was a towel around his neck that he briefly used to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Behind him in the living room were various weights and a pull up bar in on the doorways.

"Eklund..." he said with a nod, glancing past her before looking back into her eyes and saying, "Can I help you?"

Likely a private message from Astrid. He would try and forget their last meeting for the moment...
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Magda flicked her eyes up at him, and...well, the Sprig clearly influenced her since she instinctively began to trail her focus down his very toned body. Merlin. If he wasn't a jerk or a creep, maybe she would try to hook up with him. There was nothing sexier than a man that worked out, in her opinion, anyway.

Well...she supposed humour was also very attractive. As was charm. And spontaneity. There were a lot of attractive things to look for.

She shook her head a little to get out of the daze, refocusing her attention on his face.

"Mr Cleary...er...uhm..." She had not planned this far ahead. "You need to come out with me. I mean...have a drink with me. Well not...not me but, well - yes me - but not just me. I'm not asking you out!"

She slapped her hand on her forehead.

"Just...come have a drink or two with us..."
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Simon stared at her like a deer in head lights. It suddenly... all made sense!

Magda had a huge crush on him and she was finally giving into it. That and he could tell she was high. Apparently it was making her speak truths. It was no wonder... it would have taken a lot for her to come and ask him out like this... even if it was in this confusing, round about way. How long had this been going on? Must have been creeping in for a long time, but she had really been denying he feelings. He had not suspected at all!

Simon gazed back at her a moment in silence, looked her over, then rubbing the back of his neck a bit awkwardly he said, "Wow.. I.. uhm... this is very flattering Magda. And I'm not saying I haven't thought about it as well. I mean clearly there has been some sexual tension between us and all. I would not mind enjoying you between the sheets, or even seeing if something could develop beyond that. But... truth is I think it would hurt your friend Jodie. Even if she isn't feeling friendly towards me any more she did have a crush on me and all and I just don't want to get between your friendship so..."

Wow... wait... why was Magda's face turning beet red?...
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Magda stared at him, mouth half open in disbelief. And then finally, she spoke.

"Did a weight drop on your head or something?! What did I just say? I'm not asking you out, moron." She pushed his shoulder, gritting her teeth as she crossed her arms and looked away.

Maybe the redness was not entirely from anger. He would do her? So what!? Wasn't like she'd do him too - she'd have to be immensely drunk, she was sure!

"I came here for Jodie. She's too shy to ask you herself after what happened, so I came to do it for her. For someone who's supposed to be really perceptive, you're really dumb. " She said, still unable to look at him.
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"Uhm... what?" said Simon, looking terrible confused, his own cheeks reddening a bit.

Apparently he had been terribly mistake.

"Well you aren't very clear," he added, scratching his head.

He felt he should probably admonish her for shoving and name calling someone who was technically her superior but... he wasn't exactly use to this position. That and he was very distracted by her words and would rather get to the bottom of it.

"What do you mean ask me for Jodie? To go out for drinks? You want me to go have drinks with you and Jodie right now?" Knitting his brows he said, "I am sort of avoiding her at the moment. I don't think you really know what you are talking about. We had one good night aboard a ship. As friends. And basically everything I have done since then has just lowered me in her opinion. Anything I have said or did or told her about myself has made her draw back further as if I were some strange, dangerous, impossible creature. My plan is to just cool it for a few months and then maybe she will be friendly with me again. That is the extent of my dreams with her."
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Magda groaned, bringing her hand up and pinching the bridge of her nose.

"So clueless...so, so clueless it's unreal."

She dropped her hand, and then looked him in the eyes.

"She likes you. More than likes you. She won't stop talking about you, actually, and it's getting annoying. Simon this - Simon that. All night she's been watching the door to see if you'll turn up. And quite frankly, she's just isn't as fun anymore. Yeah, so what you said some creepy-ass shit to her, believe me...I know."

She gave him a significant look.

"And yet despite that, she sees something in you; I mean she must be looking deeeeep down, but she is a lot more comfortable in situations when you're around. And, well..." She sighed. "I sorta think you're good for her in a way. I think it's time for her to start being herself...truly herself. She told me what happened on the boat; she showed you her true self. She doesn't just do that. I dunno what it is, but maybe she just trusts you."

"I'm not saying go out there and make it your mission to sleep with her. But she really needs a friend right now, and I think she wants you to be that friend."
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'Really? Oh... ok..." said Simon, not looking entirely convinced. "Uhm... Wait right...no." he glanced behind him, then said, "Come in, I just need to change quick.

Stepping back into his studio flat he said, "Where are you both hanging out? Did she say something tonight? Like... what does she say exactly?"

He snatched up a clean t shirt and jeans from his dresser, then taking them into the bathroom he left the door ajar so he could hear Magda as he splashed water and soap on himself quickly, saying as he did,

"But if she makes a face and leaves... you owe me a drink at least for coming out, ok?"
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"Well, it's not just us two because that would be weird and awkward. We're not going to start a threesome..." She stared at the door. "Although...that would be really hot, though. Jodie is pretty hot...in her fake form and her real form..."

She trailed off. Damn that sprig! She shook her head.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. She talked about you before the others arrived. She called you intelligent, ambitious, errrrr...passionate, I think? I dunno, I can't remember if I was really listening. I just know she was talking about you and why she liked you."

Magda leaned over as thought trying to peak through the door, but then corrected herself, and instead stepped over to the weights. Whoa, he could lift a lot!

"We're currently at the Blood Moon with Florian. Jens, Freddie, this woman called Nahlahla, and then this other woman called Ara. Never met those two before but they seem cool. I was gonna try and move us to a nightclub or something since Freddie started buying us shots. Jodie has sometimes slipped out of her disguise the more relaxed she is, so I'm thinking that if she was in the dark, she might feel even more comfortable. I dunno, just a theory."
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Simon paused for a moment as she said "night club". He wasn't so keen on that idea. Night clubs were not really his idea of fun. But pulling his shirt over his head and slipping on his jeans he said, "Yes, well... whatever you and Jodie want to do I suppose..."

Entering the room once more he slipped his wand and wallet into his pockets, then said, "You uhm... you won't tell her what I said to you, right? the misunderstanding? She tends to judge me pretty harshly these days and... well she might take it the wrong way. I mean if you want to say I turned you down but, you know... not the rest about the sexual tension."
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"Huh?" Magda furrowed her brows at him. "Ew, no. I'm tryna make her happy, not upset."

She rolled her eyes.

"What is it with me, anyway? Every guy I like turns me down, and now guys that I don't like at all are turning me down as well! Why doesn't every man just line up and take a turn in shaking his head at me and saying 'sorry, it's just not for me'. It feels like you're all trying to build up my sexual frustration, or just wear me down so much that I'll settle for anything." She snapped her eyes to him. "And what did you even mean 'sexual tension', anyway? Don't you mean bitter resentment?"
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Simon stared back at her a moment in silence, then said, “uhm... men turn you down? Do you not remember begging the room for a kiss on New Years Even, and then turning me down and ignoring me the rest of the evening?”

Moving towards the door then he said, “And I told you.. forget about the sexual tension thing.”
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Magda crossed her arms.

"Yeah, I turned you down because you're a jerk. Why would I want to kiss your for New Years? We've never displayed any sort of friendliness and suddenly you throw that at me."

But as he moved, she stepped to the side to block him.

"Where are you seeing the sexual tension. I won't ignore it; what are you seeing that apparently leads you to think that?"
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Simon stared back at her a moment, strait into her eyes. What was so hard about this? didn't she know? He was a weird, awkward, creep who apparently had a hard time understanding complicated human emotions and signals. What did she want him to say?!

But finally he said, "I don't know... I like women that like fighting and martial arts and such. I am attracted to those that have a warrior spirit. And I also find myself really attracted to women I have to win over... or that like me despite themselves. I guess I thought we had a sort of weird connection. We hunted down your sister, found her, regretted feeling forced into doing it. We both had trouble reconciling our relationship with her..." Knitting his brows he said, "I don't know I... am sort of drawn to toxic relationships... or ones with the potential to be toxic. And saying that all out... yeah..." he rubbed the back of his neck, sighed, then said, "It's just... the really screwed up pattern of my life. That's why I wish I could be with Jodie. She doesn't fit the formula... I mean besides the playing hard to get part only... she isn't really playing. She likes me, but she also dislikes a lot of things about me. She's afraid of them even. And the truth is I don't really like those parts of me either. She gives me a reason to reject them instead of embrace them. I like to go for women that are attracted to my darkness. Because it's easy then. It's easy to seduce them that way. It's easier to embrace ones flaws then work on ones virtues... which I don't feel I have any of at the moment."

He cleared his throat, then said, "Well you get it, right? what are your flaws? You are kind of desperate for a man, right? So I suppose you will go for the next attractive man who is happy to encourage you to hop right into bed with him before you even know him. Just so you don't have to be alone at night. It's easier then having standards and searching around longer, right? If I knew you other flaws I am sure I could give better examples..."

Because clearly she would have just loved that..
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Magda stared at him. Okay, sure, she had definitely felt that sort of tension. But the more he spoke, the more she began to scowl, pursing her lips tightly.

"Yeah. Stick with Jodie. She has standards, so you're gonna be kept high and dry for a long time - be warned with that. So many nights of yearning, only you to keep yourself from going mad with lust. And then she'll invite you back, you'll think that's it, you made it, and then she will want to cuddle all night long, fully clothed, whilst you try to awkwardly pull your hips as far away from her out of fear of showing her exactly how desperate you're becoming. After that, one of three things will happen; you go ahead and try to convince her, you adhere to her will and be patient, or you will find the nearest warm body you can."

"So, yes. I am desperate. Sure. But so are you. You're desperate for someone who doesn't make you feel like shit; I'm desperate to just...feel something with someone. And why should anyone care? Why is it a flaw? I just want to have a bit of fun - the fun I've been denied for so many years." She shrugged. "You don't know me. Maybe I don't want a meaningful relationship like you apparently want. Maybe I just want to have the opportunity to enjoy myself."