A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Magda raised her brows, but then jogged after him.

"Okay, fine-fine!" She called after him. "Fine, help me...I'll try not to be defensive but...even if you say it's normal, it's still embarrassing. I don't talk about these things with anyone, not even Jodie. I mean, of course not with Jodie; she gets too uncomfortable about it..."
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Magda bit her lip, thinking for a moment. She didn't seem nearly as bothered by the chill; Sweden was far colder than England.

"I guess...I guess Jens. I like something in all of them, but he just seems to embody more of what I like. He's young, playful, adventurous, but...her also said something that really struck me. We were playing 'Never Have I Ever', and he admitted to having a threesome. It turned out that it was between two men and one woman, and yet, despite mocking from Freddie, he kind of just shrugged it off. I liked the approach to that; he embraced it and didn't get really defensive and argumentative about it. It was a bit more of a mature side to him, I guess. But then he was right back to teasing and he seemed more youthful again. That and he;s attractive but...I dunno. He's not as abrasive as Freddie, and he's not as aloof as Florian. He's a good medium."
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Simon looked up thoughtfully as she spoke, trying to recall, but finally he said, "Ah... he was the German. Right. Ok... and that gives me an idea of your type. I think you need to focus in on why you like him, and find others that are like him as well. I think you might find more success. But I don't know."

Looking curiously at her then, he said, "Who all has turned you down?... If you don't mind me asking."
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Magda sighed.

"Well...not...I mean, okay maybe not technically turned me down but more...preoccupied with someone else. Or with good reason not to pursue me. I feel a bit cursed, if I'm honest. But certainly Ivan. Marcus, Caleb, you just now even though I wasn't trying to get with you, Florian too but that was because Mrs Iver intervened. A couple of others that shied away..."
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"Uh huh..." said Simon with a nod. "Sounds like you just had a run of bad luck... or you find men who are taken appealing. And I don't mean you do it on purpose. There are jokes about this you know? People say all the time that after they got a girlfriend, or boyfriend, or got married... that suddenly they seemed to be getting hit on more. Supposedly people in a relationship just have more confidence pouring off of them, they are more at ease in social gatherings because they are not trying to hook up with anyone, polite because they aren't making awkward sexual jokes to get attention, they feel better about themselves because someone is with them, and so on and so forth. You are attracted to and trust confidence and ease in another person. You are attracted to the qualities a person often shows when taken. Ease your mind with that that."
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Magda stared at him, was about to speak, and then closed her mouth again. She seemed to be doing that a lot. She originally thought that he was abrasive and blunt but apparently he could be rather perceptive and thoughtful. She looked up at him.

"What things are you attracted to? What is it about Jodie that's attractive, other than he not bringing out the worst in you?"
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But frowning, Simon said, "What more does a person need?"

He didn't want to talk about it. Definitely not to Magda. She would tell Jodie and Jodie would read something wrong into it.

He just wanted to get to the Inn now...
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Magda furrowed her brow.

"Erm...something less, selfish, right? We just talked about it, didn't we? You can't just try to be with someone because of the way they make you feel about yourself. Do you think she's funny? Smart? Knowledgeable? Charming? Interesting? Pretty?" Magda questioned. "What, is it just some big secret? You get to know what she likes about you but you won't spill on what you like about her?"
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Magda furrowed her brows even deeper.

"That's it? Seriously?"

With that, she paced in front of him, and then stopped him in his tracks.

"You're seriously saying she's pretty and err uhm interesting? And that's all? For real? It almost sounds like you are more attracted to the idea of her 'fixing' you and your problems than anything else." She scowled. "I don't want to see my best friend get used by you..."
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"That makes two of us," said Simon, shifting on his feet, "Now will you stop with the interrogation? You were volunteering information for me and asking for my advice. I did not do the same to you. Maybe you should remember I am your superior at work and you would do best not to be disrespectful to me."

And with that he stepped around her and moved towards Knockturn Alley.
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"You're really gonna pull rank on this?!" She exclaimed, pacing after him.

"I have no idea what she sees in you! You're completely infuriating!" She growled, crossing her arms but deciding not to ask again. Clearly he wasn't going to share.