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"Ok," said Simon, raising his brows, "I wasn't trying to insult you. Think of some other flaw then and how it's easier when the people around you encourage it rather then hold you accountable. That's all I was saying. So you want to just sleep with whoever. And you know you won't get hurt in the end. Good. That's good for you."

Looking at her with confusion then he said, "But how the hell could you possibly know all that about Jodie? How do you know what it would be like. You never dated her... right?"

She did say something about a threesome being hot... but he figured that was just her desperation showing through
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Magda stared at him, bewildered.

"Wow...you really are horny. You're not gonna last a week."

She shook her head.

"No, I didn't date her. We talk; she told me that that was exactly what happened with a past boyfriend. Who knows, maybe she changed. But with the way she still talks, and how she's been a little shy during any sort of invasive questions, she's likely not gonna be easy pickings for you. You already know that, I guess." She shrugged.

Not that Magda wouldn't try and date her, though...
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Simon looked at her in utter confusion.

"I'm... really horny? what?.."

Where had that even come from?!

Shaking his head he said, "Maybe you are judging me too harshly. I haven't slept with anyone for months Magda. Because of Jodie. Because I wanted a chance with her. Maybe I really am ok waiting. You don't know."
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Magda narrowed her eyes, then stepped closer.

"Are you sure you're totally fine with it? No deep longing? No ache in the pit of your stomach? No tossing and turning all night?" She tilted her head. "What are you? Some kind of automaton with the ability to turn the sex drive on and off?"
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"Well I don't know!" said Simon, taking a step back from her. "Maybe I won't be fine. Maybe I will toss and turn. Are we really talking about me any more? I'm not even with her. Merlin Magda... get a hold of yourself. Look, you want to go home with someone tonight? Done. We will go to the bar, and I promise you will have someone to take home. Ok? Alright? Cross my heart. It will happen. Clearly you are not good at reading people. I'll let you know all your prospects."
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Magda recoiled slightly. But then she bit her lip, and took a shaky breath.

"Simon can I ask you a genuine question?"

She swallowed.

"Is there something wrong with me? I mean...have you known other women to be this forceful and needy for sex? I don't really know as the main people I hang out with is Jodie, who hates even the mention of it, and men. I...well, it feels like I think about it all the time. Jodie says it's shallow, and maybe it is but...I keep thinking it's because it's been so long and I'm at the end of my rope with it. Have you ever just felt like everything revolves around sexuality and satisfying urges? Have you ever been with a woman like that, someone who was so insatiable?"

She grimaced.

"I er...I almost feel like a celibate slut..."
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"Yes..." said Simon, almost at once. "Her name was Yuli. and she was beautiful, full of life, friendly... she slept with me very quickly, and anytime I wanted after. She did everything to make sure she was everything I could want. She liked everything about me. No complains. she was so desperate to make me happy, and to be exactly what I wanted, how I wanted, how I wanted it. And it was great at first, but it quickly became stifling. She could offer nothing new to the relationship because it was all about desperately pleasing me. I felt like she was just so crazy about me and I was still just trying to get to know her. In the end I... sort of backed off a bit to get my barrings, and she was onto someone else who asked her to go to bed with them."

Simon shrugged, then said, "It's not the exact same situation. she was desperate for love. You are desperate for sex.. maybe also for love. Who knows. It's all for an emotional gratification in the end, isn't it? If not we would all be content with a few toys and our own hands. But my point is... desperation is not very attractive. It shows weakness, and lack of confidence. And it's not flattering to your companion that is made to feel it could have been him, or his friend, or the guy at the end of the bar. Men don't just like to chance because it's in our dna to hunt. It's also because we like to think the woman has standards and that we met those standards. That we beat out other men that were less then us. I guess you could call it ego. Look.."

Simon looked up thoughtfully a moment, then looking back at her he said, "That night we played spin the bottle, I did not have my eye on your sister at all. I mean she was of course attractive, but she was also cold and distant. I didn't think of her as a possibility. and then she dragged me into a back room closet, angrily shoved my back to the wall, kissed me, and then went onto say she did not like men. she liked women. she had always liked women over men. And yet of all men... she was undeniably attracted to me. Against her will! I could not help but be flatter out of my mind that I had some how beat out every other man in the room in her mind. In fact if I wasn't thee she wouldn't have even wanted to go home with any of them. They were nothing. I was some high quality shit! At least... that was how my ego chose to understand it. And she was so angry with me! So her solution was to demand I go with her so she could do things to me as punishment, then have her way with me and..."

Simon paused, cleared his throat, then said, "Well if you ignore the psychologically troubling side to all of that... we both had our issues... but the general point still stands. I was incredibly turned on by the fact that I was something she saw as different from the rest, special, she didn't need any man... yet she chose me."

Simon shrugged, then said, "And you spend New Years complaining about how you had no one to kiss... which kind of makes guys wonder what is wrong with you... if a pretty girl like you is being rejected well... must be a reason to that. Healthy sex drive is very attractive. Desperation? Not so much."
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Magda fell silent, and remained so even after he was done talking. She stared off to the side, uncharacteristically becoming bashful.

"I don't want to feel so desperate...I just can't help where my thoughts go at times. But I guess...well, I don't know. I don't know how to flirt...Jodie seems so good at it; she's charming, calm, cute, and has literally no interest in any man. Yeah, she talks about you but even then...it's not framed in a sexual manner. She's not interested in bedding you, as far as I can tell. But I'm just so terrible at talking to men."

"I don't know what to restrain or how to hint or what to do. I try to just be myself as much as I can, but clearly that hasn't been working all too well. I always end up going home and having to dive into my bedside drawer again. Should I just let a man chase me? How do I let a man know that I want him to chase him?"
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"That's easy," said Simon. "You already do that. You just need to give him a reason to other then you are willing to put out. Look... can we just be frank? You want to sleep with a quality guy, that will treat you right, that you could possibly see yourself in a relationship with, and... be the sort of guy who will treat you like a piece of meat, care nothing about your personality, be attracted to your desperation, and just fucking do you already, right? What kind of unicorn person do you think this is? In what world is that a realistic expectation? And before you tell me that isn't so, let me prove it. New Years Eve. You wanted to kiss anyone... right? Oh wait... but not me, and not Dice... the two men in here that would just... take you as you were, and were fine being just anyone to you. You then turned to the rest of the room, and acted like no one would take you up on your offer. Do you not see the hypocrisy. You can't ask for one thing and then expect another. You either need to lower your expectations... or admit that all your talk of no one wanting you is bullshit. so what do you want Magda? High quality that you can take home to mother? Or anyone half decent looking that will take you home?"
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Magda shrunk into herself a little.

"I...I don't want to take anyone home to my mother. I do just...yknow, want a guy to just do me already. But maybe not a jerk about it. I don't know. Maybe I do want someone with a personality that meshes with mine, but that's not...It's not that..."

She bit her lip.

"Maybe I don't want to be desperate. But I do just...really want it."
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Magda hesitated, and then looked away.

"I guess...I'm lonely? I don't know...I just want to feel wanted even if for a night...ugh I'm pathetic." She rolled her eyes. "I kind of like the idea of laughing after or talking or just being next to someone..."
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"That's not pathetic," said Simon, walking out towards the street. "I've felt that way. Most people have. I just want you to admit to yourself that it isn't just about satisfying your sexual urges. And there is a reason it can't be just anyone. You want to connect emotionally. You want to enjoy their company. You want to feel turned on by more than just their body."

Stopping suddenly and turning to her he said, "Do you like my body? You find it attractive? pleasing to the eyes?"
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Magda's face flushed deeply, and she took a step back, clearly embarrassed.

"So what if I do? Let me guess. You're gonna say 'exactly, but you wouldn't do me because we don't connect emotionally'. Wrong again, idiot. We do have a weird connection, I'll admit. But there's a number of external factors as to why we haven't done it; you used to rail my sister and then you killed her, you was a jerk to me over a knife, you fancy my best friend and she fancies you, and I personally don't think I would survive very long knowing how Mistress feels about me now. Merlin forbid her precious Cleary slept with a traitor."

She looked away.

"It's not as cut and dry as you think, okay? I didn't kiss you at New Years because I knew Petra was so damn obsessed with you, and frankly, I cared more about her than I did about you. You have a point with Dice, but I'm not physically attracted to him either. In fact, I accepted Anghel's offer, but then this other girl took him away before I could kiss him, so I actually ended up kissing Egan Cleary. So the point is moot, really, isn't it? A part of me just wants to be fucked, the other part wants to at least have a laugh with a guy. Is that really so much to ask for?"
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Simon stared back at her, then said, "I said there was nothing wrong with that. But if you are going to be so defensive how can I help you? How can I help you get the kind of guy you want... when you won't even admit to having a type, and keep insisting you just want to fuck? Also for the record. You were the one who was a jerk to me abut the knife."

He then turned from her and began to walk down the street once more.

She could go to bed alone for all he cared!