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 #31496  by Gavin Iver

Gavin was trying hard not to breath too loudly, and hoping desperately that Viola was not about to.. well... have sex with her husband right above him. that would be awkward.

Gavin looked to the door, but Aidan had shut it behind him of course. He then twisted to try and see the window. Was there an escape?... He then heard Viola questioning Aidan about Hera... Why? Maybe Aidan was having an affair with Hera. Good! Meant more free time for them, right?
 #31497  by Viola York
Viola had to quickly assess the situation. She couldn't back out of it now or Aidan would get suspicious. She also couldn't go for it right here and now or she would be putting Gavin in a bad situation. Right now, she had to focus on giving Gavin the method of escape he needed.

So, she reached up and grabbed Aidan's shirt by the collar, yanking him down so she could kiss him, hard. But instead of pulling him any further down, she began to push up, pressing her palms against his shoulders so she could force him to stand. Viola began to move his hands, encouraging them to roam her body, hoping to distract him more as she leaned up to whisper in his ear. Wow...he really was tall.

"Ever done it in a shower?"
 #31498  by Aidan Rogan
"Yes," said Aidan, surprisingly enough. "Or tried to. It was the worst. Cramped, slippery on the feet, too... much rough friction in other places from the water, one person cold wile the other is under the water..."

Bringing his hand up to the side of her face he kissed her, smiled, then said, "I just want to take you right here, right now. You are my fantasy Viola. Just being with you. Do you realize how I have been longing for you? Aching for you?"

And with that he stepped back into her until her legs hit the bed, causing her to fall back, but he caught her, kissing her as he lowered her down, and then pressing into her, and crawling up onto the bed as he forced her back, kissing her and saying as he did, "This is my gift isn't it? Then just let me enjoy you my way this time. You got the Christmas dace... maybe I will surprise you..."

He straggled her hips then, catching her wrists in large hand to pull them up over her head, his free hand running up her side, and pushing back the delicate fabric.
 #31499  by Viola York
Viola was wide-eyed as he began to push her back, basically rejecting her idea. That had been her thought to at least give Gavin time to get out! But now he was determined to have it his own way. Entitled prick.

But then...he was straddling her, and pinning her wrists. She looked up, puzzled. She...hadn't expected him to do something like that. It was a domineering role - something she always wanted to feel from him. And now that she was getting it, there was Gavin right under the bed to hear everything. Even if Viola wanted to enjoy Aidan, how was she supposed to!?

She grit her teeth.

"Take a hint Aidan." She growled at him. "You've been out all day pushing Dorian about; you stink."

She pulled at his hand.

"Get a shower now or it doesn't continue. I can't sleep with someone unless they've at least freshened up a bit; I've made the effort to get cleaned up and wear new underwear and you're gonna treat me to this?" She pursed her lips.

Yes, it was absolutely harsh, but it was all she could think of as she glared up at him.
 #31501  by Aidan Rogan
Aidan raised his brows at her a moment. Treat her like this?

Hadn't this been what she had asked for from him?

Apparently... not.

Aidan sighed, let go of her, then said, "Oh... ooookay."

Getting off the bed then he rubbed at the back of his neck and said, "I'll just... go shower then..."

Once in the other room he turned the water on, then pulling open his shirt he took a whiff. Huh... maybe? He didn't smell anything. But he began to undress as steam filled the room, suddenly feeling very self conscience and embarrassed. Why did he even try? He was an experience for one night. She wanted to be with someone who was shy an inexperienced in the bedroom. It was a lark. And she got pregnant. That was it. Everything else about how she wanted him to be was just excuses...

Well... she had tried, right? She had gotten dressed up for him. Maybe there was saving this.

Aidan finished undressing and got into the shower.
 #31502  by Gavin Iver

Gavin rolled from under the bed the moment the door closed! Shirt in hand! and very grateful Viola was so quick to think!

Shoving his arms into his sleeves he leaned over and kissed her on the lips, gave her a wink, then moved across the room and through the door, silent as a snake in the grass.

Wow... he just hoped she could find a way out of sex with her husband! What a disappointment after being denied him.

Actually... what a disappointment for himself as well... he was still completely turned on and had no one to release his pent up energies on!
 #31504  by Viola York
Viola felt like she was in a dream. She barely even registered Gavin's kiss, and seemed to stare as he snuck out the room. Her eyes drifted to the bathroom door, and she felt her chest begin to tighten, as though she was waiting for a serial killer to appear through that door instead of Aidan. The reality began to set in; Aidan was convinced she had wanted him...and for a brief moment there, she did. The moment he pinned her wrists, she'd inhaled sharply, unable to deny the arousal to that action.

But...she couldn't help but start to feel like she was cheating on Gavin with Aidan - which was ridiculous! She married Aidan. And yet, that was how she felt. But looking again to the door, she had to sigh. He'd tried. He'd actually tried to be what she wanted, and she'd snubbed him. It almost made her wish that Gavin had never showed up to save her this emotional confusion. It was mortifying to suddenly realise how terrible she was being to Aidan - so much that he was going to Hera for comfort! Arsehole!

She brought her arm up, covering her face and slowing down her breathing, trying to control her thoughts as she laid there. She would be married to Aidan for a long time, if not forever. Her life was over. And right now, she was miserable. But why? She had a husband that didn't pressure her for anything, she didn't have to deal with Dorian, she could sleep and fall in love with Gavin. What was there not to like? Perhaps...everything? She was married to a man she had never even given a chance to, and perhaps what was making her so miserable was her of self-destructive behaviour. She was allowing herself to continue this bullshit affair with Gavin despite knowing she would never truly be with him; he would find a wife, and she knew for a fact he would sleep with her more than just for children. And eventually...even Aidan would find a mistress, Viola was sure. If she never eased up somewhat, he would stop trying all together.

She didn't love Aidan; she didn't know if she ever would...but maybe just this once, she could try to. Just to see. Steadily, she began to sit up and get off the bed, stepping toward the bathroom. Taking a breath, she knocked on the door, and then opened it. She'd seen him before, but it had been a long time.

"I've been aching too." She spoke up, looking up at him.
 #31527  by Peteris Plume

As Gavin slipped out of the room, he was greeted immediately by the face of Nil. He blinked at the Iver, holding a coin purse in his hand that Viola had clearly left behind. But upon seeing Gavin, the very faintest of twitches touched the corner of his mouth, as though he was trying to smirk. After an awkward moment, he nodded his head to the side, signalling Gavin to follow him down the corridor, and as always, he remained silent.
 #31724  by Gavin Iver
Gavin only eyed the man slightly before following him. He had no doubt that Viola’s servant would not betray them, or ask inapropriate questions. It was his job to guard her, not to spy on her, or judge his betters.
 #31725  by Aidan Rogan
Aidan pushed back the wet hair from his eyes, looking at her through the steam. He had to fight back the initial urge to jump at her presents and grab a towel to cover himself. With out the heat of the moment he felt very exposed.... But he did resist, looking back at her with a facade of confidence before rubbing the soap on a cloth, then lathering it over his body as he said,

“You have?” The cynical side was still there, wanting to ask her what exactly she had been aching for. But holding back his negative words he said, “Thank you for that.” Looking away from her as he scrubbed at his arms and chest he said,

“You should wait in the bedroom... your pretty things will get wet.”

Maybe he should give the shower idea a go again. Just because it hadn’t worked well with Michelle didn’t mean it couldn’t now... But he wasn’t, well... he needed to work himself up again. He was feeling a bit... deflated? After being told to go away because he smelled bad...
 #31728  by Peteris Plume
However, upon reaching the back exit, Nil opened up the door, holding it for Gavin as he stepped out. But the moment Gavin looked back at him, Nil brought up his hand, rubbing his thumb and forefingers together.

It was very evident that he was gesturing to be paid money for what he knew.

Gavin didn't need to know that he rarely spoke.
 #31729  by Viola York
Viola bit her lip. If she was going to give this a go, this one time, a real effort...she needed to really try. She took a breath, and then took a step forward, then reached forward. Her hand gently skimmed over his him, drifting up his torso before sliding back down. Her eyes watched her movements before flicking up to his face.

Slowly, she leaned far forward, ensuring that the majority of the water spray was blocked by his body. Her lips soon met his skin; she kissed lightly, and then poked her tongue out. The open-mouthed kiss didn't last for long before she retracted, looking up at him.

"I think you're clean enough." She stated, looking into his eyes.
 #31731  by Aidan Rogan
Aidan looked back at Viola in surprise, then returned to kiss as her lips pressed to his. Where was all this coming from? But he did not want to question. As soon as she said he was clean enough he placed his hands around her waist and pulled her to him, kissing her again more deeply, ready to for once enjoy his own wife...
 #31733  by Gavin Iver
Gavin hesitated, looking back at the man a moment before reaching into his pocket, taking out his coin purse, and holding up a few coins, but just before handing it to Peteris he puled it back and said,

"Or... I could double it if you would do something for me. There is a servant girl that belongs to Astrid. Blonde, well built, works with security now... you know the one," he said with a smirk. "Don't pretend all the men don't have their eyes on her... bring her to me. Be sure no one else knows of the little expedition. Make whatever excuse to her you like. Bring her to my manor and this will be doubled."