A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31491  by Eva Corolla
Location: London, Gala Dinner • Date: October 5th, 2003

Eva Corolla found herself dressed up in a sparkly black dress, makeup and hair done beforehand, and supporting another charity that she barely remembered the name of. Though despite the fact that she had very little control over where she made appearances and even what she looked like anymore, she did enjoy the glamour and importance of it all.

The hall they were in was immaculately decorated, and there were round tables set up ready for the meal and auction, and of course there was a seating plan.

Eva made her way over to the table, wondering if she would know the people she was sat with this time. She braced herself for another uncomfortable evening of small talk.
 #31541  by Perecles Elfick
Perecles sauntered into the hall, dressed in a spiffy suit. Keira was at a show, so she wasn't with him. That wasn't going to stop him from enjoying the night, though. He wove his way through the tables, looking for the number he had been assigned. Always in the back of his mind he wondered if the people who organized the event actually thought about the seating plan or if it was random.

As he approached the table, though, Perecles settled on random. Otherwise, he had no idea how he had been placed at the same table as her of all people.

"Eva!" he announced in a light, airy tone, spreading his arms. "How nice it is to see you!"
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Eva looked up, and internally sighed. Externally, she did not want to be seen looking anything less than pleased, especially after his reaction upon seeing her. But here was the boy that had been a rival to her ever since she was eleven years old going for the main singing parts in the Frog Choir and Drama Club at Hogwarts.

"Perecles," Eva smiled back, as she hugged him. "How have you been?"
 #31706  by Perecles Elfick
He couldn't believe he had to sit with Eva of all people. He would never forgive her for stealing the Halloween solo in their fourth year. Never. He was confident in his ability to put on a show for the press, though, so he simply fixed the most fake smile on his face he could muster.

"Oh, just wonderful. I had a big show in Brighton recently, and we were sold out. And you? How is my favourite duet partner?" he asked, taking his seat next to her.
 #32368  by Eva Corolla
"Duet partner? It's been years," Eva said, though she still had a smile on her face. She had never known that your facial muscles could actually get tired, until she entered the public eye. Smiling all the time did get tiring.

"It's going well, Occult are starting to expand a bit more internationally, I did a few shows in the USA, and we've been talking about possibly Romania next," Eva took pleasure in telling him.
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Perecles could swear he felt his eye twitch. "Oh, that's just wonderful," he said, thanking his years of being in the spotlight for allowing him to continue pretending everything was alright. In the back of his head, he knew he needed to talk to his manager about more shows in the USA.

"Romania, though? Not scared of the vampires?" he asked, just as a waiter arrived to fill his champagne glass. He would need a lot of it to survive the evening.

"This is a far cry from feasts at Hogwarts, hm?" he added, glancing around at all the people dressed in such immaculate outfits.
 #32581  by Eva Corolla
"I doubt they'll be allowed anywhere near me," Eva smirked. Having signed a recording contract straight out of Hogwarts, Eva had never really experienced adult life as a Witch without some level of security and protection around her.

"Yeah, remember the dress robes everyone used to wear at events," Eva remembered. She was barely older than a Hogwarts student, but it already seemed like a lifetime ago.
 #32678  by Perecles Elfick
If anything, Perecles had even less life experience than Eva when it came to life without security. He had dropped out of school in his sixth year to sign his recording contract, and barely held onto his wand anymore. He nodded in agreement, thinking about the time the aurors had provided his security for a concert. Aurors, of all people.

"Oh, Merlin, those dress robes. My parents bought the most atrocious robes for me. I had to get those burned when I left school," he replied, scrunching up his nose.
 #33268  by Eva Corolla
"I remember them," Eva said, with her usual snarky tone that had remained the same ever since she arrived at Hogwarts as an eleven-year-old. Even becoming an adult and finding success with her singing didn't stop the snarkiness.

"They did look pretty awful."
 #33291  by Perecles Elfick
He had to admit, he had walked into that one. Perecles gave an exaggerated groan, along with an exaggerated roll of his eyes. "Thank Merlin for our styling teams now. I don't know what I would do without them," he joked. At that moment, a server came by to ask which meal they would like. Perecles glanced up, grinning. "The chicken, please."

He then glanced over at Eva expectantly.
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Eva nodded in agreement about the styling teams. They were a godsend when she was nervous before a performance, and definitely shouldn't be in charge of applying her own mascara and eyeliner.

"I'll have the smoked salmon, please," Eva smiled politely at the waiter.

"Everyone who matters in the industry is here," Eva commented out loud, looking around the room filled with Witches and Wizards in the public eye in some way, not just the music industry.
 #33606  by Perecles Elfick
Perecles was just starting to sip the champagne when she spoke again. He nodded, humming his approval. "It'll be a good night for networking," he commented, glancing around the room. "It's a shame my girlfriend isn't here. Did you hear about that? I've been seeing an up and coming model, Keira Blanchard." It was said with a hint of smugness, as if he was proud to be in a relationship.
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"I did hear something along those lines," Eva said, though she raised her eyebrows slightly. The world they were in seemed very volatile when it came to dating, it was rare to find two people in a committed, stable relationship.

"So how did you manage to get her to go out with you then?" Eva asked snarkily, immediately reverting back to how she was around Perecles at school, and forgetting that a successful pop singer was usually considered very attractive to women.
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Perecles shook his head. "How bold of you to assume it was that," he commented, smirking, "when it was actually the other way around." In truth, it had been about equal between the two of them, but Eva didn't need to know that. "She's sweet, though." The tiniest of smiles on his face betrayed his true feelings, that he did genuinely like her. "Anyone in the picture for you?"
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"Sure it was," Eva smirked, it was quite weird to see Perecles openly talking about a girl he liked. She couldn't quite place her finger on why that was weird, but it was.

"Not any of my choosing yet," Eva told him, as surely he knew that she wasn't lacking in options. Neither of them were, when it came down to it. "My managers are talking though as if it's their business, and they're trying to make some deals. Did they do that with you as well before Keira?"

Or perhaps Keira and Perecles's relationship was set up by their management, though even for her, that felt a bit too cruel to suggest.