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Jens woke up the next day to the sun hitting his face. He sighed. IT felt good not to have to work. He liked hotel's... Wait! Last night! Was he still here?!?! Magda had just been asking his a question when..

Jens sat up in bed, then instantly regretted it. His head was pounding. "ARgh! Ow..." he swore in German for a bit, his hand over his eyes. He could hear Magda moving about.

"Wow... what time is it?" he said, trying to blink int the sun light. "I'm... sorry I guess I fell asleep..."

Well she hadn't women him up and told him to leave. That was something...
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Magda had barely slept that night; she had drifted in the chair after having smoked by herself for a while, but nothing consistent enough for a good night. And now, her head was pounding. She had already downed a potion to help relieve the pain but it wasn't much yet.

Hearing German swears, she lifted her head, twisting around and making her way back to him in bed.

"It's okay...I wasn't saying anything interesting anyway. Just something drunkenly dumb, I'm sure." She gave a small smile. She looked over him for a moment and then cleared her throat. "It's half nine...not too late, really. I thought you would be out for a few more hours."

She bit her lip.

"How are you feeling?"
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"Horrible..." he said, "My head kills.... I just need a lot of water, then I will be fine."

He brought his hand to his forehead, then lowing it and chuckling he said, "You know... you could have woke me and kicked me out last night... I vould not have been offended. But thank you for letting me stay. It would not have been easy finding way back to my hotel."

Ok.... so he was here. Now for the awkward part again. He should probably get dressed and leave but...

"What are you doing today," he said after a moment. Leaning over to pick up some of his clothing he said, "You do not work today?"
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"That's okay...you looked like you was tired..."

Magda tried not to let question excite her. Usually that led somewhere right? No...of course not, he was just trying to make polite conversation. Just trying to be nice whilst he got his stuff and left.

"No, not on Sundays." She spoke somewhat flippantly, noticing her hair in a mirror and cringing. She turned away from Jens to face it and pulled out her braids, picking up a brush and combing her long hair through. "I'm sometimes offered overtime, but I decided I wouldn't do it this week as I really did plan to get drunk last night. I guess I succeeded with that."

She began to lift her hair up to tie in a ponytail, still not looking at him.
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With trousers now on, Jens pulled his shirt on over his head, then headed out of the room, saying as he did, "Just got to go grap some water.."

He really was starting to feel nauseous now, but if he could just get some water..

In the kitchen Jens poured himself some water out of the tap and drank the first glass down, thinking as he did about Magda. By the time he had poured the second he had made up his mind.

Coming back to the room he leaned up against the door frame, watching her a moment as he sipped his water, but finally he said, "So... do you want to go get breakfast or something? I know as soon as my stomach settles I am going to be starving."
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Magda neatened up her hair as he left the room. She pursed her lips; he was already dressed, ready to go. That was really short lived. She should probably dress properly too. She slipped on some jeans quickly, and tried to push the creases out of her t-shirt. Why did she even care? She never cared.

As he spoke up, she spun around to face him, lifting her brows.

"What, really?" She asked, surprised. She had been positive he would tail out of there quickly. In fact she was sure that, had he not fallen asleep, he would have left in the middle of the night! Visibly blushing now, she gave a small smile. "Yeah...er, sure. I could do with a sandwich or something..."

She shoved her hands in her pockets.

It wasn't a date. He wasn't asking her out. It was just being polite, simply platonic.

"I know a good place that's pretty cheap. I'll just get my shoes." She spoke, turning and immediately going for some footwear.
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“Ok, great!” Said Jens, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly and looking around for his shoes and socks. Finally locating them he sat on the floor and began to put them on and feeling a bit weird.

Was he coming off as... desperate? Maybe he should have played it more cool... Left, waited a few days to owl her... But it was jut food. No big deal. He hadn’t asked if she wanted to hang out the whole day or anything.

“Yes... just grab a quick bite...” he said into the silence, as though there had been no break in conversation. “And you have to let me treat you since you let me stay at your place last night. Plus... I didn’t get in that second time for you before i fell asleep,” he said with a wink, “So I owe you something nice, ja?”
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Magda blinked at him. He remembered that!? Her face flushed at the hazy memory - she couldn't believe she had asked for a second time with him in one night! She laughed a little nervously, playing with the hem of her shirt awkwardly. Why was she acting like this? She wasn't usually so shy! Or was she shy at all? Maybe she was just embarrassed. It wasn't like she was Lily, or anything.

"Oh...haha...yeah...sounds good." She said hesitantly, pressing her lips together. She glanced over to him. He seemed so cool and aloof, like this was natural. She bet he did this all the time; it seemed so natural, and smooth.

Clearly, she was not incredibly perceptive of his own awkwardness.

"What do you think the others are doing right now?"
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“I don’t know,” said Jens dismissively . “Sleeping... Florian is probably waking up next to Nahla or Ara...” He rolled his eyes a bit, then said, “Probably all just as hung over...”

Standing up, Jens said, “Are you ready. I don’t know London at all, so you will have to pick where we are going. If ve can walk or use public transportation that is extra points. When I am hung over aparating and floo network makes me sick.”
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Magda lifted her brows. "You think Florian got to go home with someone?" She pursed her lips, thinking. "Huh...I hadn't really thought. I guess I wouldn't be surprised though."

He was charming enough for it, that was for sure.

She silently wondered if Jodie was worn down by Simon...she knew that man was sly. She would have to ask.

"Ya, c'mon. It's a short walk from here." She spoke, nodding to him to follow her out the door and toward the outside world.