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[Hogwarts] Gathering Pain

Alessio Toscano, Hogwarts School

Magical ★ Sixth Year • Hufflepuff
Location: Hospital Wing • Date: Fall 2003

"But my throat really hurts," he coughed until his eyes started watering.

Alessio had completely forgotten to write his transfiguration paper. In a desperate attempt to avoid detention he had made his way to the hospital wing. Negotiating with Hogwart's matron would certainly be easier than to convince his professor to give him an extension.

"Touch my forehead," he pushed his fringe from his eyes. "I have a fever!" He argued. "Can't I just stay in one of the beds?" He begged and pointed at a few empty beds.
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Re: [Hogwarts] Gathering Pain

Emilia York,

Ghost ★
Emilia had come to Hogwarts to visit the Astronomy Tower. It was her favorite place in the entire castle, despite how dark and lonely it seemed years after she'd been a student- or been alive. But it still held a special place in her still heart. When she visited Hogwarts, she liked to visit all of the important places, and for come reason the infirmary was one of them.

Phasing through the door, she silently watched as a student exclaimed to the nurse that he was ill and needed to stay in a bed. She watched him become frantic, and her face became almost stern. While she wasn't part of the living world, and certainly not a nurse, she never would have allowed him to stay in the hospital wing the way the nurse was. Maybe she was tired of his commotion. As soon as she'd given the student permission to stay for the course of his 'fever,' the nurse was back in her office, no doubt having a shot of firewhiskey to calm her nerves.

Folding her hands in front of her, Emilia decided to take matters into her own hands. Or at least give this kid a lesson. "You know, it's never a good idea to lie," she said ominously floating from one window to the next.

Played By: Peyton